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    • To you as well, sir. I’m quietly hoping that all the pre-E3 announcements are not designed just to be glossed over during the big pressers and there’s more to come. 17 hours until Xbox kicks off!

        • *Bethesda rep walks out on stage*

          “Hello everyone. Fallout 4 will be out on Friday.” *drops mic and walks off stage*

          *crowd goes wild*

          • There was only about a two year gap between the release of 3 and New Vegas, and it’s been almost 5 years since New Vegas released, so it’s entirely possible that it’s finished and ready for sale. Although both 3 and NV were released in October. We don’t have long to wait to find out.

          • Oh, they may release (hell, I hope they release) in October. There’s no way they release this Friday (run straight into the batman machine, the rest of E3 hype, inevitable comparisons to The Witcher, get retailers offside, no market penetration to the casual gamer, etc.)

          • Well … turns out you weren’t far off! November is certainly a lot closer than I thought it’d be.

  • Morning all! Hope your weekends were spectacular.

    Mine was pretty good. Did some house painting, then had a joint early birthday party for my soon-to-be one year old and soon-to-be three year old (I ate SO MUCH cake), and then went to the movies with my brother and saw Fury Road. That movie holds up very well for a repeat viewing, and I loved every minute of it.

    Having formed indie darling band Lifehackerz, Rocketman, Pants, Cake and Blaghman perform their #1 hit single ‘Bread in the Microwave’ for the Battle of the Bands regional finals. The song plays over the rest of these scenes, but I’m too lazy to write the lyrics, so invent your own for added fun.
    Freeze and Nobs are sitting on a couch, apparently not speaking to each other.

    Nobs: I should leave then.

    He gets up to leave. A hand tugs at his shirt.

    Freeze: No. Please stay.
    Rize playing the triangle in a jazz ensemble, to thunderous applause.
    Jane, in full detective get-up, has gathered TAYbies in the reading room of Baron Blaghman’s second holiday villa.

    Jane: All the evidence points to but one conclusion. The identity of the killer…

    Quick shots of various nervous TAYbies, Strange reaching for a knife in her shoe, Rize brandishing a pipe, Trjn sipping tea.

    Jane: …is me.

    Several people gasp. Blaghman faints.
    More TAYbies are gathered in a different room of the holiday villa, standing beneath a large INTERVENTION banner, while Beavwa sits on a couch facing them, but keeping his eyes on his 3DS.

    Scree: This has gone on too long, Beavwa.

    Beavwa: I can give up any time I want to.

    Prolonged silence.

    Beavwa: I just don’t want to.

    Cuts to whole group violently trying to tear the 3DS from Beavwa’s firm grasp.

    Beavwa: No! They’re my shinies! You can’t have them!
    Everyone having a sick dance party. Sometimes things are just fun. But then…
    Pants and Red have cornered NegativeZero in an abandoned building, guns drawn.

    Red: Alright, we know you’re not the real NegativeZero. Tell us who you are.

    ???: Very well, you’ve forced my hand. I am not NegativeZero. I…am his evil twin.

    Red: Gasp!

    Pants: You can’t mean…PositiveZero?!

    PositiveZero: The very same.
    Tigerion running out of a kitchen covered in flames, his chef’s hat burning away.

    Tigerion: The souflee is ruined! RUINED!
    Liondrive stands before a group of TAYbies at some backyard party.

    Liondrive: So you see, the reason you couldn’t get the BBQ to work is because it wasn’t a BBQ at all. It was –

    He pulls a sheet off a figure beside him.

    All: Old man Jimu?!
    On the bank of a river made of lava, CookingMama stands before Shane. He has lost both legs and one of his arms, and is slowly burning, too close to the lava river.

    CookingMama: You were the chosen one!

    Shane hisses and spits.

    Shane: I hate you!


  • Anyone doing the trading card thing for steam sale?
    I have a spare Blitzkrieg, and looking to trade for Bob, Dominic, Dansky or Dire Frog.
    If anybody wants to trade, send me request!

  • So I heard a rumour that Batman might have broken street date. Just a heads up.

    Anyways, for this weeks adventure in D&D (last week didn’t happen), the dwarf king tried to convince everyone to go to war with a nation for someone they didn’t know dying. They told him to go get his Moradin axe.

    One player who had been taken away by some evil wizards was lead to the bad guys lair where they recruited him and he ended up ‘sleeping’ with a drow priestess. Then he drank all remaining chaos magic he had and blew up the whole place.

    The rest of the party saved a half-orc from some bandits, then the next morning when I tried to stop her praying to Gruumsh she took a swing at me and the bard shot her in the head. The dwarf king who saved her just shrugged (some paladin).

    Then we met a genasi fighting a chain demon who turned out to be the wizard in our group who we never saw without his cloak. Even though he established who he was, the bard snuck up on him and stabbed him in the neck. He cast hold person on him, which rolled on the chaos table, causing him to get attacked by lightning. Since he was paralyzed it was a critical hit, so he took a 120 d10 damage roll with only 38 max hit points. Causing him to red mist the entire area. So the wizard spent his last drop of chaos magic to cast reincarnate and turned the half-elf into a gnome.

    • Never seen a game break release date almost 10 days before launch before. Probably just people trying to trick stores into breaking street date when they more than likely haven’t even received their stock anyway.

  • Nintendo World Championships are on now live on if anyone was interested, before Bethesda kicks off at 12pm Melbourne time.

  • Hey chums,

    Sense8 is a cool guy, it’s a slow burn @o give it a chance.

    Bloodborne bosses are my bane, I’m pretty ok at navigating the streets to get there(slowly but surely) but I’m the opposite of gud when the big guys pop out.

    Latest guy
    The poison, every time, the goddam poison. I notice it & have died a few times administering the antidote.

    I’m too slow. I miss the slow Mo battles of Souls.

  • GoT Season Finale. I am expecting so much. They wouldn’t include Benjen, therefore reminding us who he is in the “previously on” that got leaked for episode 10, over the weekend.

    So much Hype.

      • For all I know, I have no idea of what role he’s playing in this episode. The clip is something we’ve already seen in Season 1, so no spoiler there for you mate.

        EDIT: On top of that, there’s a Chrome Plugin (Early stages of development) to block out Potential Spoilers on Facebook, Twitter, Google News and Reddit. Here, kind souls – you’re welcome.

        • Yeah, but he’s been missing since Season 1, and even knowing he’ll be in an episode would be enough to be considered a spoiler for some people

          • and even knowing he’ll be in an episode
            For the sake of others, we don’t even know if he IS in the episode. There are multitudes of ways that can go from bringing him back in for the “Previously On” or not even include him at all. Nothing Major & minor or spoilerish there at all.

          • I see your point, and ultimately it’s up to you how you use tags.

            But a request was made for any GoT commentary to be placed into spoiler tags, a request which I seconded. As it doesn’t cost anything, and as people have different thresholds at which they consider themselves ‘spoiled’, it might just be easier to go along with it and get this comment thread back on topic, rather than trying to fight against the request, whether or not you feel the caution is unreasonable…

        • What shane and edc have already said; I haven’t seen any S5 myself and a spoiler with a headline on what it’s about would save the trouble for many others I’m sure.

          While you might not consider what you’ve posted to be spoilerish as someone who hasn’t watched any of S5 knowing that there’s a possibility a character might appear serves to dilute the experience.

    • This please. I don’t watch the show and only read the books whenever GRRM stops sucking down glazed hams and procrastinating long enough to write them.

  • Good morning everyone.
    I wasn’t really enjoying fallout until I dropped the difficultly. I need to keep working on cosplay but I want to play fallout New vegas. D=

    • Oooh my goodness. My boyfriend – fiancé, I guess, haha, oh boy – got given the most amazing vest based on Fallout New Vegas. His best friend is suuuper clever and good with a sewing machine, and whipped up this badass denim vest and added all this awesome NV accoutrement. I should see if I can post some photos, it’s so so cool.

      • Part of the wedding gift my wife gave me was a NV courier pack for our honeymoon. It was full of nuka-cola, bottle caps, whiskey, and some other odds and ends.

        Idea for your wedding? 😛

        • Reception is held in a locked vault, and the evening is divided up into a range of increasingly humiliating social experiments.

          • I still remember it so clearly.

            Spoilered for those who haven’t had the honour of Gary yet:

            Cool your name is Gary, oh you’re attacking me, ok. Gary. Bye Bye Gary.
            …what? Ok, bye bye Gary 2.
            “Gary” “Gary” “Gary”
            …oh shit what have I stumbled on…

    • Fallout 3/New Vegas are perfectly enjoyable on casual difficulty, the combat is really a minor part of the game (though admittedly playing it on easy does make it feel less like you’re struggling to survive). Much more important is finding a stray eyeball and looting the corpse it used to be part of.

  • G’morning! I have such a headache and flu D: Maybe some sort of Med-X would help 😀

    We saw Jurassic Park on Friday. And then again on Sunday. I would not recommend doing that.

      • Do you like DINOSAURS!!!? If you love DINOSAURS!!! and the previous Jurassic Park films, then this film does exactly what it says on the tin.

        Just don’t get too upset with the genetic handwaving and the non-feathery outsized ‘raptors. They do sort of explain away the lack of feathers. Sort of. *scowl*

        Just enjoy the DINOSAURS!!! eating people (oops, spoiler alert sorry) and running amok!

  • I watched orange is the new black all weekend, that australian chick they cast ruins every scene she is in. She’s worse than neighbours/home and away level acting how the hell did she get a role on a show this big?!??!

      • I don’t know her name but she looks like Justin Bieber and for some reason always has impeccable make up and hair where as everyone else looks like a real prisoner (which is one thing I thought the show did well up until now). Just jarring how she looks and acts, it’s one of those moments where you realise how good a job the other characters do and how hard it is to actually act with out it seeming terribly fake. She does get her clothes off though so maybe that’s how she got the role, that and catering to the new Australian netflix users maybe?

        • I just googled and apparently she shows up about halfway through the season so I guess I haven’t seen her yet.

          • she’s pretty bad. Over all the season was good though, it’s really been a show that surprised me as I went in to season one expecting it to be bad but liked it and it’s kept the quality up.

          • Yeah, I expected it to be interesting/watchable but it really surprised me. Every time I thought I wasn’t going to like a story/character change, it only made the show better. Really impressed with it.

          • You have to ignore logic though at times when it comes to the way the prison is run and the things they get away with but at the end of the day it’s not trying to be Oz.

    • Ruby rose? Yeah shes pretty bad at alot of the things she does, only “dj” ive seen have a line waiting outside a club to see her only to have everyone leave the dance floor when she comes up to perform

  • I had a super productive weekend! Steam decided to start selling Lego Jurassic World even though it’s not supposed to be available in Australia til the 17th. So I went to see the movie on Saturday morning, then came home and played the game all weekend.

    A weekend well wasted ^_^

      • You didn’t like it? I thought it was fun. Not as great/iconic as the first, but better than the other sequels.

        • I was wondering this, is it it’s own film in terms of back story or is it linked to the previous Jurassic Park movies?

          • Yes, it is linked to the previous films. There are a bunch of really cool nods to them throughout the film. That said, I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would. Might go and see it again at some point this week, hopefully it’ll be better the second time around.

          • It completely dismisses everything after Jurassic Park – the writer/director said as much, which made me cross.

            There were also SOOOO many references to JP in this film – like, to the point of irritating distraction. One or two would have been a great nod to the audience, but this was pretty much saying, “You know what? Maybe just go watch Jurassic Park instead.”

          • I must be pretty dense. I didn’t notice all that many references. At least, not enough to irritate me. Although…

            the whole Raptor training/communicating with the Indominus Rex thing had me rolling my eyes in an “I can’t believe they put that in the movie” kind of way.

          • I MADE YOU A LIST.

