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    That new Tay smell.

      New TAY ... Socks!

      Some explanation might be necessary. New Day are a group of wrestlers that try to force a chant of "New Day [beat] rocks!" with some clapping. The crowd always chants "New Day [beat] sucks!" At some point, someone started joking that people wanted New Day socks. I want New Day socks.

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    PREVIOUSLY, ON THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTAYFUL (with special guest Chris Pratt)
    Police dragging Red out of Trjn’s home.

    Red: No! I’ve been set up! I’m not the real killer! It was Trjn! You’re all being played!

    Trjn sips tea as Red’s cries fade out.
    Blaghman standing in front of his holiday villa as it burns to the ground.
    A group of TAYbies have gathered for a wake in honour of their fallen friend, Greenius.

    The door bursts open. Enter Greenius, covered in dirt, scratches, and fashionable diamond accessories.

    CJ: Greenius?! We thought you were dead!

    Greenius: I am!
    Liondrive stands before a group of TAYbies.

    So you see, it wasn’t old man Jimu at all. It was –

    He pulls a sheet off a figure beside him.

    All: Old man Jimu?!
    A large group of TAYbies and also Chris Pratt run for their lives as a herd of accidentally unleashed dinosaurs wreak havoc on town.

    Pratt: I told you this was a mistake! I told you!

    He is picked up and eaten. Someone shrieks.
    In a theatre proudly fronting the new musical Too Many Blaghmen, stage director DC paces back and forth, arms flailing in panic, as ambulance workers move a critically injured Freeze onto a stretcher.

    DC: Our star performer is injured and the show opens in two hours! This is an absolute disaster!
    A figure steps out from the shadows.

    Pixel: Maybe…I can help.
    Rize playing the organ pipes in a jazz ensemble.
    Freeze grabs Nobs by the shoulders and shakes him.

    Freeze: It’s me! It’s Freeze! Don’t you remember me?

    Nobs: I’m sorry, I…I don’t.

    Nurse Transient: I’m afraid he has…amnesia.

    Gingerchris and Pants have started an evil cult dedicated to worshipping seahorses. They meet in an underground chapel lit by seahorse-themed candles.

    Pants: And it is arranged?

    Gingerchris: It is.

    Pants: Most excellent. The time is near.
    Cakesmith throwing all his belongings into a car.

    Powalen: If you do this, you’ll never be able to turn back!

    Cake gets into the car and rolls down the window.

    Cakesmith: Then I guess this is goodbye for good.

    Shot of Cakesmith’s car careening over a cliff.

    Good morning y'all.

      I'm hoping against all hope that I have a bit part in this musical. Not even a cameo appearance, I'm just there as some schlub.

    First day at my new job, wish me luck! :D

      You don't need luck; you're gonna smash it.

        Smashing things on your first day at a new job? Sounds like it might also be your last day.

        Unless your job is smashing things. Like, a wrecking ball operator.

      My hearing's a bit dodgy this morning, I'm a bit confused but maybe your new job has strange requirements. I just wished for you to receive a duck in a truck driven by a guy called Buck

    Money down for a Fallout 4 collectors edition \o/

    2 weeks until Arkham Knight \o/

    4 day week \o/


      I didn't think they'd announced a collector's edition yet.

        I put $50 on a normal copy at EB Games and they'll upgrade to a CE when it's announced. I'll also be ringing them up right after the end of the Bethesda E3 conference to make sure they read the notes they have

          Ill only preorder a CE if the CE is worth it, ill give it a miss if its a tin case and in game map but will get it if it comes with a statue or somethinh

    Played way too much Ark over the weekend and it's really gotten me into the survival genre again...
    Loaded up The Forest for the first time in nearly a year and woooow had the game changed... It's so damn pretty now!
    Have you played it recently @Hugo_the_Hungarian_barbarian?
    (God I hope I spelled that right :-P)
    It had co-op now... CO-OP!
    Also Ark remains fantastic despite some early access issues, (respawned 500 feet in the air and such) much fun!

      Did you figure out how to survive from 500ft in the air?

        I survived the 500 feet in the air, it was when gravity took over and I hit the ground that didn't work :-P
        No big loss, I virtually have to rebuild everytime I log into the game anyway so I've stayed storing anything valuable in crates

      I saw a bunch of people playing it yesterday, I'm definitely tempted to grab it, but I'm still playing Witcher, and both Batman AK and Lego Jurassic World are around the corner :S

        It's still definitely early access, which means a bit wonky and performance issues... But with other people it's a lot of fun, plus DINOSAURS

      Nope, haven't played for a while, was looking at it on the weekend, but ended up playing SKYRIM!
      I had read that they were adding co-op, but I'm surprised it is this soon.
      I gots to play it now, especially CO-OP!!

    Anyone want a copy of DETOUR? Bought a 4-pack on the weekend, so I've got 3 copies to give away. Tweeted it on the weekend and specifically stated "TAYbies only", the one and only reply I got was from some random, so I deleted the tweet. You'd think I would've learnt from last time.

