Superman Wants To Take Over The World In New Justice League Cartoon

Superman Wants to Take Over the World in New Justice League Cartoon

"Dismembered, burnt alive, sucked of their blood..." That's how one Justice League takes care of bad guys in their parallel universe. Sounds... efficient.

We got glimpses of the sadder, thirstier and hornier alternate reality versions of DC Comics' biggest heroes a few weeks back. But, the clip above is the first real taste of the upcoming Justice League: Gods and Monsters movie do out next month. In it, the more ruthless incarnation of the Man of Steel thinks that they should just take over the world. For the greater good, of course. And if people gotta die? You know what they say about making omelettes, right?


    Seems like there's only two stories for Superman. He has to deal with the temptation of abusing his power to fight evil, or he abuses his power.

      Many stories have a similar progression ark, generally we are introduced to a character, they face challenges until they get to the final challenge and than they win/lose and learn from it and either attempt to go back to their old life or make a new one.

      It's the details that make things interesting.

      The Flashpoint Thomas Wayne Batman vs Martha Wayne Joker alternative is something I'd love to see explored in depth.

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