            References to Jurassic Park in Jurassic World (not in order, and not including the obvious ones)
            – Ian Malcolm’s book (read by Zara on monorail, on Lowery’s desk in control room).
            – Clare tying her shirt off at the front, trying to cop Ellie’s hot look from JP.
            – Clare saying, “Welcome to Jurassic World” (Hammond saying, “Welcome to JP”).
            – Jeep 29 (the one the kids fix) is the one John Hammond arrived in in JP.
            – The night-vision goggles in the garage.
            – The way Clare says, “Control room” (one of Ellie’s lines from JP).
            – ‘10,000 volts’ sign is by a fence in the jungle, overgrown.
            – Malcolm’s chaos theory – when the blood drops down on the ACU leader’s wrist when they go hunting the dino. One drop goes left, the other goes right.
            – Clare yelling, “RUN” the same way Ellie did in JP.
            – The old ‘When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth’ banner and skeleton (this is what the older brother uses for a torch).
            – Clare saying that Lowery’s workstation was a mess (nod to Nedry’s filthy station in JP)

            Those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. There were so many more.

          • ALSO. Okay, the dude who wrote/directed was an otherwise small-time indie kinda dude. And now, he’s all but sold out to making Jurassic World. He of all people, doesn’t get to be all high and mighty about product placement and selling out.

      • Odd, I loved it. Swings and roundabouts I guess, there were a few corny bits in it – but was really cool.

        Loved the fact they built on the first island and even ‘mini-explored’ the original building. Disappointed that they only had 4 Raptors on the island…

        I’ve been playing ARK: Survival Evolved to quench my Dino thirst.

    • Yeah, pretty sweet huh? I bought my key from Green Man Gaming, I received it Friday night, between work and waiting for it to download, I didn’t get to play it till yesterday morning.

      Still, It’s cool being able to play it now. With any luck I’ll have it finished before it even releases here.

      • I’ll be close to finishing it. Finished the story mode for all four movies, now I’m just doing the “run around and collect everything” part.

      • From what I’ve seen, there’s a bit of trepidation regarding how much of the story will be locked behind DLC paywalls. I’m unaware of any other specific issues or worries.

        • I’ll buy the season pass, I’m sure. Rocksteady have a pretty solid bank of goodwill they’d have to burn through before I considered otherwise.

      • Oh no, no reason at all to think it will be beyond the usual “Hmm, I’m buying a game that hasn’t even been reviewed yet” risk. I’d not have bought it even at that price if I suspected it really would be crap, Rocksteady haven’t done a bad batman game yet after all.

        That said, they never specifically agreed to my suggestion that they make a voice replacement DLC pack with Adam West…

      • Well, because City wasn’t as good as Asylum, and Origins was mediocre. The things that Batman did really well have been replicated as well in other games now. The addition of the Batmobile seems incredibly unnecessary and sounds like it’s shoehorned in a lot and you have no choice but to use it. Also I feel like I’m kind of over those Batman games still. City became a slog toward the end.

        But I’ve got it preordered and will play it when it releases.

        I don’t think that people are expecting it to be crap so much as that it feels like it’s coming out with a bit of a whimper and I think people are scared it’ll be mediocre again.

          • Yes, but a lot of people don’t realize that Origins wasn’t their thing.

            I liked City a lot, but I found it to be a bit of a chore at the end. You started getting a mix of annoying enemies like the fucktards with the knives, it’d stop letting you have fun in the stealth bits and generally ramped the difficulty up just past the point it was challenging into being just frustrating for me.

            Also the open world didn’t do them any favours. Asylum was better than City, IMO, and a lot of that was because the more constrained world made it feel more Metroidvania-like.

          • That’s cool, but I liked it a lot. One of the only times last gen I did a new game+ and got all the collectables.

            I don’t expect Arkham Knight to be different in this respect.

  • Hola Tayberinos

    Had a weekend. Friday night got back into Crusader Kings after buying the Charlemagne dlc. Flash forward 6 hours and I’ve conquered France, it’s 2am, and I think I can hear colours.

    Saturday gave plasma then went out to lunch with the parents and some family friends, then Saturday night was cajoled by some friends into a “Masquerade” themed Avcon event. For those interstate, Avcon is an Anime/Game convention that’s been running in Adelaide forever, which I’ve never been to because I’m not that into anime. I have friends who have gone regularly, I just haven’t. Besides, I’ve got PAX.

    Interesting room. Lots of nerds, not all the good kind. I was there with friends and saw one guy try his absolute A-game… which apparently came from the Barney Stinson school. Anyway, we had fun, DJ was pretty good, and we left at the right time. Not sure I’d do it again.

    Sunday played a bunch of Witcher 3. Resolved the Bloody Baron questline:
    Call me prejudiced, but there was no way I was trusting a talking tumour under a tree just on its say so. In the end, turned the botchling into a spirit, and the Baron got to take his wife, alive, to convalesce. I’m sure the fact that the Crones are still alive is gonna bite me later

    A monday morning question: I mentioned up the top about hearing colours. Would you rather see sounds or hear colours? Explain your reasoning.

    • Get out of my head, Red! I was thinking about seeing sounds / hearing colours this weekend. Mainly about meeting aliens who evolved on a sunless planet and had no concept of our light based vision, but were able to sense vibrations which were then mapped to something analogous to our visual cortex. So when we spoke they wouldn’t “hear” us, but instead “see” our words change their visual landscape.

      Which would I rather…. Probably seeing sounds. Our hearing, as neat as it is, isn’t that precise. It’d be cool to pinpoint the direction a sound was coming from by seeing it originate from a source. I think that’d be much more useful.

      • There’s a really good Green Lantern short by Alan Moore where they send a rookie out to do some new recruits into the Corp. They send the rookie to a sunless area of space where the ring cannot translate certain words due to them having no meaning to a blind species.

        The rookie has to come up with a new litany because that whole “In Blackest Day, in Darkest Night” thing has no meaning.

        Really clever & wel thought out little tale. Alan Moore at his best using his brain to break things down & build them back up again (as opposed to his claims these days that everything sucks a big one).

    • Tasting colours. That way everyone would walk around licking everything all the time. Super gross, but we’d probably have some industrial grade immune systems after a while.

    • Seeing, without question. Maybe it’s just me being a visual person, but I find vision to be a lot more precise and easier to block things out.

      Re: Witcher 3 spoilers:
      I went much the same way, but mostly because I’ve been reading all the in-game books and I’m very confident that the spirit of the tree is actually the mother of the crones, gone mad.

      • Oh yeah, I was sure it was her. Although… the oak tree in that mission isn’t the biggest one. I saw something in the distance and went for a ride late last night- there’s a fucking massive one on top of a mountain to the south of the swamp, and the mountain is swarming with basilisks that are way too tough for me atm otherwise I would have had a look. The books talk about a giant old tree- what if it’s a double bluff?

        • SPOILERS:
          Not going to go full detail, but that tree gets its moment, you’ll see. And yeah, I tried getting up there a few times too, got driven off by fuck-off powerful monsters every time.

    • I’d love to see sounds. Mosquitoes could no longer hide in the darkness.

      Although there needs to be some way to filter it… Can you imagine walking down the main street of any busy CBD? You’d be blinded by a sea of sound.

    • The world is a noisy enough place as it is. I’d rather see sounds than hear colours.

      Now seeing smells, that would be good. I imagine this is how dogs live.

    • Both smell & sound options would have benefits & detriments.

      Seeing sound would be handy for triangulation of noise but have the down side of even more visual information and distraction, with the possibility of doing something like triggering epilepsy or motion induced nausea.

      Hearing colour would be handy for identifying what exactly was making a noise; say you’ve got a repetitive noise that you can’t pin down, being able to tell what colour it was would make it a lot easier to figure out the source. Of course the negative would be stuff like not being able to ignore that irritating beige that sounds like the high pitched whine of a vacuum cleaner motor.

    • Not quite answering the question, but…
      I taste notes.
      Seriously, like literally. Tastes translate to music in my mind. I’ve trained my wife into understanding it.
      “This soup needs more bass notes”
      “Ah, ok, I’ll add some beef stock”
      “Hmmm, now it needs staccato in the top”
      “Alright, some chilli”

  • I reckon E3 will be good this year but i can’t see myself skipping work just for the conferences guess ill watch em after work!. One i am looking forward to is the xbox one.

  • Man so I started up Witcher 3 yesterday and was appalled to find it recommending low to medium settings.
    I was sure my 670 would be good for a bit longer.
    So now I’m considering spending way too much money on a 980 ti and a 1440p moniter.

    Someone please convince me this is a bad plan.

    • Oh. No, don’t do that Jo. How terrible it would be to see one of the prettiest games yet at its prettiest.

      Sounds awful.


    • I have a 2560×1440 monitor, and I love it. Takes a noticeable amount of extra grunt to push 2560 over 1920 though. 980Ti should be great, but you’ll still definitely be able to find it’s limits at 2560. I was able to make SLI Titans start to choke at that resolution.

      EDIT: Currently using an overclocked 290X to drive my 2560 and it actually does a pretty decent job.

    • Stick with a 1080p, imo – maybe get a newer 1080p*. 980TI might be overkill, but nice as well if you’re prepping yourself for newer games. The Witcher 3 is INCREDIBLY optimized however, play with the settings and see what works for you. I’ve got a 760 and I’m running around 40fps, Hairworks on Monsters and medium-high settings (minus some Sharpening, Blur, Bloom, Shadows on low, unlimited FPS) and it is brilliant.

      *This ASUS monitor, just bought one myself and it’s brilliant:

    • Yeah I’ve got plans to build a new comp later this year and restart the Witcher 3 on my PC. The PS4 wheezes and struggles to play the game; long load times, textures can’t keep up when you’re on horseback, graphical glitches just about everywhere. While I absolutely love the game I definitely picked the wrong platform to play it on =[

    • No, that’s a good plan and you should do it.

      However, I’m getting really solid framerate with my 670 OC on IIRC Medium to High detail. Just had to turn their hairworks bullshit off (it was dropping me from >30fps to ~20fps). Looks fantastic. And that’s playing at 2560×1440 as well.

      I don’t think that even the highest-end card can push the game to max settings and maintain a playable framerate yet. Maybe 2-3 980 Tis in SLI.

      • Yeah ill do some tinkering with the settings.
        Will hold off on.the upgrade, at least until I know what amd’s offering is. Tho not an amd fan.

  • Pretty good weekend. Played some more Witcher 3, making use of the console-command mod to aid my second playthrough. (Unexpected gems like, ‘Mark all question marks on the map’, for more comprehensive exploration.) Still good. Especially with advance knowledge of how things work out.

    Had another crack at Max Payne 3. For some reason I’m much, much better at it this time around than the last time I played. Blasting through the story and picking up more details, the gunplay as an afterthought. Maybe I was trying to play on Hard mode to unlock ultra or something, last time? Either way, this is better. The game nails the atmosphere, characterisation of Max and his evolution, and all the fantastic colourful metaphors and similies. Soundtrack is amazing, too. I can’t believe anyone ever thought there was ever anything to criticize about it.

    • Wasn’t the biggest criticism essentially just “It’s not Max Payne 1 or 2”?

      I still haven’t brought myself to play it though, being a big big fan of 1 and 2. Still don’t trust them after that abomination of a movie.

      • I liked it. I played the entire trilogy through back-to-back, and the third title did represent a bit of a mood shift. But I think it worked, and worked really well. I think it was a truly great game.

      • Well, unlike Max Payne 2, he got older and a bit heavier. Happens, with age. And the comic-book panels with voice-over are replaced by cut panels of in-game cinematics. Now, to my mind they carry the same tone, the same feel as what the original was going for, but there’s a lot more that they’re able to carry over. There’s a lot of deliberate ‘glitch’ screen effects going on, several frames of fucked-up contrast and camera wobble… I suspect a lot of people probably hated that, but to my mind it is perfect for conveying the world through the eyes of a hardcore pickled-liver drunk. Max himself staggers or wobbles when half (or fully)-cut, and the camera effects occur frequently enough to capture that feeling of the world spinning and viewed through a fog, while still being discernible and playable when it needs to not get in your way. I think it’s fantastic.

        I wouldn’t even be surprised if there’s a full run-through let’s play that’s totally worth watching, stripped of any ‘player sucks ass’ moments or brief detours for hunting collectibles. Most of the ‘collectibles’ get their own wry and colourfully-worded observation from Max anyway, so there’s not as much break in flow as some games do with the whole ‘being a game’ thing. In those terms too, it’s a much smoother experience than many – it’s practically all narrative, the combat seeming to exist to underscore it, provide some meat as a base for that story soup. And the fighting is usually cinematic enough to be worth including, especially with Max narrating over the top of it half the time. The voice-actor did a great job.

