Stonehearth Now Out On Steam Early Access

Video: Remember Stonehearth, the city-building game being made by the twin brothers who basically elevated fighting game competition to being a Really Big Thing? It's out on Early Access on Steam now.


    nope no idea what you're talking, no really I've got no clue.

    Remember Stonehearth(link), the city-building game being made by the twin brothers who basically elevated fighting competition to being Really Big Thing(link for about this)? It's out on Early Access(link).
    Now we all know by now that Early Access means we're going to get lots of bugs but so far you can blah and blah in the game and blah. I've played it for 30 minutes so far and it's really great. The devs are very active in the community and blah blah blah

    Would be nice if you guys did something like this, rather than dumping a video for us to watch the trailer.

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      Kotaku, hire this person. Best article I've seen here in days.

    Even the damn trailer is super vague. Is this like an rts? Am I controlling multiple characters at once or was that footage of multiple people playing as single characters?

      It's a city builder. It's a bit like the classic Serf City.

      I kcikstartered it, but waiting til it's 'finished' before I play it.

    Looks good but way too similar to the many other minecraft clones.

    I really wish they'd change the name though, even if it was 100% unintentional StoneHearth just sounds way too gimmicky (like flappy birds level) now that HearthStone is an established title.

    This looks like it would be amazing fun, I loved Dwarf Fortress and this looks like a simpler version.

    It's just so hard to justify $25 for an early access game.

    So to give everyone a rundown, this is basically a combination of an RTS crossed with minecraft with some tech trees thrown in for your citizens. It's a lot better than this excuse for a post is making out. You can design the buildings and save the plans yourself, grow herbs, mine the mountains and bring the city to life. The game is a little slow to start, but becomes good fun once you get into it. Look for more vids and excuse this rather poor promotion for what so far has been a damn fun game :)

    Been playing this since it was available for backers, and so far have clocked up 26 hours. It's a very good dwarf fortress like game.

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