Super Meat Boy Is Coming To PS4 And PS Vita And Will Be Free At Launch

Super Meat Boy Is Coming To PS4 And PS Vita And Will Be Free At Launch

(Disclaimer: the free thing is totally dependent on you having PlayStation Plus by the way. In other news, you should probably get PlayStation Plus. I am a big fan of PlayStation Plus and its free video games.)

Anyway, on to the Super Meat Boy on PlayStation thing. It’s happening, only four and half years after its initial release on the Xbox 360 and PC. Yes, it’s been that long. In fact by the time the game comes out (currently a vague “later this year” according to the announcement post by Tommy Refenes of Team Meat).

Also according to that post: all the fernickity legal reasons why Team Meat couldn’t release Super Meat Boy on PlayStation consoles have now somehow evaporated, allowing the game to finally make it across to the PS4 and PS Vita. This is a good thing.

It seems silly to get excited about a game that came out so long ago — a game I already played to the absolute death I might add — but I will be playing Super Meat Boy on the PS Vita. In fact, that might be the best place to play a game like Super Meat Boy period. The whole free on PlayStation Plus at launch thing is just the icing on the cake.


  • Free*

    As for Super Meat Boy on Vita… that could make for some fun outbursts on the train!

  • I also am a fan of Playstation Plus and its free games that I pay a low one off cost per year to access.

  • Awyissss. This and Risk of Rain will be yet more worthy additions to Vita’s stellar indie catalog.

  • I am a big fan of PlayStation Plus and its free video games.
    Me too, though they’ve been bloody ordinary recently. It’s almost like they realised that they have a captive paying audience now. Need to keep paying for the service to access multiplayer and to retain the library of past games, and so will keep doing so regardless of the quality of the software being offered.

    On topic, pretty keen for Super Meat Boy again. Finished it over 4 years ago, I’m ready to give it another run in portable mode.

  • There’s no way I’d ever play Super Meat Boy on a handheld.

    To get anywhere in that game you really need to be playing in an absolutely perfect environment with the best possible controller. Vita is good but it’s not either of those things. I think I’d rip my hair out/ snap my console in half even trying.

    Free is good though.

    • I disagree. I feel that you just need to get in the zone and then let muscle memory kick in. Any serviceable controller method will do . I played it with the 360 analogue stick, and I’m pretty sure many people would say that’s impossible too!

      Though I do expect that I will cross over to the PS4 for some of the crazier levels, for the extra screen real-estate and throwable controller 🙂

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