      • Max Payne 3 is really good plot-wise, but it’s not Max Payne. The film noir styling and the graphic novel presentation and everything goes and gets replaced by the plot of Man on Fire, in the usual Rockstar fashion.

        There’s something intangible and very special about the way that Remedy do their games. I can’t tell you what exactly it is that makes them so good, but Rockstar doesn’t do it.

        That said, Max Payne 3 is still an excellent game. Would have been more excellent if it had fucking worked properly on my machine and if it wasn’t saddled with horrible limited online activations DRM.

  • You guys, I know that the final episode of Game of Thrones season 5 isn’t out yet but I just couldn’t resist spoiling my special fans @powalen and @jimu to give you all the big news just a little early.

    Stannis is taken aback when Melisandre reveals there is no Rh’llor and he is not really Azor Ahai reborn as she has been saying for the last 4 years. When he confronts her about her deception she confesses she wanted to tell him sooner but stringing him along was “really, really funny”.

    Jamie tricks a powerful genie into releasing him from the cave of wonders, then wishes to become a prince so he will be eligible to marry Princess Myrcella. Myrcella objects to being treated like some kind of prize. This leads to a crazy adventure which mostly happens off-screen. Ultimately Jamie is revealed as a phony and Myrcella rejects him because honestly how can you trust someone who’d lie to get you into bed? She’s not being a classist snob, it’s the principle. Jamie is devastated. Bronn wishes for a big sandwich.

    Brienne and Podrick share a strange dream about a hound climbing a mountain. The local druids interpret this as a dire omen about the coming winter. Podrick points out that all their predictions are about a dire winter, to which the druids respond “well it’s bleedin’ cold, innit?” and call him a wanker. Brienne is convinced of the druid’s visionary powers, conceding that Podrick does, in fact, masturbate a lot.

    Jorah returns to Mereen with Daenerys. Drogon isn’t happy that Jorah has been un-exiled again but is surprisingly taken with his new wife. Jorah readily agrees to an open arrangement, and the bear seems happy even if it isn’t really keeping up with the delicate interplay of emotions and personal motivations. In a bid to refocus attention on herself, Daenerys stops meticulously removing all her body hair.

    Tired of Margaery and Cersei’s constant bickering, Tommen tries to implement “Trial by bikini mud wrestling”. Several days later, the Maesters update the royal records to reflect that “Tommen the Pig” died from his wounds suffered when he was inexplicably hit squarely in the testicles by a runaway carriage. In his locked bedroom. At the top of the east tower.

    Jon Snow is dismayed when tattoos fall out of fashion and no one pays attention to him anymore. He tries to start a new trend but his only options are flared jeans and yo-yos. Out of desperation he combines the two, which results in women in a 100-mile radius reporting the exact opposite of sexual arousal. The phrase “alarmingly arid” is used several times in correspondence. On the upside, a potential famine a generation from now is completely averted.

    Tyrion follows a series of clues in the ransom note and finds Varys in a dark cellar, held at knifepoint by Arya. Arya explains a completely contrived set of circumstances that led to this being her plan all along, ever since she saw them in the audience of her opening night and saw the tension between them. She knew it was her destiny to be a drunken marriage counselor. Tyrion proclaims that this makes no sense whatsoever. Arya stabs him a little, and Tyrion concedes it sort of makes sense. Varys and Tyrion are both embarassed when they realise neither of them have the money to pay for the counselling session. Arya quips “well this is another fine mess you’ve gotten us into”.

  • So I’ve been misquoting Liquid Snake for the last 15 or so years. Apparently it’s not “Have at thee, Snake” but something similar & far more forgettable.

      • Also, MGS4 spoilers
        the idea that Liquid didn’t possess Ocelot by way of hand & that it was hypnotherapy may be 0.1% Mrs believable (& entirely pointless) was the absolute low point for me.

        I don’t need believability in my MGS, it never had it before & still doesn’t now.

        MGS is as believable as Superman’s powers from our yellow sun & Peter Parker being bitten by a radioactive spider. I’m very ok with this.

        • That’s what I liked about MGS as a series. It was super ridiculous when you thought too much about it but, like a lot of good action/espionage movies and games, it was still fun and a spectacle. The fact that they tried to explain anything more than what they needed just made things convoluted and curtailed the suspension of disbelief.

          It’s a series with walking tanks that fire nukes. Why kill that with super-dense discussion of the appropriateness of nuclear weapons and genome therapy?

      • I have no frickin’ idea what the deal is with ‘multiple snakes’ or whatever.
        As far as I’m concerned, Metal Gear Solid is a series about a badass with a headband and stubble and eventually an eyepatch and wrinkles. Snaaaaaaake.

  • Weekend was pretty great. Stocked up on some man-dolly paints (Warhammer specifically) but didn’t get a chance to paint much as I had a friend’s birthday. Vapiano’s in the CBD is a really nice Italian restaurant but it was ridiculously busy for a Saturday night.

    Sunday was RPG time and it was more SPAYCE MAUREEN 40K RPG.

    The squad was joined by a new player who took the form of another War Dog/formerly in-stasis World Eater who, similarly to me, managed to survive mostly intact for the last 10,000 years. Unluckily for him though, he had suffered a bit of head trauma and was suffering from amnesia. So yeah, the squad was now two assault marines, two techmarines, and a tactical marine. For this mission we were also assigned a superior officer under the name Lance Kevian who was a dedicated scout veteran.

    The squad was deployed to the world of Kiln which was a sun-baked and horrendously hot planet. A deployment of Imperial Guard had come under attack and we had to go and save them. We rocked up to find that cultists and mutants were charging up towards a barren mesa that the IG had fortified and that foul sorcerers were leading them. Cue the Stormraven doing an orbital insertion with rocket pods and twin-linked lascannons firing into the masses of enemies. That stalled the assault while the squad redeployed to the surface and reinforced the Guard.

    The next assault began and myself and the other assault marine took to the skies in our jump packs while the rest of the laid in with heavy ordinance and other weapon emplacements. The other assault marine, a Blood Raven, picked out the primary sorcerers which he jetted towards and shot at with his plasma pistol while the tactical marine was sniping targets. I flew straight towards the lead sorcerer and charged him with a chain axe.

    Right as I was about to impact, the sorcerer tried to project Warp lightning towards and, funnily enough, triggered Perils of the Warp. And summoned a Warp portal where a Tzeentchian Lord of Change (one of the biggest of the greater daemons) attempted to enter realspace as the sorcerer began to be ripped in half by the Warp energy. The portal was not enough for the Lord of Change to fully get through as it struggled to keep the portal open for its minions that started to pool behind it.

    As a result of this, the entire Imperial Guard, the other cultists, and the majority of the squad said “Screw it” and began to retreat from the danger. Only the two assault marines (including me) and the tactical remained behind to deal with the threat. I broke my arm trying to shoulder-charge the Lord of Change back through the portal while the other assault marine planted a melta bomb on it. The tactical was sniping at its limbs to try and make it lose its grip on reality which was starting to have effect. Things escalated a bit when the veteran scout recovered his nerve and ran forward to toss two satchel charges of demolitions at the Lord of Change. Little did we know that these satchel charges had been super-packed with explosives by the IG and had an explosive radius of 50 metres. Too bad my assault marine was in the midst of a blood frenzy and did not understand the blast radius of these explosives. Fortunately the Lord of Change had a keener survival instinct and was able to create telekinetic barriers which shield himself from the blast which also saved me considering I was in close proximity to it.

    The Lord of Change realised that things were going sideways and pushed itself fully through the portal and abandoned its teeming minions behind it as the portal closed. It then took off into the air and sought out sanctuary on this planet. Cue the Stormraven returning as the two techmarines had recovered from their psychic terror and blasted it with the firepower of twin-linked lascannons and Hellfire missiles. The Lord of Change was blasted back into the Warp and things were mostly okay. Next mission promises a scouring of this planet and the deaths of many cultists.

  • Morning errbody hows every little thing? My weekend was going good but had speed bumps oh so many speed bumps.

    Friday I had a job interview it went well fingers crossed I hear back from them. Had to work the rest of the day because money and afterwards had to bring cathryns little brother back home with me for the weekend. I made cookies and @evilmonkey gave me homeworld the generous bastard!

    Saturday cathryn left to go spend the night at her cousins for her 8th birthday so I spent the day watching Suits and being called shit by Cathryn’s younger brother for any games I played. He spent the entire saturday and majority of sunday playing non stop Super Smash bros on the Wii U and everytime I played against him I would go random (I barely ever play the game so dont have a fave) while he would pick his character and it was always a character he was good with be it Shulk or palatina or jigglypuff. Eventually I got bored of it so turned on destiny, played that found a second treasure key now I just need to find 2 people to run PoE with.

    Sunday consisted of more of me getting my ass kicked in Super Smash, me being told im shit at destiny PvP because I use shit guns and have terrible sensitivity setting from someone whos never played the game and only knows about it from his friend in high school who brags hes the best destiny player with the best guns. Shrugging that off I beat the battlefield Hardline story mode which was fun and also got told I was shit at that too and that I shouldn’t play FPS games because I cant aim for shit. Safe to say I was happy when he left.
    Cathryn got home and basically bombed after dinner which was fettuccine cabonara. So I stayed up and finished season 1 of Suits.

    A monday morning question, whats your biggest annoyance moment caused by a backseat gamers?

    • I’d say the main reason I never got past the first level of Crysis 2 was because my wife was watching and telling me how she did everything each step of the way instead of letting me play it my own way (something the game is flexible about) and figure it out. I said I’d come back to it later when I “have more time” (i.e.: when I could just spend some time with it by myself) and never got around to it.
      That said, I have a low tolerance for time wasted so I fully appreciate she was only trying to help to avoid me making a mistake and losing progress, but on this occasion it just rubbed me the wrong way.

    • Good buddy of mine was absolutely disgusted by the Wind Wakers “bad graphics” which would be fine, whatever. But every time he entered the room he *had* to comment.

      Even straight up telling him to shut up & Piss off didn’t stop the whining.

    • Confession: I was the backseat gamer and got very fucking frustrated

      Back at uni I lived in a little unit on campus for a bit, 6 of us, total nerd flat. One of the people in the unit had invited someone to play Wind Waker on our TV on her gamecube. Watching this man play Wind Waker was abject torture.

      Her: Press the button
      Him: Which button.
      Her: The one on your right as you came in the room
      Her: The other right
      Her: No, your other right
      Her: Right
      Him: This one
      Her: The one I’m pointing at
      Him: This One?
      Her: No…

      15 minutes of this later…


      • I have a directionally challenged friend I play games with. Breaking Point – PvP heavy, high tension zombie survival FPS:

        -‘DUDE, GUY COMING FROM YOUR RIGHT!’ He turns left, confused. ‘No, right!’ he turns further left.
        -‘Pretty sure that chopper came from the North.’ He heads West, despite having a compass.
        ‘Guy running across the field, 10 o’clock, bout 300 metres out, heading west.’ He turns to like 7-8 o’clock.

        I love the guy, and he’s amazing in a firefight, but I swear by my (deity of choice) he just couldn’t find his way out of a square room with one door.

    • A friend who used to insist on taking the piss out of every second line of dialogue in some games I played. Sure, some video game dialogue is some of the most laughable shit you’ll come across, but other times it was just grating. While enjoying a story, and trying to immerse yourself, nothing ruins it quicker than someone mocking it at every step.

      Got to a point where I pointed out how irritating it was and politely requested they stop, and they subsequently got offended and retorted I was being too sensitive. Kinda stopped shortly after though, so mission accomplished, I guess.

    • I’ve always been a solo gamer. Not a fan of having an audience at all.

      But recently, my kids love watching me play Mario Kart… but they get a bit too excited sometimes and start jumping on me during the race 😛

      • Oh man, I’ve completed many a game tag team with a friend.

        @gutsoup & I completed heaps together like Ocarina of Time & Majoras Mask.
        As well as playing at the same time so you can compare notes (which never happens anymore because “adults”)

        • Actually, I remember being the brains of Super Mario World while a friend was the braun. I didn’t own my own console but was pretty good at figuring stuff out while the kid I played with owned & was good at controller wrangling but couldn’t think outside the box.