    So yeah, 3 copies of DETOUR, and also a 75% off voucher for Surgeon Simulator. First in best dressed.

      Is the single player worthwhile? It looks like it'd be fun to muck around in while I'm trying to make up my mind of what I want to play. Damn the weekend was full of that. 3 days of space and time and getting restless with every game I was playing

        Don't know, haven't played it yet. I've got over 530 games in my Steam library and I've played probably 10% of those.

        I'll send you a copy. Enjoy, friend.

          Just realized you're not on my Steam friends list and I can't see your details on TAYnames. DM me your Steam deets and I'll send you a copy.

      What is detour anyway?

        Gotta go to work now. Let me know if you want a copy and I'll gift it to you when I get home.

    I did it! I completed Dark Souls!

    Level 80, 55hrs as a sorcerer.

    Now I'm having the time of my death in Bloodborne

      55hrs? Damn, you smashed it so much faster than I did.

        Sorcerer, bosses become easy peasy in the second half.

        Also, I got antsy to move on & skipped that hidden area under the mud.

    Had a biggish day on Sunday after only getting a couple hours sleep the night before. Ended up crashing at 8.30 and then sleeping through most of Monday. It ended up being about 20 hours of sleep or something. So I've been up since late Monday afternoon/early Monday evening, and have no idea how I'm going to go for the rest of the day.

    I finished reading the Attack on Titan manga up to its most current translation, or at least the most current volume you can buy as a book. I've now ordered the special edition of the next volume which apparantly comes with playing cards. So yeah, I'll soon be able to play poker using manga characters and then give everyone evil looks when they inevitably bend the cards. I'm 100% sure I'd be able to find perfectly good fan translations of all the remaining chapters online for free, but I like having something physical to hold in my hands to read and that I can put on my shelf. Plus I don't mind the wait. I know most people when it comes to any type of entertainment like to marathon through it all in one or two goes, but I like pacing myself a bit. Helps build the hype for upcoming installments.

    Also on the subject of manga, this is the first manga I've ever read, and I had zero problems adapting to the right to left reading style. I'm even greater than I thought I was. Hooray.

      Where have you picked up the Attack on Titan Manga?

    So I had a big Warmachine tournament on Saturday and I did pretty badly. Couldn't get the damage rolls I needed in the first two rounds. The third round was against a new player with a bad back, so I went easy on him and even helped him through his turns. The fourth match I had won but still lost due to death clock. Even my opponent thought I had the game. Fifth match was against someone who had no interested.

    So all in all driving two hours for a tournament did feel like a bit of a waste.

    I have put way too many hours into Ark.

    But that's okay. Less okay is the number of tamed Dinos I've killed(well, caused the death of), but I'm rubbish, so that's expected.

    Also, sister bought me the first book/collection/volume/whatever of Y: The Last Man, which I'll be glad to get into, since I've heard good things. Also got this lens, so I'm excited to take some prettier thoroughly mediocre photos.

      Y was pretty damn great. I really got bogged down about four or five of the trade paperbacks in, though. This is a common theme for me. I really love the start and early-middle of many, many stories, but I often get disillusioned around the middle. Maybe it didn't go where I was hoping it would, maybe they've tried to break with convention and ended up doing something contrived, maybe they've gone into the realm of the absurd for the sake of extending the run, maybe I just don't want to see the story end. But I leave a LOT of things unfinished. Y: The Last Man is one of those stories for me.

        That's a shame, man. The final arc is amazing, and the last issue is my single favourite ending to any comic series ever.

          I actually spoilered myself on the final issue, so it's nice to know where it all ended up. I may yet finish it to fill in the blanks, but shit got weird alright. Not that the premise wasn't.

        A rarity in the American comics scene, BK Vaughn not only writes endings, he writes great endings.

        It's so refreshing amongst the peers that never break past act 2

      I loved Y: The Last Man, I got the series off a friend who was moving house and wanted to reduce his physical comic collection, so I think I got the 10 volumes for $50 or so.

      Also, I bought one of these lenses a few years back, and I don't think it's been removed from the body since;

      Y is sah gud, sah gud

      BK Vaughn is sah gud

    Shaved my head on the weekend... Got lazy and never went to the hair dresser because reasons... Never done this before, feels great albeit a bit... Breezy :-P

      Love the feeling of water bouncing off my head when having a shower with a shaved head! :D

        Combination of this, plus motorcycle helmet hair, plus Furiosa makes me want to shave my head again!

          This sounds like a badass plan! DO IT! :D

          Personally I prefer it ultra-long, but yours was pretty good at the length it was last I saw it.

        Shaved is probably the wrong word... 4mm crew cut, so, trimmed? :-P

          I'm not angry. Just disappointed. And angry.

            Probably because your head is cold.

