Suikoden III Is On PSN Right Now (So Play It)

Suikoden III Is On PSN Right Now (So Play It)

Konami, a Japanese company that operates slot machines and fitness clubs, released a video game yesterday on the PlayStation Network. It's called Suikoden III. You should play it.

Suikoden III is, as you might have guessed, the third entry in the very-excellent Suikoden series, which you really must play, even if you only have time for #2, which is, incidentally, one of the best video games ever made. Suikoden III isn't quite as transcendent — how could it be? — but it's very good, switching up the formula established in the first two games and giving you a rotating cast of four main characters whose stories you can follow in any order.

For the uninitiated, Suikoden games are basically a cross between Game of Thrones and Pok√©mon: think giant, tragic wars, explored through individual character relationships and enhanced by a recruitment system that lets you build your own headquarters and establish an army of 108+ superstars. Like its predecessors, Suikoden III is gritty, tragic, funny, poignant, and just excellent in a ton of ways. It's got some issues — the difficulty skews way too easy, and backtracking is a problem — but it's definitely worth your time.

This version, a PS2 classic ported over to PS3, will cost you $US10. The only downside here is that it's not playable on Vita, which sucks for those of us who like to play our kazillion-hour JRPGs on portable systems. Oh well. Buying it anyway.


    any news of when this is coming to Australia?

      My guess would be on or about the nevertieth of never, neverteen neverty never.

      That's something that's a bit of a mystery atm. Konami EU is saying that they have released it for AU/NZ territories while Playstation EU is saying that Konami hasn't published it for AU/NZ territories. Someone, somewhere dun goofed.

        There was a delay of a couple of months between Suikoden I & II being released in the US & hitting PSN here.

        The Australian Classification Database shows ratings for Suikoden I, II, IV and V but not for III. It may be they have to wait on the rating before they can release it. (Or they may not be releasing it because it hasn't been rated.)

    Konami, a Japanese company that operates slot machines and fitness clubs

    I really would like to play this, but I've made little progress in the first & have quite a few other games to finish.

    Including some PS2 games from PSN.

    Looks good though

    Checking the EU Store update (

    Suikoden III (PS2)
    Not available in Australia, New Zealand

      As I mentioned above, there seems to be a bit of a kerfuffle around that. Konami EU is saying it released to AU/NZ so someone somewhere has made a terrible mistake. Could be a similar story to Suiko 1 where we ended up getting it a week later.

      Last edited 25/06/15 11:46 am

        Yup, sorry. Saw your post after I made mine. Fingers crossed they sort it.

        I waited thirteen years for it here, I can wait another week.

    When is this going to be available? I played this as a teen and it was BY FAR my favourite Suikoden game that has been released so far so CANNOT wait for this to come out for AU

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