          We unlocked that entire hidden star world together.

    • Ask my sister. I am the backseat gamer 😛

      Main part I can recall is watching her play Perfect Dark I think, and it was totally frustrating watching as she was wandering around looking for something or other which she went right past several times and even went right through the bottom corner of the screen and I couldn’t not try and just make the torture end and she yelled at me saying this is why she never plays games, or something along those lines. I had to remove myself from the room.

  • Did anyone else notice that the Japanese players in splatoon were walled off on Saturday? I went from playing no one but Japanese players since release day, to not seeing a single one on the weekend.

    Now my lobbies are full of Europeans, the lags just as bad, but at least I understand the names!

    • I don’t recall noticing at all. Though I think Japan had their first Splatfest over the weekend, so they might have been busy doing that instead?

      • Oh, that would explain why they weren’t in the global matchmaking pool!

        I thought it was because there’s now like 250k of them, so Nintendo could start being more aggressive with matchmaking than ” anyone, anywhere”.

        • I’ve honestly had a better time against overseas people than some of my local friends. Two guys who are in Sydney (come to think of it, pretty sure both of them are over on the north shore) with awful, *awful* lag. Like after killing them it would take a good three seconds for them to die. Worse than any European I’ve played.

          • Oh, every match I’m in is like that! I’ll die several seconds after the fact, even through the entire duration of a bubble shield.

            Most matches have a spike of not updating my ink after about thirty seconds, dead people will be shooting ink out of their corpse puddles, it’s impossible to jump a roller because of the lag, etc… It’s by far the laggiest game I’ve ever seen (seriously, I’ve died ten seconds after a confrontation on multiple occasions).

            This is across two different consoles, at three different locations, on two different isps. The consoles were always in the network DMZ.

            The first two testfire events were largely flawless, so I’m not going to point the finger at iinet.

          • Brisbane, inner suburb, 800m from the exchange.

            I wish I still had a capture card, it’s truly spectacular!

  • Twitters doing that thing were my feed is full of live tweets that make no sense without context.

    I get why it’s happening & it’s no fault of the individuals but its a mess of gibberish on my end.

    • I’m going to guess this is Game of Thrones related. If you’ve read my recap you should already be across the deets.

      • Nah, Ninty Championship.

        I actually had to get explained to me that it wasn’t them rereleasing Super Metroid & Mario Kart 8 at e3, but them doing their own thing.

        It’s e3 time, I don’t even…

        Anyway, now people are giving live commentary & only sometimes mention the game.

        & then jokes, that I think must be funny in context…maybe?

        • Mine’s the same. Something about Mario Maker that I don’t get and can’t Google. The rest of my feed seems to be half-veiled Game of Thrones commentary. So I’ll be staying off Twitter for a few days, I think.

          • According to the showrunners the season finale of GoT will “break the internet”, but I didn’t see a single reference to Kim Kardashian’s ass, so I really don’t know what they’re on about.

    • Big part of why I couldn’t be bothered logging in most of the time. I don’t get onto it often enough to be up to speed, so every session I log in ends up with a half-hour of homework. 😛

      All or nothing, really.

  • @jocon @liondrive Guys sorry I disappeared this weekend, my Friday night cost me =[ I was somewhat functional Saturday morning and then got slammed with back to back migraines resulting in me having a Harry Potter marathon in bed and playing some XCOM when the drugs kicked in.

    On a separate note Dishonored 2! Great another game I have to replay before the sequel comes out [email protected]

  • Fun morning.

    They took 5 vials of blood out of me, got given a referral to get spit roasted by cameras, given stronger anti depressants and a stronger drug for reflux.

    Hurray for getting old!

    • Sounds like a jolly old time.

      If it helps, you’re not the only one with a lot of medical stuff going on, I’ve got an appointment tomorrow to get a holter monitor stuck on me for a full day of monitoring my heart for arrhythmia that may well be caused by the drugs I’m on to counter the effects of the other drugs I’m on to counter the effects of wanting to die all the time…

      • Good luck!

        In solidarity for medical things, I had my first MRI last week. It was a freaky experience, and the prep for it was awful. (Not the same level as you guys, but it’s the best solidarity I can do at the moment, sorry!)

    • I had an endoscopy around DC’s birthday… that was fun. I’ve never been put under General before, really was just a case of closing eyes, then opening them, like waking up.

      Bastards didn’t find anything.

        • “We’ve been able to identify some slight scarring on the esophageal tissue.”
          “AHA! So how do we fix it?”
          “It appears to have been caused by weekly endoscopies. The solution is probably to stop having endoscopies.”

        • I had a good time! I mostly ate and drank OK too! It was within the allowed time, but they did warn me to be unusually tired.

  • We bought a crappy all-in-one computer for the kids yesterday. My day today was going to be all about setting it up and seeing if it runs Pillars Of Eternity…but the little man is home from school sick. Guess I may have to just join the E3 hypetrain instead. 😀

  • Zesty Tales on PS3/PS4 Oct 15, and digital PC on Oct 20! How great is that? Choice of English or Japanese audio and many flavours of subtitles! Even Russian!

    *tumbleweed rolls through*


    • I’m kind of tempted to buy it, despite having never played a Tales game. Glad to see it coming to PC, too. Will wait for reviews to see whether I buy it or not, though.

    • It’s really confused me.

      I thought that Vesperia would be the last gasp of the PS3 for me, now that Persona 5 is PS4-bound. But now… it looks like Trails of Cold Steel will be the last PS3 game I buy and I’ll be getting Vesperia for PC or PS4. Probably PC but I don’t know.

  • Hey guys! I finally watched this Mad Max thing you’ve all been raving about.
    Welcome to another episode of Bish hates fun!
    Why do people love this so much.
    The story is dumb.
    The gender reversal is kind of funny about how out of place it is.
    The chase/action scenes are pretty sub par.
    You know what though, he may be a total jerkwad, but Mel Gibson was a pretty spunky looking dude all those years ago.

    • I had a lot of fun with it. I don’t quite entirely understand people losing their collective minds over it the way they did, but I’ll definitely buy a copy on BD. Loved Nicholas Hoult though, he was fantastic.

      Agreed on Mel Gibson too. I’m still always wary on the media demonising celebrities though. I’m sure he’s done some crazy/dumb shit, but I take anything the media tells me about celebrities with several large grains of salt.

      • Maybe it makes me the devil incarnate but the fact Mel Gibson exposed himself as a blazing sexist anti-semite in recent years will never take away how much I loved watching his movies. I mean, Tom Cruise might be a lunatic scientologist but his acting is amazing.

        • I feel the same way about Tom Cruise. I couldn’t give a shit whether he jumps on furniture when excited or practices Scientology – I love most of his films. I have friends who can’t stand him because they’ve jumped on the world-loves-to-hate-Tom-Cruise wagon. Doesn’t make sense.

          • I get this, and I feel the same way… most of the time. But sometimes I can’t divorce the experience of watching from my knowledge about the creative forces behind it, and the experience is ruined.

            Case in point: every time I think about rewatching Firefly or Serenity (once an all-consuming obsession for me), I can’t help but think about what a bully Adam Baldwin is, and I get turned off the idea and watch something else instead.

          • I’ve hated Tom Cruise since Cocktail when all my friends were going barf-worthily googly eyed over him. The fact that he’s a nutcase only serves to prove to me I was right to hate him. 😛

          • For me it wasn’t the Scientology or couch-jumping or messy divorces or any of that… it was his smarmy shit-eating grin, and the stories from cast and crew on his films about how he’s a dick to everyone on set and has to have things his way, and how he negotiates for directors to shoot to make him look tall. I’ve mostly only appreciated his acting in things where he basically plays a jerk, like War of the Worlds or Last Samurai or Edge of Tomorrow.

          • The biggest appeal of Edge of Tomorrow is that you get to see Tom Cruise die repeatedly.

  • One more thing about my weekend. I bought Mum 5 hidden object games. Couldn’t even bring myself to buy a $3 one for myself. *sigh*

  • So the weekend was ok
    Played quite a bit of Ass creed:Rev, getting close to the end I feel. Didn’t play much else, a little Nidhogg which I got on sale and a few other distractions. Bought a number of games in the steam sale but nothing much, at about $50 spent so far.
    Saturday I had a conference call for work while I was watching Tiglet. She fell and bumped her head and now I am getting shit for beating up on my daughter. Mrs Tigs went to VSK fashion sale thingy and bought a number of things,
    Sunday morning was fairly casual, did a bit of work and bummed around. Then went to the in-laws for joint birthday. Then Mrs Tigs was out for a Mummy’s group dinenr so I cooked up a big batch of sausages, chips (potato and sweet potato) and grilled zuchinni.
    Was rather tasty but not sure if it was that, being alone with Daddy or the change to her routine but we were up half the night trying to get Tiglet to sleep. Was just a happy, bouncy, smiley girl at 10pm as long as she wasn’t anywhere near her cot

  • Friendly warning to GoT fans to boycott the internet in it’s entirety until you’re up to speed with today’s episode finale. My internet blackout commences in about 30 mins.

  • Saturday’s attempt to make a dent in my backlog was *drumroll* Transistor! (got about 3/4 through it before some computer troubles so need to finish it during the week) – really loving it; the unique semi-turn-based approach reminds me a bit of Grandia II but in reverse, and the aesthetic is a sweet blend of 50’s cyberpunk Matrix with the clean isometric perspectives of Bastion… actually makes me think a bit of Tezuka’s reimagining of Metropolis which I should maybe rewatch after this. Of course then I had to work out budgeting for both Steam and GOG sales since I’ve been knocking off wishlist items for both this week.

    Sunday was Jurassic World round 2 (saw on Thursday with dad, saw this time with someone a bit more excitable who cringed when people got eviscerated) – I think it’s fantastic that this generation has some good role models now with the likes of Chris Pratt (and the other Marvel-affiliated Chrises), who tries to be as awesome off-screen as on – much better than so many past leading men who turned out to be dickish or abusive outside of their acting personas.

  • Hey gang, please help me pick my next game to play.

    Metal Gear GZ (PS+ this month) (2 votes)
    Wolfenstein New Order (PS4) (5 votes)
    Tomb Raider replay (PS4)
    Uncharted trilogy replay (PS3)
    Dark Souls 2 SOTFS (PS4) (1 vote)
    ICO/Shadow of the Colossus (PS3) (3 votes)
    Watch Dogs (PS4) (1 vote)

    [*]Diablo III
    [*]The Last of Us Remastered
    [*]Octodad: Dadliest Catch
    [*]Infamous: Second Son
    [*]Infamous: First Light
    [*]Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor
    [*]Game of Thrones: Iron from Ice
    [*]Game of Thrones: The Lost Lords
    [*]Rogue Legacy
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 1
    [*]Thomas Was Alone
    [*]Uncharted: Golden Abyss
    [*]Kick and Fennick
    [*]The Walking Dead Season 1 (PLAT)
    [*]Beyond Two Souls (PLAT)
    [*]Batman Arkham Origins: Blackgate
    [*]The Walking Dead: 400 Days
    [*]The Walking Dead Season 2
    [*]Tales of the Borderlands 2
    [*]Game of Thrones #3
    [*]Bloodborne (PLAT)
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Justice For All
    [*]Game of Thrones #4
    [*]Murdered Soul Suspect
    [*]Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations

  • EEEE watching the Doom Livestream…. =O how cool do the guns look!?

    Edit: The guns appear to feel solid, that said the game doesn’t look like anything new? That said I’m glad to see the presence of health bars as opposed to the regenerate health crap that plagues most new FPS’s.

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder on tonight at 7:30pm ACST and 8pm AEST. Starring:

    @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero @beeawwb

    You scared off the Troglodytes but there are a number of other rooms in this hidden chamber of the necromancer. What do you do?

    • Well, it actually is and isn’t at the same time.
      It has an entirely solo playthrough, or, you can choose to have other players active in your game.

      • By other players, only a handful. Read max 32 on some forum, because I could not find anyone. Couldn’t even play with a friend.

  • What a weekend. Got some Witchering done on Saturday and Sunday – now up to a little over 50 hours, and I think I’ve concluded the Novigrad main quest. Annoyed that doing so failed a sidequest that I was apparently supposed to do first, but oh well – live and learn.