              That's why the beanie was invented, home slice! :D

                Cutting your hair off to then wear plant and animal hair instead seems rather odd, store cake.

                Dead set, I bought a beanie ten minutes before I had my hair cut this weekend.

            My headshape would not fare well with full on baldness I think :-P
            Never even done a crew cut before so this took some convincing :-P

              I thought the same, however I had signed up for Worlds Greatest Shave earlier this year, so this happened;


      1) Get a nice snug beanie for winter.

      2) Prepare for day 2/3 when nice snug beanie is VERY hard to remove from head...

    Oh yay, you guys! This has been the best week of my life. Let me show you why:




    (to clarify - I got engaged!)

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      KITTEN! <3 As cute as it is adorable!

      Did the kitten give you the ring? DID YOU TRAIN THE KITTEN TO STEAL IT FROM A BANK VAULT? D:

        The kitten did give me the ring! She had it on her collar!

          And... you stole it? I'm not saying you're a monster, but I'm certainly thinking it. :P

            That just goes without saying.

            Also, ping to @transientmind :D

              Okay, now with full disclosure that this is an engagement ring a kitten collar proposal is pretty excellent. :D

                Oh my god, that's not even the half of it! There was also a beautiful, hilarious letter read on our favourite podcast, the living room professionally decorated for the proposal, a beautiful, perfectly-fitting dress, and him serenading me with a Mariachi band!

                  Now that is how you go all out.
                  That ring is wonderful, I really like it a lot. Big fan of non diamond-centric engagement rings, but diamonds do need to be in there.

                  Congratulations to Mr Jane? Bob? johnxo (as dickxo sounds a bit wrong). Either way he is a winner here (providing you said yes and didn't just take the kitten and the ring)

      I wasn't sure I was right about the engagement part, so went with cat jokes instead.


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      I'd give you two upvotes, but only one is allowed.

      Happy engagement! That is actually a damn awesome ring.

    Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was sweet, not so much in the "sweet! Radical!" Sort of way moreso the "oh god this homemade vanilla slice is sweet"
    So heres a quick recap

    Friday!: I came home and Cathryn's friend who's been living in America/Canada the past 5 months was there and she brought us a big bag of chocolates and other stuff like hershys kisses, pretzel flavoured m&ms, birthday cake flavoured m&ms and Jiffy Pop. They stayed awake till 5am and beat super mario wii u while I crashed at 1 from exhaustion.

    Saturday: I woke up at 11am, Cathryn's dad came down and helped us move the treadmill to the garage, Cathryn's friend made us all pancakes for lunch with canadian maple syrup! We also made a vanilla slice and I cooked up fettuccine cabonara for dinner

    Sunday!: was Cathryn's poppies birthday so we went to the local rsl and I spent $17 on 5 pieces of calamari, just let that sink in because I got food poisoning from it and spent the rest of the day watching netflix.

    monday! We cleaned the house and I played destiny, we also got lost on a walk, vacuumed the car, cathryn attempted to make a roast for the first time ever ut was delicious and I made a chocolate self saucin pudding for dessert.

    a tuesday morning question to throw you all off, Ark is a survival game involving dinosaurs, DayZ involves zombies and the island has cannibals. What other things could you survive from

      Chickens from the Legend of Zelda.

        You'd have to eat them live, because I'm pretty sure they can't be killed.
        Edit: I think I misread the question, so disregard.

        Last edited 09/06/15 10:36 am

          Alternate idea for a game: the chickens are trying to survive against *us*.

      Societal expectations. Wait, I do that already.

      I think bears could be a thing to survive against. What if bears got guns, huh? HUH? WHO IS MONITORING THE BEAR MENACE

        Bears would make a good survival game

          I've always secretly hoped that when humans inevitably fuck themselves over, bears would be Earth's next dominant species.

          A biologist mate of mine informs me that anything powerful enough to wipe us out would probably get the bears as well.

          But a man can dream.

            Not if the cause of our death is our thumbs, bears dont have those

              Damned Thumbitosis, our downfall was truly by our own hands.

      ..... this is unbelievably freaky... watch how this goes...

      Friday: got home, had a friend visit, after 4 years in the US. Unrelated, I also fixed a phone,

      Saturday: also slept in (till 12:50pm!). pancake breakfast/lunch.

      Sunday: Food poisoning and netflix. (missus had it pretty bad, i got off lightly). also destiny.

      Monday: Cleaned house and car most of the day, had meat defrosting for a roast, but got lazy and ordered pizza, then Destiny...

      and destiny hasnt been part of my normal routine for about 6 months now, but starting to get back into it.

        We are living nearly similar lives, is this real life or alternate reality, stuck in a lamb roast no escape from destiney

      One of the things we discussed over the weekend was was the Dead of Winter could be a more interesting game if it got rid of the Zombies and was just trying to survive the winter. So survivial of the elements, be that winter, storms, desert or that super light rain where you feel like a dill with an umbrella or raincoat but still get just the slightest bit wet

    Morning all! hope everyone had an extra awesome weekend!

    kept myself pretty busy doing not much at all....

