Superhot Still Exists. Is Super Slow.

You know those weird video games you saw at one point, and you were super excited about them, then you forgot about them? That's Superhot. Periodically I'll forget this game exists, then a new trailer is released and my excitement gets dragged into focus.

And here's something that's old news, but I wasn't aware of: Superhot is coming to the Xbox One. Which makes sense in the context of Microsoft's new indie friendly approach, but also because it's a game that feels at home on consoles. I can see myself playing this on my Xbox One. Almost certainly that's how I will play it.

This trailer is short, but serves to simply remind me this exists. I want this game real bad.


    I played this game at PAX with the Oculus Rift headset. It was weird but a lot of fun, except that I was super bad at it and just got shot a lot.

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