    Managed to fit in the first two Rurouken movies somehow – sooo good! Can’t wait to see the last one.

    Also spent evenings in Destiny – had a hell of a slog through the “second half” of the 35 prison last night. Got invited at the start of round 4 around 7:30pm and spent a little while looking for a third (thanks, @liondrive!), then got through rounds 4 and 5 without too much trouble… then we hit Skolas. We got him down once around 9:30-10 but died to the mines (but we each scored an Elder Cipher, tho one person’s was bugged, unfortunately), so two of us headed to Variks to start that bounty and grab some heavy synths. Finally got Skolas back down a little after midnight, this time with everyone alive, so we danced our hearts out while dismantling those mines. Scored the emblem, ship and shader, and the Queen’s Cipher! Queenbreaker’s Bow, here I come! \o/

    Dishonored 2 looks pretty cool… and Fallout 4 actually looks more interesting than I thought. May have to give the franchise another try…

    • F**k. Skolas.
      I actually kind of enjoyed it though, haha!
      It was fun just hanging out 🙂
      He does need to get nerved super badly though 😮

      • I think it’s a bit like Qodron pre-nerf, only moreso – it’s a neat encounter with a cool mechanic that requires full team coordination, but it’s ruined by the sheer number of adds and somewhat unpredictable boss pathing.

        … Scratch that. It’s exactly like Qodron. 😛 I don’t want Skolas to be nerfed quite that much… just tweaked so that playing to the mechanics becomes the optimal way to beat him – I think the most fun I had last night were the times we failed to kill him and were just killing time for synths. That mad-dash poison transfer/revive management 😀

        • Yeah, just make it more manageable, kinda thing.
          I think they have it right with taking away solar burn, and have the add waves at regular health intervals, rather than get flooded by them.
          It was the adds that killed us more than Skolas last night, after all :\

          And yeah, those time killing matches were the best 🙂
          I actually don’t like how everything devolves into just pure Gjallahorn-ing, so those rounds were great!

      • Skolas is getting nerfed for next week.
        The solar/void/arc burns are gone, and in return his health is being lowered.

  • Cool Dishonored 2’s got a main female protaganist and she actually looks like an assassin as opposed to eye candy.

    • Wasn’t the protagonist of the first game female? The Heart? I’m pretty sure the entire story of Dishonoured is about a woman twisted into a strange state of being, getting carried around by a bland, faceless man as she uncovers the dark secrets within every single person in the city. 🙂

  • So let me get this straight. I have a weekend hanging with a lot of you at PAX, then a week to catch up with the family, then a month or two of not talking to anybody and barely showering?

    Fallout 4. 10/11/2015. 119 Days to go.

    I’mma gonna start a @shane esque countdown.

  • I had intentions of watching the Bethesda conference, but my best friend called me up and we ended up talking for 3 fucking hours, so I missed the whole thing.

    So, what did I miss?

    • FALLOUT 4

      Also battleborn and doom and a card game.


      • Fuck, it’s Battlecry from Bethesda not Battleborn. Dammit Gearbox, one of you is gonna have to change titles and I think Bethesda got in first (Well, EA did with Battlefield, but y’know what I mean)

        • It’s easy to remember, because Battlecry is coming from the devs at…


          I hope for their sake they never release any other games, because they’ll look mighty foolish (though Bish suggested that they could Crytek their games, and have like BattleBlood and Cry-something-or-other).

          • Battlelore, Battleworld, World of Battles, Jedi Power Battles…

            Kingdoms of Bananrama…

          • My potty mouth friend called Jedi Power Battles , Jedi Power Bullshitters which I loved because it sounds like the stories Jedi made up about how great they were.

            I could just imagine Mace Windu sitting around telling tall tales about how many mutha fuckas he took out.

      • Damn! Dishonored 2. Only got through the prologue of the first one before stopping (can’t remember why). I must get back to it.

        • Definitive edition coming soon, the DLC is supposed to be really good.

          Dishonored is a really cool sneaky bastard game. The alternate ways to complete each mission were fantastic

    • Fallout 4 delayed to June 2016. TES Online cancelled. Dishonored 2, through a partnership with Activision, is now a Call of Duty expansion pack. Doom looks alright tho.

    • A flaming mass of emotional outburst pouring in waves of positive & negative as those who believed got HYPE & those who did not spread HATE.

      Sometimes there was confusion as both were tactically spit at once in shallow attempts to hide the hate behind thinly veiled masks of “I’m not a fan” & “I’m not hating but…”s.

      Overall an exciting yet confusing time where people not unlike myself tried to piece together the truth from random tweets & hastily pasted together ‘articles’.

      The good news is, games is coming & whether they are for you personally or not, E3 is not over & surely by week’s end you will find what you were anticipating. Or better yet, a pleasant suprise when something new & unheard of is announced.

      Yea, sing it from the mountain!

      Games is coming!

      • You know, one of the strangest but oddly positive things are people trying their best to calmly explain what could be fun to those that don’t know or don’t care to know. A lovely effort to try and spread awareness in an attempt to put out the fires of rabid hate the internet so freely shares.

    • – Doom looking like a rad oldschool FPS like Doom should.
      – Battlecry looking exactly like what you’d expect it to look if you know what it is
      – Dishonored 2 announced and it seems like more of the same (which apparently is a good thing)
      – Some crappy Hearthstone knockoff
      – Bethesda are making their version of uplay
      – Some free Fallout thing on iOS out right now
      – Everyone lost their shit over Fallout 4 for some reason that I think I will never understand. The CE has a ‘working’ pipboy and will be eleventy billion dollars at EB where it will be exclusive.

      • Yeah, Bethesda’s still getting at least 2, probably 3 purchases from me. And a Fallout Shelter d’load.

        And I know that I’ll enjoy it all

        Dishonored and Fallout 4 are both very “red” games.

  • The Blaghman Bethesda Bokeh… Broundup (no). Brotacular? Brutiny? Bevaluation?

    Spoilered in case people want to see the show themselves later or whatever and have been avoiding the internet:

    Strong start, well implemented DoF with strong Bokeh elements in Doom, particularly obvious when changing weapons. Will need closer analysis to tell if it has the usual artefacts.

    Pre-rendered stuff doesn’t count, so Dishonored 2 gets nothing (It did have a rather boring but entirely functional and correct circular Bokeh though, for clarity’s sake). I think I fell asleep during the Battlecry and Fallout Online stuff, so they don’t get a ranking.

    Fallout 4 continues to only feature a boring gaussian blur, so far as I can tell. It does also seem to be missing some other effects I’d expect (noticeably, SSAO or more hopefully an HBAO equivalent), so there’s still hope for it (let’s be honest, I don’t play Beth games for graphics, and this is all just facetious fun).

  • So I ended up watching the Bethesda thing for some reason.

    Man, that Doom. I’m paraphrasing a bit, but I think Jim summed it up pretty well – “I dunno what everyone was applauding there. It looked like Master Chief just Crysis’d up his suit and Call of Duty’d his way through Metroid. [Generic/Derivative] as shit.”

    • And like, Modern Warfare gave us set pieces, Alien Isolation gave us an atmosphere, Far Cry gave us space, Doom 4… repeats its stand and shoot stuff policy.
      I’m not trying to poop on anyone’s excitement here, but it just feels like old design. For some, visceral gameplay can only keep interest for so long.

      • Except it doesn’t even feel like the old design. Nothing I saw there seemed to particularly feel like Doom. It’s in some weird limbo where it’s not a retro throwback, but it’s not quite a reboot either.

      • As someone who has never played a Doom before, I am all for using the same stand and shoot policy it usually goes with.

    • It kinda has the right to look generic, tho – it’s a franchise that was copied ad nauseum for two decades, looking like it’s (somewhat) going back to its roots. Gunplay looks like fun, even if pickup animations seem to border a little on the fetishist end of the spectrum…

    • Are you kidding? Only thing off is the speed of your character. Up that by ~50% and with the amount and types of enemies and type of projectiles and attacks they have they’ve nailed the flow of the game. Only thing in doubt is level design and layout.

      • I dunno, I just wasn’t really feeling it. Seemed more like someone’s interpretation of what they heard a friend once say Doom is kind of like. Except they’d only played Doom 3.

        I wanted to be hyped, after everyone came out of the Quakecon screening with smiles on their faces and everything. And that teaser looked cool. But watching it in action now, it just seemed severely underwhelming.

    • I didn’t watch it, but it seems kind of … I dunno … silly to describe Doom as derivative, given what the FPS genre owes to it…

    • Doom struck me as a game that’s sticking to its roots. No regeneration; solid weaponry, dodging projectiles against a few enemies and I’m curious enough to find out whats the deal with the cyborg limbs.

      Very classic doom with hopefully a twist in there somewhere. If done right (and so far Bethesda’s track record with single player FPS’s is golden in my book aka Wolfenstein) I’m cautiously optimistic about the game =]

  • So… Fallout… Is now part minecraft-part tower defense-part simcity-part fallout-part sims pets.


      • I also noticed something… the guns seem to have better feedback and response as opposed to the last set of fallout games. They look/feel more doom’y? Looking forward to this; also have to download the app when I get home =P

      • With Witcher 3-style environmental storytelling.

        (Edit: Any other year before 2015, I would’ve said ‘mass effect style storytelling’. The bar… it has been raised.)

  • It finally feels like we’re now ‘next gen’. Only took a couple of years.

    Everyone else at E3 has a massive massive task to follow up.

      • I need to beef my PC up considerably for Fallout 4. It’s going to take a backburner to a new TV though and then the PC gets some love for (hopefully) 4k Fallout 4 mods.

        • You’re PC’ing wrong. =P

          Edit: Instructions on how to PC below –

          Step 1 – Build a new computer and spend about 50% over what you originally estimated for your budget
          Step 2 – Spend about a month putting it together just perfectly and shopping for each individual part
          Step 3 – Stand back and just stand in awe of your work of art
          Step 4 – Watch next year’s E3 and realize you aren’t going to be able to play 1 game at ultra settings
          Step 5 – Restart from Step 1.

  • Holy T. rex on steroids! Jurassic World just made $500m worldwide over the weekend! :O

    Twenty dollars of that was mine 😀 and yes, I loved the film.

  • Right, here’s my first draft roleplaying rules for Fallout 4


    High Intelligence, High Charisma. Low Endurance- dude’s got a heart condition, dontcha know?

    – Build every weapon you use (IN A CAVE! FROM A BOX OF SCRAPS!)
    – Be a charming dick
    – Sleep with every female character you can
    – prioritise the building of POWER ARMOUR above all else. Especially jetpacks.
    – Basebuilding: As much like Avengers Tower as possible
    – Sidekicks: Have to look like Gwyneth Paltrow or Don Cheadle, need their own sets of armour

    Coming November

    #redinthebostonwasteland #StarkRun


    Breath of Fire II. Released on SNES about 20 years ago.
    Late in the game you got to build your own town. You got to choose the NPCs to populate it and open stores. There was a guy who was all like “WHOOAAA. I WANT TO SELL FISH” and I told him to come to my village and then he was one of my vendors and he sold fish.
    Then, if you did things right even later on (including very tricky boss battle clear requirements), you could power the engine under your town AND MAKE YOUR TOWN FLY AROUND THE MAP.
    This shit blew my mind when I was about 12 years old.

    Fallout 4, I am ready to feel like I’m 12 again.

  • Pow’s Definitive Guide to His Likes and Dislikes of Jurassic World! (Major spoilers for the whole movie, obviously. Don’t read if you haven’t seen!)

    TL;DR: He liked it, but…

    [begin long post from Armchair Director Pow who tells movie people what they should do even though he has no idea what he is doing]

    (I do point out a lot of dislikes, but know that I did actually like the movie 😛 – just sharing some thoughts. Don’t confuse it for hate!)


    LIKED: The music! Was done so well I didn’t even notice the composer was different. Used a lot of the same instruments and sounds to re-create the same sound as the first movie. Fit in perfectly and I loved it.

    DISLIKED: Angsty teenage kid character. Ugh. It is my least favourite character type of all time. Just, the worst. No redeeming qualities. Don’t understand how that type of character keeps getting used in film/TV.