    For starters, I am completely disgusted by HTC. so heres the story; i have a sentimental attachment to a HTC 7 Mozart phone (was mine originally then i handed it down to my mum). at some point, the digitizer (glass touch screen had cracked) and so i bought a new part from ebay to fix it...

    anyway, i bought the replacement screen off ebay and over the weekend sat down to fix it... Now, the issue i always had with this phone was storage. it came with 8gb internal storage, and no expansion option.

    anyway, to get to the screen you practically need to gut the phone completely. after getting to the halfway mark however, i discovered something shocking. that 8gb internal storage??? IT IS AN ACTUAL MICRO SD CARD INSIDE A MICRO SD SLOT INSIDE THE PHONE BEHIND THE MOTHERBOARD!!!

    that right folks... theres a micro sd slot.... inside the fucking phone....

    you can actually see it in this pic.

    whilst it looks like its on the outer edge of the phone, it is completely inaccessible one the phone is back together (notice the casing having no slot. there is a small piece of tape on the msd as well to keep it from being ejected.

    absolutely woeful....

      The sad truth is that yeah, that sounds about right. Nice cheap way for the manufacturer to put storage in a phone, and making it inaccessible to the average user means you can push your higher storage phones for a premium.

      I hate it so much, but it is what it is.

      I had a Mozart 7. It was a piece of shit. Knew about the memory being just micro SD inside it because mine came apart at some point and I found it in there...

        i agree wholeheartedly... again, i only keep it because of the sentimental attachment...

        i was so excited to get that phone too. was looking forward to the windows phone os only to discover a severe lack of apps. except for the ones whipped up in some meth lab whilst the designer was on a high...

          I'm really hoping there's some really nice Windows 10 flagship phones coming this year, the last really good Windows phone was the 1020, and that came out in 2013.

    We're nearly at the end of the season and as is tradition, episode 9 really delivered some heavy blows so it can gently lay us to rest in the finale and leave us hanging until next season. Someone should really write a book or something about this show to tide us over! If @powalen and @jimu are any indication there'd be a massive market for it.

    Daenerys visits Jorah in his new home, a cave where he now lives with his bear-wife. She feels awkward that they parted on bad terms and invites him back into her service. Jorah explains the concept of exile back to her in the same words she used on him. The irony is completely lost on her. The bear, being a bear, doesn't really understand what's going on.

    Under Braavosi law, Arya's failure as a dancer forces her to work as a stripper until her debts to the Council of Braavosi Recreational Advisors (COBRA) is paid off. Since she never incurred any tuition fees the debt is more of a moral one. After watching a single drunk stripping performance, COBRA agree unanimously that pressing the matter further would be, in their estimation, "just sad". Arya takes the news gracefully, then smiles wickedly and winks at the camera to subtly suggest this was all part of her plan. Then just in case you don't get it, she winks again and whispers "all according to my plan" while rubbing her hands together.

    The opposing factions of the Night's Watch reconcile their differences and agree that if a tattoo means something special to you, then there is no way to objectively quantify it's inherent value and there's no sense arguing about it. Ser Aliser Thorn takes the opportunity to reveal a tattoo he had done as a teenager, written in the language of the far east that he has since been told actually means "beef in black bean sauce, extra noodle". Because this is a vulnerable, human moment for Ser Aliser, Sam and Jon privately agree not to mention that it is actually a sacred rune that conveys courage and strength on the bearer, because normally Ser Aliser is a huge asshole.

    Trapped in the cave of wonders, Jamie discovers there is more to the purportedly magic lamp than meets the eye. For instance, when filled with oil, the escaping vapour can be lit for light and warmth. He and Bronn are genuinely delighted by the fact they can now watch each other starve to death.

    Tyrion wakes up in an alley nursing a massive headache after a night of heavy drinking. His initial panicked reaction is that he's been kidnapped, but realisation that he's just very badly hung over quickly sets in. He then finds a badly written ransom note for Varys in his pocket and panics again. He balls his hands into fists and screams to the sky "WELL THIS IS ANOTHER FINE MESS YOU'VE GOTTEN US INTO!"

    Morning, TAY.

    I played a dino game on the weekend. I tamed a Parasaur that I named Ducky. He died.
    I tamed a Dilophosaurus that I named Schnookums. He died.
    I tamed a Velociraptor that I named Cuddly-Wuddly. She died.

    I also watched a bunch of Sense8. Amazing show! I'm loving it. Probably my favourite Netflix-made show so far.

      Sense 8 is incredible.... i dont understand where or how netflix manages the budgets required for these shows....

      also love how they just dump an entire season on you just like that...

      also worth watching: Between.

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      I had a Parasaur named Ducky, she died, she died.
      @blaghman said she was sleeping, HE LIED, HE LIED.
      Why oh why is my dinosaur dead? Couldn't that T-rex have hit me instead?
      I had a Dilo name Schnookums, he died-

      Sense8 bros. So good. I'm up to episode 8. Going to space the last four out so I can seamlessly go from this to Orange is the New Black s3 on Friday.

    Woah! Today is a lot more active, yesterday was like a graveyard. Damn public holidays :P

    Ugh, I am getting old. Instead of staying up late and playing more Witcher 3 or having another couple of games of Heroes of the Storm (made a big post about it in yesterday's TAY but no one was around to read it :( ), I went to bed early so that I could get up early and do some house work so I didn't wake my partner up doing it last night :/

      I hadn't realised it was a public holiday until about lunch time

        I knew but only because I manage a team in a call centre and it was dead when normally a Monday is ridiculous!

    Have spent the last week and a half smashing through Orange is the New Black on Netflix. 2 more episodes left of season 2, with season 3 due in 3 days \o/

    I'm really liking it so far. There's been a couple of turns in the story that I've been dubious of but the show has always improved for it so they seem to know what they're doing.

      With the exception of the first couple episodes of the second season I've really enjoyed the show. Refreshed the last couple episodes of Season 2 on the weekend just to remind what was going on in anticipation of Season 3, but it was a surprising one. Some of those characters are just genius and played to perfection.

        I hated the sudden change in direction at the start of the season until you realise how useful it was to disorient the audience to convey Piper's confusion - and then you find out like 5 episodes later that the reason Piper didn't get extra punishment or thrown in a max facility for nearly killing Dogget was because Suzanne knocked her out, making it seem like her and Dogget both got off equally.

        They also have us swinging between hating and not hating Alex which is again, Piper's feelings on the matter. Even though I don't care for Piper much as a person, this show does a great job of getting me to empathise with her. Like I didn't even feel like her trying to sell Soso out for the blanket was even a dick thing to do until Soso caught on and called her out on it.

        Also Larry and Polly are terrible people. Just awful.

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          Or is this a Game of Thrones style write-up?

            Sorry, that was meant to be spoiler tagged, the code didn't work for some reason.

          Might want to spoiler your post for the non-OitNB-savvy, hey? A lot of plot detail there.

          Edit, never mind, you did.

          Last edited 09/06/15 11:38 am

            I accidentally used < spoiler > instead of < s >

            Hopefully anyone not caught up on the show who saw it will have forgotten it by the time the get caught up.

    Woooo elder scrolls online for consoles!

    15gb patch huh?

    Well I guess I can do work instead. :(

    Has anybody had property built before? A random conversation has got me thinking a lot about building at the moment and it might be a viable option.

    Spoilered for length.

    See, my partner's house (i.e. mortgage is in her name since before we got together) is not in the best condition. That's putting it nicely. If we were ever to sell it or rent it we'd need to do extensive renovations before either option would work. It's a 3 bedroom from the 70s, with bad wiring, bad fixtures, a kitchen that's literally falling apart, bad plumbing in the bathroom (a bathroom which didn't even have working lights until after I moved in!), a completely underutilised ground flood, a master bedroom with some of the weirdest design choices (a sliding door with no lock!?), and many more issues that are not in my head. I swear.

    So we started thinking... with all the renovation that would need to happen, might it not be cheaper to knock the whole thing down and start from scratch? We could go from a run down and dated 3br to a new 5br with more options than would be possible renovating.

    Downsides... Would need to live elsewhere while rebuilding. Possibly cost more, but at the same time gain a lot of value that just wouldn't be feasible otherwise. That's all I can really think of.

    Am I crazy for thinking this way?

      If you already have the land, you're a ways ahead.

      If I was going to build (and I haven't nor can I give specific advice on the process) I'd build a home that's as energy/resource efficient as possible. A lot of the off the plan homes we get here are really ill-suited for the climate.

        In the ACT, every house built nowadays needs to have at least a 5* energy rating. I keep forgetting this isn't a thing elsewhere.

        Definitely something to consider!

          Even with a 5* rating, it's still really poor design.

            The problem I see with QLD homes is that they're designed to let heat out which is nice in the summer but reeeeeeeally bad in the winter. Unless you take the opposite and then they're great in the winter but reeeeeeeally bad in the summer. Catch 22 home building!


      * New house, but don't need to buy new land.
      * Same location, always good for drunken stumbling home
      * Upgraded living!


      * Living somewhere else while still servicing the original mortgage AND paying builders is copping three lots of living expenses all at once. You'd want to be absolutely sure you could sustain this (and sustain it for longer than the builder says).
      * Building goes overbudget. Always.
      * Building almost always goes past deadline.
      * Hidden costs. If your soil is of a certain type, it costs up to four times more just to lay a concrete slab.

      It might be crazy. It will certainly be crazy expensive. But if the house is unsaleable as is, and isn't meeting your comfort needs, this might be a decent option.