    LIKED: The dynamic created by having tonnes of people in the park. I just wish they had went further with this. The Pteranodon/Dimorphodon attack scene was fantastic. I wanted more like that but it never really happened, unfortunately. These sort of scenes are perfect for showing off the smaller dinos. Would’ve loved to see some Dilophosaurus or a massive swarm of Compy’s in another huge mayhem scene. Oh well, I still enjoyed what was there.

    DISLIKED: The time gap. This movie was meant to be a sequel to the first movie (I think they said 2 and 3 were still canon, just that they wouldn’t be referenced), which it was, but I just had this strange feeling that I’d missed a HUGE amount of story in-between the first movie and World. I couldn’t help but feel like Jurassic World would’ve been better served being centred around the Opening Day of the new park, rather than X successful years afterwards. I dunno. I just felt like there was a disconnect between the cinema audience being eager to see dinosaurs after so many years (ie. me :P) and the in-universe audience being bored of the same-old dinosaurs. There wasn’t as much wonder as I would’ve liked, but that’s just me.

    LIKED: The throwbacks. It was added as pure nostalgia-bait, but I lapped it up anyway 😛 Loved seeing ruined versions of some key areas from the first movie. Not much more to say here. I fell for it and I loved it. Mr DNA, the goggles, the original building, Henry Wu, everything.

    DISLIKED: Indominus Rex was too much of a monster. I know that was kinda the point and was thoroughly explained in the movie, so I won’t go on too long about it, but I dunno. It was kinda bordering on monster-movie territory for me. The star dinos in the past always felt like animals doing their thing with humans thrown in to the mix. This one was a touch too murderous for me.

    LIKED: The Mosasaurus. Man, the MOSASAURUS! So cool and ties in with the Telltale game perfectly, it was great.

    LIKED/DISLIKED (combo!): A couple of the death scenes. The assistant Zara’s death scene during the Pteranadon attack was perfect. Just enough “will she make it? No? Yes! No? No…” before the final chomp. The only issue I had with this is… I felt she didn’t deserve it. Save the cool deaths for the people I’m meant to hate, not the people I sympathise with because they’re just doing their job 😛 She didn’t get enough screen time to invest me in a cool death.

    Conversely, the big-bad dude had THE WORST death scene ever. He’s the dude they set up everybody to hate and his death is literally “Oh, a Raptor came around the corner unannounced. Dead. The rest of the characters in the room run away.” No running or anything. I kinda wish they’d swapped Zara and the evil dude’s deaths. Have Zara push one of the kids out of the way of the Raptor or something. Would’ve been amazing.

    LIKED: The raptors. It makes sense to me that they would be able to “tame” the raptors after such a long time with them considering their intelligence. Then I liked them even more when they grouped with the Indonimus, because hey, instinct. They just met the biggest Raptor ever. Cool. (Didn’t like that they then teamed up with the humans again after that, especially the whole personified nod one of them did, but hey, can’t complain about everything)

    There’s more, but I’ve already rambled on far too long. Long story short, I will be watching it again and getting the Blu Ray when it comes out 😛

    • I really enjoyed the Indominus revelation. I had read a rumour online beforehand that it was actually part human, so when the reveal came it was actual a nice surprise. And it really made a lot of sense, too.

      *Edited to remove the actual reveal. Spoiler buttons are so fun to click!

    • I did wonder why the Raptors were segregated, and not for public viewing on the island? Not cool enough? Or was it that they were simply busy under instruction?

  • Anyone got a good link to a E3 Bethesda conference video. IGN start was choppy and cutting out, Gamespot had no sound.

  • Looks like Pip editions of Fallout 4 are available to pre-order. This thing will probably go for $750 on eBay in six months time, so it might be a good investment. Good luck, all!

  • NegativeZero’s Brief KanColle Update:
    – While doing daily quests this morning, on a whim I decided to do a quick minimum-resource Large Shop Construction. Noshiro popped out. Holy crap. I’ve been hunting for her for months. This game knows just how to dole out the stuff to keep me hooked. Taigei last week too.
    – Last Friday’s update added Kako Kai-2. She’s got a big art upgrade, but I don’t see a good reason to concentrate on her yet.
    – Maya up to 59 now. That’s roughly halfway to the 75 she needs for her upgraded form – the amount of XP per level starts to ramp up significantly now. Probably another week or so to go.
    – Fusou up to 73. Seven more to go, so she’ll probably hit Kai-2 about the same point as Maya.
    – Got Nagato to 70 which was my first goal level. Swapped her out for Mutsu and am going to get Mutsu to similar level. Makes them both more available for events where I need slow battleships & can’t afford to run Yamato.
    – Jintsuu sitting at 59, very close to her goal level of 65. Probably will be the next one to make it to that level. Once she’s done, my intention is to work on one of Bismarck, Littorio or Unryuu, or maybe another heavy cruiser like Prinz Eugen or one of the other Myoukous.
    – Cleared World 5-2. Looking at having a go at 5-3 tonight. Also managed to get to the boss once on 3-5 but can’t clear it regularly. Need to figure out a better way to do it. 4-5 was added to the game in last update. Haven’t looked at it yet, but it might be easier than 3-5.
    – Current missing ships list:
    > Taihou (LSC-only)
    > Musashi (LSC-only)
    > Roma (unobtainable)
    > Sakawa (6-2 drop)
    > Asagumo (1-6 drop)
    > Asashimo (4-5 drop)
    > Nowaki (4-5 drop)
    > Isokaze (unobtainable)
    > Takanami (unobtainable)

      • Since I don’t play Pokemon I don’t know.

        At some point they had an idea of ‘rarity’ in the game. The commons have a blueish back, uncommon are silver, rare are gold, and super-rare have a sort of holographic effect. It used to reflect their actual rarity, eg with the launch lineup, the Sendai cruisers were common, except Sendai herself who is uncommon (silver back). IIRC the only ones with super rare holo-style backing were Akagi, Hiryuu, Nagato, Yukikaze and Shimakaze.

        Then you have the ‘kai’ thing. When they reach a certain level (pre-defined per character) you can remodel them (adds ‘kai’ to the name) and when you do that, their backing color will bump up one rarity level, so eg Sendai starts out silver, but at Kai she gets a gold backing. This is the case for second remodels as well – Sendai has a Kai-2 remodel at level 65 or so, which bumps her into the holo effect. I guess you could consider the remodel thing a bit like the evolution stuff in Pokemon? Though in most cases they stay the same name and class and just get better art, in a few cases they go through multiple versions which may change their name or class (eg Chitose & Chiyoda start as seaplane tenders, become sub tenders, then become aircraft carriers. Hibiki changes name to Verniy. Taigei starts as a sub tender and becomes light carrier Ryuuhou). Some jump through multiple rarity classes when you get them to Kai-2 as well. Fubuki for example is super common, goes to uncommon at Kai, and then goes straight to Holo at Kai-2 skipping over Gold.

        Of course, nowadays the whole rarity thing is out the window because it really comes down to where and how they are constructed or drop rates in areas they drop. Some ships are drop-only, some are construction-only. Some are constructable but only via the super expensive Large Ship Construction (eg this is the only way now to get Yamato or Musashi, who were event rewards during the first year of the game).

        Also bear in mind that rarity hasn’t got a lot to do with performance or power. Some of the rarest ships are the destroyers like Isokaze. She has only ever dropped on the hardest event maps, on high difficulties, but is a bog-standard destroyer, albeit one with really good art and highly sought after because she’s voiced by Ayako Kawasumi.

        Noshiro was one of the three Agano-class cruisers added to the game in the same event that added Yamato and I-19. This happened right when I was first playing the game, and I could only clear the first map at the time. Clearing all maps got you Yamato. Agano and Noshiro were event rewards on the way, and Yahagi was a random drop.

        Subsequently they added the LSC mechanic. If you put in minimum resources, there’s a chance at a bunch of rarer ships. Most of the time you get Fusou, Ise or Kongo-class battleships, but there’s around a 6% chance of Mutsu, 3% for Nagato, and 2-3% chance for the rare Mogami and Agano cruisers. Agano is over 3%, Noshiro about 2%, and Yahagi about 1.5% chance. Sakawa, the last of the Aganos, is drop-only and not constructable.

        However, Agano and Yahagi are also both obtainable in a lot of events as drops (especially Agano) and also can be obtained through normal map drops. Noshiro has been a rare drop on some event maps but never a normal map drop. So as LSC-only, she’s been the hardest of the four to get. I’ve tried to farm her on multiple event maps without success. Have had about ten Aganos and three Yahagis so far, never Noshiro until now.

        So… not a Shiny, but fairly rare. Not the rarest, but not easy to obtain.

        The funniest thing though is that I’ll probably never use her. The Agano class cruisers stat-wise aren’t really any better than the Kumas or the Nagaras but they have much higher fuel and ammo consumption. They’re prestige cruisers right now.

        • Easiest way to translate – drop only, chances measured with average farming runs in the hundreds to thousands to get one to drop.

          Sounds like I’d gauge these more at rare monster hunter drops as a similar equivalence to my own familiar activities.

          • Yeah, except she’s only via construction which is where you spend an amount of resources for a randomized drop. I don’t think MH has anything like that.

  • I’m flat out justifying buying a game for $70.

    But the Fallout CE got me like:

    Can you go in store and pre-order there? I just hate the feeling of waiting for something to be delivered, I want to go into the store where I am in control of when I can go and pick it up, and not wait 3 days for a delivery when I am most hype.

    I would also like to take a moment to say I don’t have a control problem.
    *Hugs security blanky tightly*

    • You can pre-order online and assign it to “pick up in store”. Means you get to pick it up on launch day from the store without having to go there now.

      • Awesome, I got a little nervous when they asked me for my postcode.

        I ended up buying it on my phone and the option to pick up instore was there 😀

  • Doom Talk
    Does this game avoid being banned in Australia due to the violence being towards demons and not humans? I cannot really remember anymore how these things are viewed.

      • I thought this was the case, but then remembered something about Hotline Miami 2 being banned, and hatred not coming out here. I can’t remember if those were just not released here or had some of the stuff you mentioned. I kind of got over all the banning things argument because we have an R rating here. So I stopped paying attention. Anyway, Doom looks pretty cool and I am little hyped for it. SnapMap looks unbelievably easy.

        • Hotline Miami 2 had a ‘rape scene’ (I put the apostrophes there as it is a set piece, and does not actually occur in the gane) which I recall being one of a handful of reasons why it was banned. The hatred wasn’t as bad here I suppose as the developers said to pirate the game, there was some kerfuffle though at the time.

          *Adjusts monocle and refills tobacco pipe*

          • A scene which doesn’t actually happen (it is implied that it is about to), is fictional within the world (it’s part of a film shoot), is not playable, occurs right at the start of the game, and is skippable.

            They got such a raw deal on that. It was a bullshit banning.

          • I still can’t get my head around how fiction within fiction is more fictional than fiction

            Either way, I’ve seen some ducked up shit in movies & the fact that it was a cut scene shows how badly that was handled.

            I saw irreversible in the cinema.
            Hotline Miami ain’t nothin

          • Well, the classification board has to assess the ‘impact’ of the matter. And the impact of it depends a lot on the context that it appears in. The way something is treated is often as important as what the material is. It’s about the author / director’s intent in showing that material as well. Sexual assault added to a game or movie for the purpose of titillation is going to be assessed as being much higher impact than if it were in there to criticize or vilify the act or because the material hinges on the emotional outcome of the act, or because it’s a based on historically documented events or whatever.

            EDIT: I agree with you though. I’ve played that scene in Hotline Miami and of all the things to complain about in that game, it was weird to single it out. They could have done the same scene with real actors in a film and staged it exactly the same way and I’d be surprised if it went above MA.

        • Hatred never got submitted for classification. Devs played on our censorship outrage like they did everything marketing their game.

          • Thanks for all the clarification. Hope it goes through classification easy enough and we get the full version.

      • One of the other big things they used to get antsy about is post-mortem violence on humanoids. If you can take a chainsaw to a corpse and cut its arms and legs off, then that will get into shit as well.

  • FALLOUT 4.

    Goddamn that was awesome. I am so happy they didnt go with F4LLOUT.

    Game of Thrones.
    Double spoilerd for security:
    Wba & Fgnaavf qrnq, ru? Qbhog vg. Gurl’er gur bayl gjb cynlref jub ner cercnerq gb qb fbzrguvat nobhg gur Juvgr Jnyxref. Obgu jrer yrsg va qver, ohg nzovthbhf, fvghngvbaf. V guvax jr’yy or frrvat ng yrnfg bar bs gurz ntnva.

      • I dont know. I just didnt want anybody clicking on the button & then being pissed off at the magnitude of the spoilers contained therein.

        • Thanks. I clicked out of habit and was very grateful to have not been spoiled. So your precaution was a well-taken one.

    • V’z guvaxvat gurl’yy unir Zryvfnaqer chyy n Gubebf bs Zle naq erfheerpg Wba (fur qvq engure pbairavragyl ghea hc ng Pnfgyr Oynpx whfg orsber gur funaxvat…)

  • @Saturday

    Hey mate, just wanted to check in with you and see if your package has arrived yet? I sent one to my buddy in the U.S the same time as you and she got it about 3 weeks ago, and am just scared you haven’t got it yet!

  • @dc, saw you bought Lego Jurassic World. Just a heads up, after a few levels on the way to the next level the game just crashed to the desktop every time. Did a little searching and the only thing I could find was to go into options and change it from DirectX 11 to DirectX 9 and restart the game. It took longer to load and when I tried to load my save it said it was corrupt, so I had to start a new game, but I eventually got back to that part and it let me proceed with no problems. So, I don’t know, it might be an idea just to change that setting before you even start.

    • Suuuure it is.

      Idiot fanboys. You don’t want them to remake that game. There’s literally no way they can have a good outcome.

      The game itself is a fucking mess. The graphical presentation is all over the place. The story is a poorly-translated hodge-podge of ideas. There’s shit in there that would never be in a modern video game. Sneaking into Don Corneo’s mansion, for example. It’s tonally all over the shop as well. There’s large bits of the game which are utterly irrelevant to how things progress, or are just straight up stupid. It’s really obviously developed by a team that had experience in 8 and 16-bit games, getting their feet wet in 3D for the first time. They had no proper toolchain, no experience, no real idea what they could or couldn’t do, and it shows.

      To succeed as a modern game in or after 2015, Final Fantasy 7 needs to be reworked significantly.

      There’s only two ways they can go: they either keep stuff as-is, random bullshit intact, in which cases there’s going to be so many rough edges, incongruent bits and elements that just don’t make sense that it’ll feel like they didn’t know what they were doing. Or alternatively, they’ll fix all those problems and suck the soul out of the game in the process, leaving people to complain about how they cut all those things people liked.

      And when you boil it down, people don’t really want a remake. They want to re-experience the game the way they experienced it back then. In 1997, it was new and unique. The fans of it now were all teenagers or pre-teens. They will never be a 90s teenager again, never able to recapture that feeling again. No matter how much you try, how much you want it to happen, it just can’t. The time has passed. There’s no way to actually give people what they really want.

      Leave FF7 alone. If you’re going to HD-ify a PS1-era FF, it should be VIII or IX. Fresh coat of paint is all they need.

        • It’s true though. There’s an outside chance they could do right by it, but given that it’s current Squenix and not 90s Squaresoft I’m not sure I rate their chances highly. Not when they haven’t managed to get mainline Final Fantasy right arguably since FFIX or FFX.

          • What, you want me to be all OMG HYPE HYPE rather than be realistic about it?

            It would be rad if they pulled it off. Astronomically big if.

          • “Tone it down” does not mean “Change your opinion”

            Just asking, feel free to do as you will.

          • Let’s wait until it has actual information.

            Games have moved a long way since 1997. I’m with neg on this, in that I think this would necessitate more than just a graphical update, and that the backlash would be inevitable.

          • I don’t disagree with what’s being said, it’s the utter lack of respect he has for a classic & the way he feels the need to totally rip into it.

            He knows full well how much I love the PSX final fantasies, we’ve had extensive conversation about them.

            A little tact when replying to me would be great.

            It’s like I was saying on Twitter, there’s plenty of games & games related stuff I think is crap, but I hold my tongue because I know someone holds them dear to their heart & they don’t want to read me shitting on them.
            The Times I have felt the need to comment, I’ve tried my hardest not be a complete arse of myself (& yes, I’m fully aware, I often and constantly make an arse of myself).

          • Wait, hold on. You know that FF7 is one of my favourite games ever, right? I’m not shitting on FF7. The bits I’m saying are a mess are all fairly explainable or acceptable given when the game came out and how it was developed.

            But it is a mess – tone, writing, artwork are incredibly inconsistent and the localization is bad – it was done by one guy in a really short timeframe with no tools or support and on a tiny budget. These are known issues. The game was developed on multiple hardware platforms, at a time before 3D RPGs had proliferated, before Square had any development toolchain, and before they really knew what they could or couldn’t do with the hardware. The plot is a mish-mash of ideas. The core of it is great, but there’s stuff you do along the way that isn’t relevant. The sequence with the submarine for example. Don Corneo’s mansion is a PR nightmare waiting to happen if it was depicted more realistically.

            There’s also no consistency in the graphical presentation – characters in exploration don’t look like the battle system, models aren’t consistent in the cutscenes. Additionally, next to nothing is salvageable. It all needs to be re-created, from scratch. Even the music – it doesn’t need recomposition, but it does need reorchestration so it doesn’t sound like late 90s MIDI.

            They will have to remake everything. And I just don’t have any faith they can do that without ruining a game that’s extremely special to me.

          • Hey man, I haven’t said anything negative all day. I’ve had a long standing disagreement with remaking FFVII though. It’s one of those impossible dreams that would never work in practice. I’d be okay with VII-2 however, be able to make a new updated game without all the baggage the original brings.

          • I’m hyped for it, Jim-Jim.
            I don’t care if it’s done right, done wrong, or what have you.
            I never got the chance to sit down and play it, so a remake would be great for me, as it would be for those of us who did miss the opportunity to play it.
            Yes, I know, you can buy it now on PSN and whatever, but I’ve grown accustomed to a certain graphical quality.

            If you don’t want it remade, then simple, don’t play it (cc @negativezero)

    • My best guess as to how this works seeing as expectations are so stupidly unrealistically did I mention stupidly high for this:

      “We want FFVII remade!!! It deserves to be remade because it’s amazing and omg I want it”

      Comes out: “This isn’t the perfect exact vision that I’ve been meticulously crafting in my head for the past 10 years OMFG SQUARE ENIX YOU FUCKING RUINED IT I KNEW YOU WOULD YOU’RE A PILE OF SHIT WHO CAN’T GET ANYTHING RIGHT I’M DONE WITH GAMING 4EVA YOU RUINED MY CHILDHOOD”

      Just leave it alone and make something new. There’s no way in hell they’ll please people.

    • Haha, aww, so much vitriol haha. I mean… hmmm… pretty interesting points made in all these replies and stuff. Personally, I played the game too late, after FF8 and 9, so it never worked on me, BUT that’s exactly why I would love for this to eventually happen, so I can give it another go with graphics that dont look like lego (sad as it is to say, it was a big part of why I couldnt get into it I believe).

      And imo, lots of very very good films I absolutely love are essentially messes made up of bits and pieces, sometimes that element of fiction can work in its favour, which is what I believe it did for FF7. But yeah like I said, it was graphics that distanced me from it all.

      So in other words, going by negs points, I would really love for them to make it as faithful as possible, just with an all new look.

    • Oh nice! That would be so awesome.

      I know it could fail but I think I am actually going to wait until some kind of details about it comes out before jumping up and down and calling it shit.

  • @negativezero

    I enjoy our conversations.
    I know I’m being a test, but the reason I ask is because I would like to continue having them.

    You’ve taught me things I never could have learned without your inside perspective. And helped me to realise there’s more out there than I knew.

    I appreciate that.

    I’m just a touchy-feely, overly sensitive hippy type (with an offensive mouth).


  • Snow stuff is expensive 🙁

    Is it cheaper in other states/mountains? Cheaper in other countries?

    I’m guessing if I go this time and get hooked (I’d be doing mad SSX style moves in no time!) I should probably buy my own gear, but it seems like I’d still have to spend the big bucks on entry and lift passes 🙁

    Pro tips on saving money on snow trips? Better to go for a longer period than weekends at a time?

    TAY snow trip please? :P. I can please be a part of your crazy snow family @blaghman ?

    • Maaaan, way expensive no matter what you do I think.
      But I guess in other countries at least you would get better slopes for your ton of moneys.

    • I read a while ago that if you can snag cheap flights it’s actually cheaper (and better) to goto New Zealand.

      Haven’t been in years.. but I do love skiing.

      I’m thinking next Japan trip with the wife we’ll go in January and head north. Or maybe just head over with my dad as it’s the only place he’ll go overseas (he’s turning into a grumpy country bumpkin). He won’t ski but he’ll sit in a bar all day sinking tasty Japanese beer and sake without a problem while I hit the slopes.

    • For me, Aus skiing is still the cheapest, but I live relatively close to the slopes. Actually, that might not be true anymore, since we sold our cabin in Jindabyne.

      Long trips are definitely cheaper. A lot of places will have a pass that’s like “9/10 days” which I really like, because as much as I like skiing, having a day off mid trip will do wonders. Never been there, but NZ should be a bit cheaper, downsides are that it does have the occasional rubbish season (typically when Aus has a good season, so about once every five years at recent rates), and so far as I’m aware there’s no on snow accommodation. Japan and Canada are both decently cheaper in terms of accommodation, lift passes were a bit cheaper in glorious Nippon, significantly cheaper in Canada.

      From memory the on snow stuff was also a lot cheaper in Italy and Switzerland, but it’s been a while. Downside to all of the above is that you’re still looking at a lot of cash to get there, and despite what Aussies think, they can still have bad seasons (their bad seasons are better than ours, admittedly, but having experienced one of the worst weeks in recent Zermatt history, and one of the worst in Big White’s, they can still be a bit shit.

    • The snow is definitely better in NZ than here- the aussie ski season can be pretty flakey. Queenstown is also a fantastic place, so much adventure tourism there.

    • New Zealand has vastly better snow fields to anything in Australia and it’d probably cost you about as much to get there.

      • Yeah, I’ve seen flights to NZ cheaper than what this 2 day snow trip will cost me :/

        How about the ski lift passes/entry/gear hire etc. in New Zealand? Comparable?

        (@cookingmama @freezespreston)

        • Urgh, moderation.

          Thredbo is AU$231 for 1 day with pass, lesson and rental. NZ is NZ$145 (AU$130) for one day pass, two lessons and rental.

          • Also Thredbo is shit. Falls Creek is okay. Buller and Hotham are terrible.

            Whereas if you go to Central Otago you can get to like four top-shelf fields (Cardrona, The Remarkables, Treble Cone and Coronet Peak). They’re all within range of Queenstown or Wanaka (which are about 40 mins apart IIRC).

            Back when I was a kid, in terms of everything it used to be Cardrona >> Coronet Peak > Remarkables > Treble Cone, but things may have changed. That was also for us going as a family at sort of intermediate level. I have a poor view of the Remarkables as I had a few memorable accidents there (don’t ever get on a T-bar lift with my mum…)

            You can stay multiple places around the Queenstown – Wanaka area and be in range of the fields. Queenstown is very commercialized. Wanaka is a bit more laid-back and classier, but it’s also very cold there (icy wind often blows right across the lake from the mountains). If you’ve got lots of money or family connections to get you a holiday place, Arrowtown is really nice, but that’s more where I’d go if I was planning a honeymoon or something. It’s about 20 mins from Queenstown and probably about as long from Wanaka.

            In the summer we used to stay in Bannockburn, which is a bit out of Cromwell which is another reasonable-sized (by NZ standards) town in central. It used to be very hot there in the summer for the latitude as the heat would get trapped there by the mountains. Not as much now that Lake Dunstan’s there, it stabilizes the climate. But last few times we’ve stayed in the area, we actually stayed in Cromwell instead of Queenstown or Wanaka and it was pretty nice. Quiet and laid-back.