        * Building goes overbudget. Always.
        * Building almost always goes past deadline.
        Massive emphasis on this.

        EDIT: I should add - you're not crazy, it'd be great having a nice new house but it is a lot of time, money and stress. I'm not saying don't do it, just be prepared for some shitty experiences along the way.

        Last edited 09/06/15 11:32 am

        Yeah, I think that's my concern is budgeting and knowing that building never goes to plan. We'd been planning on putting our dual incomes to use by getting an investment property or similar but long term I think we'd be losing out but not addressing the issues that exist at the current place. Our plan is still to move to Melbourne in 5 to 10 years, so we'd be much better off if we had a nice property ready to go for rental rather than being held up in our move plans by a property that isn't ready to facilitate a cross country move.

        Would need to crunch a lot of numbers and speak to a lot of people. This is just day 2 or 3 of thinking about it, trying to gain as many opinions as possible. :)

          Buy thousands of helium balloons and take the existing house to Venezuela
          Have new house built while you live cheaply in South America
          Return to completed house

          I see no issues with this plan

            I support this plan in theory. Unfortunately Mrs B-ob didn't like Up.

            I know, she's a monster.

      I know that @beavwa has just gone through the whole building process but think that might have been house and land package dealio. But there was a number of things that he picked up in contracts and the like so he might be able to give you a couple of pointers of things to look out for.

        I have been summoned...

        So @beeawwb, looks like many others have covered off a lot of things.
        Demo and build means you've mainly got to factor in the alternate living arrangements (though I know people that have been crazy enough to do staged demo and rebuild as a mega-renovation and just living in the bit not being worked on, really don't recommend this though), which means time and money.
        Biggest thing with a build that can blow out is time. Time to settle on the right plans. Time for external approvals. Time to actually kick off once everything is lined up (funny story, our first contract that I refused to sign left an unlimited time period for that bit). Time for the odds and ends to get sorted out that got missed on the main streamlined project.

        And when you're making alternate living arrangements, extensive and unpredictable time variations tend to screw with that a little, so don't be surprised if an extra 6 months rent gets munched out of your budget during the circus. And on that topic - build finance - most comes out early on, so you'll be paying mortgage interest and rent during that period. That hurts, and you want to minimise that as best you can, but there's far too many factors out of your control so be prepared to lose some cash in the crossover periods.

        Apart from that, theoretically demo and build shouldn't be that different from buying empty land and building. There'll be more time / cost factored for access and planning issues around existing neighbours, but experienced builders should handle that OK.

        Main thing to stress is to go get independent legal advice before you sign any contract.
        I can also recommend an independent inspector to sign off build stages is worth their weight in gold, takes a lot of stress away from the process.

      I was going to point out that the biggest things to watch out for are things will never go according to plan, plan for a larger budget than what you're willing to spend and without a doubt the timeframe will be significantly longer. However everyone else has already said that =p If you guys decide to take it on just make sure other aspects of your lives are relatively stable before doing so; just renovations can be very exhausting in terms of time, energy and finances. I can only imagine what building could be like.

        Planning for a wedding next year! \o/ ... ... ... /o\

          ....... It was nice knowing you Bob. I'll be sure to say something nice at your early funeral =p

          We built during the course of last year, and the wedding is next month...
          It's actually nice to go through the major parts for both at the same time, lends a nice bit of ... perspective.

    @jocon @liondrive peeps some Destiny co-op later tonight for dailies/weeky's? I can probably only commit an 1-2 hours today but reckon I can do the nightfall tomorrow evening if peeps are keen?

    Also did a bit more research on Qo-fuckyouguys-dron and it seems he is the toughest boss in PoE aside from the level 35 Skolas.

    Last edited 09/06/15 12:02 pm

      Yea... Qodron's a bastard. In the 32 version, we had trouble with him as two 33s and a 34. So happy they nerfed him... now you can actually get the detainment field down with a 331 shotgun just before it kills you. That said, Jailbreaker still helps a great deal.

      Looking forward to taking on Gutrot the Unclean tonight, seeing what he has in store for us. That is, if Bungie keep the PoE rotation up. If they do, good luck with the upcoming 32... the boss fight seems to be either 40 seconds long or take an eternity... there is no middle ground.

        Yeah see this was always Bungie's problem with raids, there was never a time-based middle ground in terms of fights. The whole game has the design to be played in short bursts i.e. 1-2 hours but then you get to PvE end-game content and you're looking at huge time-sinks the degree to which varies. I actually really enjoyed the level 28 PoE, the enemies weren't too tough and the boss fights while time consuming were short enough that I didn't feel fatigued and long enough that I wouldn't be spamming them all day and night. However getting to 32 it took us a good 30-40 minutes to clear the first 4 rounds and then we got stuck on Qodron for about another 45min by which point I never wanted to look at the game again. That kind of exhaustion enducing gameplay is a major design flaw. Our best attempt on him took 30 minutes and we only spent about 2-3 minutes out of that 30 damaging the boss. Is the Gutrot the Hive boss for this week's 32?

        Also with regards to treasure keys what's the average drop rate from the lesser chests in PoE? How're you supposed to get to 34 if you can't get etheric light unless you run the 34 PoE?

          Reading reminds me I still have 2 treaure chest keys to use might need to run PoE tonight

          Gutrot should be this week's 34, as he's the only boss we've not seen yet (according to the Grimoire cards). 32 should be Kaliks Reborn, if they continue to put the 32 as the past week's 34 (which they've done every week so far).

          Valus Tra'ug was alright, he didn't seem that much of a bullet-sponge, and the rotating shields mechanic was interesting (contrast with Val Aru'un, who is just a huge sponge). Urrox was a good fight, I think - mostly because it's accelerated both ways by the Solar Burn. Qodron was insanely difficult by comparison, but once they balanced it, it can be done legit in about 10-15 minutes. Kaliks' mechanic just means the second half of the fight can drag on for aaaaages, in my experience, because every time by that point we were all just hiding and waiting on synths. It's not hard from that point in the fight, it's just tedious.

          Not sure about drop rates - had a friend get one key from each chest in the same run, but I've only had one from them since they changed it (about 7-9 runs). Seen maybe 5 keys drop in those runs, so while it's much better than it used to be, I'd still bring a key into the Prison.

          Some of the 34s are doable as 3x33s or 2x33s+1x34, though it'd definitely still be hard (and time-consuming), but I get the feeling they're geared towards people either getting EL through Iron Banner/Nightfall, or amassing 42 light gear from Variks over the weeks via the 32. My plan was to wait until the third week to have three pieces from Variks and an Exotic to hit 34 before I touched the 34 - got lucky in nightfall this week, tho, and scored an EL, so jumped into 34 with a 34 with a decent stat distribution. Unlike my 0/0/540 34 titan after this week's 32. :P

          Still kinda annoyed that EL acquisition is so heavily PvP-oriented, tho - have so many friends on my list that are (relatively) swimming in it just by doing Trials and Iron Banner.

            By runs do you mean the level 28 PoE's? Also is it worth saving your keys for the 32-34 PoE chests or blow them on the 28's? I ran about 7 level 28 PoE's and have 0 keys to show for it. Plenty of coins and motes of light though.

              "Runs" meaning general Prison playthroughs (they seemed to just fly by this week, sorry for the confusion) - done three or four 32s and three 34s this week, and I think we did a couple of 28's earlier in the week to unlock the 32s for a friend's alts. From what I've seen, the big chest has the same loot table on 28-34, and 35 is said to (also?) contain a shader, an emblem and a ship.

              You'll get a free key by doing your first Queen's bounty each week on each character, tho, so no real need to worry about missing out. And the real rewards for the 32 and up are the armour/weapon cores and EL - not too concerned about that shiny gold chest, myself.

                Thanks for all your info dude; seems I'll need to level up my Titan and gear up my hunter this week then to maximize those treasure keys. Is there a chance to get EL from the large chest even at lower level PoE's? If not then it seems the best way to proceed is to quit PoE for the time being and start mastering the Temple of Osiris.

        I tried level 32 PoE for the first time over the weekend, to 33s and a 34. We threw ourselves at Qodron for about half an hour before giving up. Apparently you're supposed to kill the eye of Qodron, a random goblin that will give you a jailbreaker perk and enable you to escape the bubble that kills you? Even if we could have figured that out there were so many adds that we couldn't even get any shots off at the boss. Drove us nuts.

        Went back to 28. We might not get armor/weapon cores that way, but at least it's fun.

          Yeah we found the Eye on our third attempt after I looked up forums and shit. He's ridiculously hard to spot and he's an elite i.e. yellow bar so doesn't go down easily as well. Our 30 minute attempt we kept getting killed and ressurecting (2 sunsingers) and had liondrive on the eye for jailbreaker however because the timing is fucked up there were times we would kill the eye and the jailbreaker buff would run out just as the shields spawned. So even the mechanic you're meant to use i.e. find the mob kill him use the buff to break out is broken. Effectively you need to find the mob, kill him at the right fucking time and then use the buff to break out. Oh make sure you're also all close together so you can break each other out easily otherwise too bad. The whole thing just felt like a massive fuck you by Bungie. Not. fun. at. all.

            Pretty much. It really comes down to timing - Qodron seems to search for targets every 45-60 seconds, but the eye seems to spawn almost immediately after you down one - if your jailbreaker is running down to about 10 seconds and Qodron's not searching yet, you really need to find the new eye. Every time our group wiped on Qodron that first night (pre-nerf), it was because we couldn't find the eye in time. Even cheating death with a sunsinger, they'd just get focused down by hobgoblins seconds after rezzing.

            Ideally, you want to locate the eye, get him to low health but keep him alive and nearby until Qodron searches for targets, then focus him down, gather together in cover so the jailbreaker can work through all three detainment fields quickly, then have 1-2 people put as much heavy into the boss as they can, while 1-2 people (as required) clean up adds (particularly those major hobgoblins). Issue is the eye also hits hard, and tends to wander about, so keeping him alive can be problematic, as can finding him when you need to, too.

            It really helps to have a titan for that fight, tho - blinding blessing bubble is extremely useful for not dying to hobgoblins, and allows you to keep the eye nearby without it killing you.

          I do agree that the number of adds in that fight is a little ridiculous, and the timing requires a fair bit of luck. We had two 33s dedicated to clearing adds, occasionally emptying any heavy they found into the boss, and the 34 focusing on the boss and taking out the eye for the buff. It still took a few tries, even when we all knew exactly what to do.

          Where were you holed up? There's a good, reasonably defensible spot on the far left - a blessing bubble in that corner there (out of boss' line of sight, but not overlapping the entrance) is really useful for surviving all those adds, and the spot just to the right has good cover from the boss and adds for taking out the detainment fields, as long as you stand a couple feet from the barrier to avoid splash damage from the boss.

            We tried both right and left, it was too hectic to make a difference for us, really. By the time we figured out the Eye/Jailbreaker buff connection it was really too little too late. We'd already wiped five times from getting trapped in near un-breakable bubbles.

              Yea, our first time was really rough, too. We knew what needed to be done after an hour and a half of trial and error, but we just couldn't pull it off. It was 1am on a worknight, we were pleading for help on our friends lists as our third had gone to sleep. Ended up getting it done with a kind friend enlightening us to cheese and casting a blessing bubble in the entrance while we fired about 10-12 gjallarhorns each at Qodron's face. An hour and a half of trying to do it legit culminated in a slightly crazed 30 second "f**k you, Qodron" followed by loot and much needed sleep. Was so happy to hear they nerfed the detainment damage, and made jailbreaker more useful, but it's still a pain to try to keep track of the Eye, let alone to kill him at the right time.

    Unfortunately, this is me right now:
    I blame Splatoon multiplayer... :(

    Also, I'll be doing my usual hourly updates for Le Mans this weekend, from 11pm AEST Saturday night.

    Last edited 09/06/15 11:26 am

    You're not crazy, but demolition costs can be a lot more than you think.

    I had a friend that bought a block (this is in WA mind you so CRAZY expensive) that just had an old single bedroom cottage with a loungeroom, kitchen and bathroom, really tiny. It cost him about $40,000 just to get that tiny thing demolished. Maybe you should do it yourself :P could be fun!

    Reno's can be cheaper in the long run but it sounds like you would almost be rebuilding the house in it's current state so probably better to knock it all down and start again. The living elsewhere while rebuilding would be painful. You could live in the house until you get council approval for the demolition and the new build, but then you would probably have 6-10 months before a new house would be ready. Also depending on the council, sometimes you need plans for the new build approved before you can start building (again WA so it might be different elsewhere).

    If you have a family member or friend that can help you out, then you shouldn't have trouble with the living. Otherwise you might have to pay for demo upfront, but a lot of banks or finance through building companies have deals where you just pay repayments on how much has been spent at the time, so you wouldn't be paying full mortgage repayments for the new house until it was done.

      Oh man I would love to demolish this place myself. So many times I want to take a sledgehammer to it, and that's just living in it!

        As a handyman I would urge against this, if your house was built in the 70s high chance its got asbestos through out it. That alone will jack the demo price skyhigh

        Not to mention being illegal (in melbourne anyway) to conduct or remove asbestos sheeting without proper training

        Last edited 09/06/15 12:18 pm

          Haha, don't worry that's a primary concern that's being factored in to both reno and demo costs is the possibility of asbestos. There's no way I'd do it myself with that hanging over our heads. Plus I'm just not that handy. I'm MacGuyver handy, not ... *insert builder* handy.

            Yeah the stuffs a bitch, I got trained in removal a few months back and I still hate the shit. My respirator alone set me back $150

    Splatoon is still loads of fun, ranked is pretty cool.

    I'm still at a loss as to how so many Japanese players hit level 20 so damned fast! I'm still on 17 and I'm not taking it easy!

    Also wondering why 90% of the people I play online are Japanese, regardless of the time of day. The only others I've seen are a couple of Germans and a Spaniard.

    I would like to actually play the other 7 aussies who have this game...

      I'd play you, but my ranking is woeful at the moment...
      Also, my net is capped until Thursday.

      Wow you're still only at lv17? :P

      Most of the matches I play at night time here seem to be a 50/50 split (or more in our favour) of locals to Japanese, then it tips back in their favour after midnight. Once we ended up with nearly every person in our match as someone we all knew, save for one sole Japanese player.

      I love ranked though. It completely changes how you play the game and approach each map. Plus I get to be on top of the end-of-match ladder for a change.

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