          • Thredbo isn’t shit. In a good season it’s Australia’s best resort, no question. Perisher wins most years because it has easily the most mountain, and so is more likely to have some good runs open, but when you can cruise from the top to bottom of Thredbo making fresh tracks the whole way? Glorious.

            And Flat Creek lives up to its moniker.

  • Sydney! I will be visiting you this weekend for Supanova!

    I don’t think I’ll be free for meats (my whole family is coming up, and there are two kiddie birthdays taking place while we’re there), but I will be standing like a lampshade at a table all weekend. So if you’re around, I hope you’ll come and say hi.

    @35 @alexpants @anonymous_pessimist @batgirl @batguy @cakesmith @cj @cookingmama @dkzeitgeist @doc_what @effluvium-boy @fatshadylive @gingerchris86 @gorzilla @harli @hugo_the_hungarian_barbarian @mawt @morkai @markserrels @mrtaco @novacascade @powalen @pupp3tmast3r @ruffleberg @shiggyninty

    Also, bring money. 😛

  • TAY RPG Pathfinder completed for another week.

    The group made a friend in Grem the Minotaur. Needs more cowbell.

    Thanks for playing guys. @redartifice @tech_knight @freezespreston @negativezero @beeawwb

    • If you filled that same suitcase space with amiibo and sold them over there, it’d easily cover the new bundle…

    • Goddamn! So local retailers will probably be charging $400AUD for the full band kit (if they even bother stocking it at all).

  • A whole bunch of news dropped overnight. Here’s what interested me.

    * New Tomb Raider looks like an ice game.

    * Telltale’s next Walking Dead is a miniseries starring Michonne, and telling her story between issues 126-129 of the comics. Yeah. I don’t know how I feel about this. If it’s accessible to non-comic-followers, I’ll give it a look I guess.

    * Dark Souls III confirmed with pretty CG trailer. Shut up and take my money.

    * Xbox One is getting some (limited) backwards compatibility. This strikes me as awesome news, and a step in the right direction!

    • Dark Souls
      Hm. Started promising. Talk about only embers left and showing what looked very much like Kiln of the First Flame made me think that was your character from the first game after linking the fire and taking Gwyn’s place made me a little excited. Then they show Dark Souls 2’s giant… fuck. All the possible designs or crazy monsters they could have shown and they went with humanoid with an oversized weapon. Suddenly not feeling so confident in Miyazaki’s involvement. Not his style. Just look at Demons, Dark and Bloodborne trailers.

      • But clearly the fire particle effect showed it was in the process of transforming into a much more interesting enemy 😛

        I’m happy to wait for more info. The giant thing is established now in the DS universe, so I guess they need to at least acknowledge it. We’ll see how the product as a whole turns out.

        Either way, my money is theirs. DS2 wasn’t as good as DS1, but it was still damn great.

        • @freezespreston The presence of the crowns seems to be saying that it could be related to the story stuff in the Dark Souls 2 DLC. Which I haven’t played.

          Edit, might as well spoiler that. Also, have I thanked everyone here enough for not spoiling the Dark Souls 1 DLC? Because, wow, thank you, best surprise ever. Best thing in best game ever.

        • @freezespreston OOH, NEW BRAIN THEORY

          What if it’s not the ‘link the fires’ ending from 1, but rather the dark age one… No bonfires, only embers remain.
          And since there’s no bonfires, all the undead bosses are burning their own undead essence to resurrect (which causes the whole overheat / transformation thing)

    • WOWZERS! I wonder when we will know more about which Titles have backwards compatibility.

      I will be SO HAPPY if Mass Effect 3 and The Stick of Truth have backwards compatibility… Red Dead Redemption hype also 😀

    • I love Telltale’s Walking Dead but the show is so stop/start that I’ve never bothered to keep up with it and haven’t read the comics. I don’t think I’m interested in a game that features an established character.

      • I’m much the same, but my intention is to give them the benefit of the doubt on this because I’ve loved everything else they’ve done with the series.

    • Was there more info on back compat I didn’t see yet? Conference implied it was native I.e. They should be able to support most of everything and it was properly integrated with the xbone UI.

  • Man, I never thought I’d feel like I need to play through Hoth again. But Battlefront looks pretty damn awesome.

  • Wait… Xbone announced backwards compatibility? That’s amazing news! Wow! I wish the PS4 did the same thing.

  • I haven’t watched any of Microsoft’s conference, but some of the announcements have me a bit excited. Backwards compatibility is awesome (although, I’m wondering how limited is “limited”), Forza 6 (more car porn, yes please), and that Rare Replay (FUCK YES!!!).

    Kinda sucks though, because now I have to buy another Xbone, probably shouldn’t have sold my launch one. Oh well, you win some, you lose some. At least this time I can get one without a Kinect and with double the hard drive space of the launch console.

    • Watching it now, they said 100 titles by release (which is the holidays) and then 100s more in the months to follow. So far a great presser. New controller looks great, will work on both Xbox One and Windows 10. A couple of nice looking new IPs that hopefully perform.

    • You’re going to buy an Xbone to play a limited number of 360 games? Why not just buy a 360 and play all of them for 1/4 of the price?

      • I’ve got two 360’s, one with a non-functioning disc drive and one with a bung hard drive. My main excitement though is for Forza 6 and Rare Replay. Although, if they decided to release them on Steam, like they did with Ryse and Dead Rising I’d happily buy them that way and not bother buying another Xbone.

  • I gotta get to EB or JB and get the awesome Xbox 360 pre-owned games now there will be backwards compatibility and everyone buys up the good stuff!!!!!!

    • I have a pretty big collection of 360 games, many of which I haven’t gotten to yet. Being able to play ports on the Xbox One without rebuying is a godsend.

  • E3 prediction for Square

    Lights go dark.
    Staring silent Final Fantasy’s Prelude starts rising in.
    Flashes of the FFVII PS4 Tech demo race across the screen.
    Voice over “We joked last time with the PC version being ported,but…”
    More flashes
    Music reaches its crescendo
    “this is it”
    Crowds on its feet
    “what you’ve all been waiting for”
    Screen goes blank
    Sound cuts out
    Lights all come on
    “The original PSOne version ported to PS4!”
    Kaz rides into stage with his flaming mini bounce pony with the Benny Hill theme playing.
    “That’s right, Square execs couldn’t even be bothered showing up themselves, see you later folks, that’s all we’ve got! “

    • E3 prediction for Square:

      Dude comes out on stage in a Cloud costume. It’s incredible. Stitch perfect.
      Square Enix Exec kicks him in the nuts. Hard.
      Turns to camera:
      “It’s not fucking happening. Now look at the stuff we’ve done in, y’know, the last 15 years”

      • I like Freeze’s idea of VII-2, that would be rad. A totally new story, with all the old characters minus you know who of course, set against beautiful current gen visuals, perhaps even with a special return to an original town or two. It would solve everyone’s dilemmas – you don’t have to like it and it wouldn’t desecrate the original.

  • For Honor looks pretty cool though. Seems like the latest hot genre is 4v4 online multiplayer. Splatoon, now For Honor. Who’s next!

  • Anyone actually watching the Ubisoft conference? I can’t be bothered, I get the feeling it’s just gonna be Assassin’s Creed with smatterings of The Division and Rainbow Six: Siege.

    Edit: Whoops, I think it’s over already.

  • Goddammit! Sony conference starts in roughly an hour and a half, and I have to be at work in half an hour.

  • I always find myself torn by Ubisoft conferences. They show a bunch of cool trailers and get my hyped for their games, but then I have to remind myself how formulaic Ubisoft is in making their games and how all their open world games tend to feel the exact same.

  • My gaming slate for the next 9 months is full to the brim:

    the rest of Witcher 3
    Metal Gear
    Tides of Numenera
    Mirror’s Edge

    And we’re on day ONE of E3.


  • Does anyone know if Star Wars Battlefront supports split screen?
    I was thinking about picking up an XB1 and Halo5 bundle, but since the news it has no split-screen mode, I’ve gone off it completely, and am thinking about PS4 with SW Battlefront if splitscreen is a thing.

  • Watching the Microsoft conference at the moment. Their showing looks way better than I expected! It’s funny how last gen Microsoft didn’t really release much that appealed to me but it seems like they’re trying something different with the Xbone and I’m liking it. Might have to grab an Xbone eventually after all.

    The indies in particular looked great. Especially Cuphead. Wow!

  • Playing Xbone games with backwards compatibility:
    “It’s designed to be very simple: you stick the disc in, you download the game and then you’re ready to play it.”

    I need to download Mass Effect 3 on my 500kb/s connection, 50gig/month limit? No chance :'(

  • God I have the quite the catch up on E3 news to do today morning =S I’ll have to boycott Kotaku until I’ve finished! D=

    So far though Halo Guardians… making it very tempting to consider getting an Xbone, and very curious to see how recore works out as well in gameplay elements =O
    Edit: Also this backward compatibility thing is way better than what Sony have planned with the whole play via cloud crap. Could this be the year I get my second current gen console =S *Looks at wallet pleadingly*

    • I haven’t even looked at that yet… I feel like a 4 year old kid on Christmas morning, so many presents but no idea what to look at first :O

  • How are people all getting excited for Rare Replay yet not a single mention of Jet Force Gemini, one of their best N64 games aside from Goldeneye?

    • I totally forgot that game, I remember hiring it with my best mate and we played for ages in the co-op section.

    • I was too busy wondering which version of Battletoads was on there. Looked like it might be the PC Engine one, or one of those more obscure platforms that I can’t actually remember what it was.

    • Time to download GTA V on a 512 kbp/s download speed: 258:40:50

      Four hours seems like a heavenly wait for me :*(

      • Surely it’s faster for someone to dump the files onto a few 16/32GB flashdrives and post it?

        Then have Steam scan the folder and just grab any little bits it needs?

  • Hngh. Star Wars Battlefront. *runs around room swearing at plants and kicking doorknobs*



    EDIT: Oh, and Game of Thrones.

    Holy. Fucking. Shit.

  • I’m about twenty minutes behind in the Sony stream, so you may all laugh at my late hype.


  • New game! With PS exclusives!
    New game! With PS exclusives!
    New game! With PS exclusives!
    New game! With PS exclusives!

    Fuck I hate console exclusives. From either camp. Seriously.

    • Good god. They friggen did that as well. FFVII remake? Didn’t want it but I’m hyperventilating. What’s wrong with me?

    • Also completely disgusted with myself I’ll end up playing it regardless. I mean, as much as the concept offends me, how can I not?

      *dives in front of a train*

      • I totally get you man. No, don’t do it you scream as you buy it day one if not order some fancy collectors edition, every fibre of your being screaming at you, trying to stop you.

        • I’ll fight it to the very end. Then buy it day one and squeee like a little girl when I fire it up for the first time. I wish they hadn’t put me in this position. *flails ineffectually*

    • The Oracle has spoken.

      *bows down*

      PS: If they fuck it up I’m going to be so pissed… that game encapsulates my first independent video game experience – I bought that console, a TV and that game with my own goddamn money from countless hours of chores around the house.

      • It won’t live up to expectations. It’ll never have the power it once had.

        Should be fun though & an absolute eyegasm!

        • This. It could never even equal, let alone surpass the original. I’ll try to view it as a pretty way to replay the original.

  • Ok serious question.
    I had almost no hype from E3 last year. Or the year before, if I remember correctly. Only No Man’s Sky and Batman. That was it.

    So…is it just me, or is this E3 really kicking the whole videogame thing out of the ballpark? I am very excited about a lot. A LOT. LOT. of things.

    EDIT: So the real question should be: Is it just me, or is this being a really good E3?

    • I’d say it was a better showing this year from both Microsoft and Sony. Moreso Microsoft for me, but that’s personal preference.

      If Nintendo has as good a show as they had last year then this E3 would be much better than last year!

  • *Opens door to TAY*
    *closes door and backs away slowly*

  • Sony: ‘I’m sorry, PlayStation… Vi….ta… was it? What the hell is that?’

    EDIT: Fuck ’em. I’m happy with it being a niche platform like it’s big brother anyway.

    • That’s because Sony stopped caring a while back. But luckily we have rad third parties like XSeed to keep us going. This year they’ll be releasing Trails in the Sky SC (PSP, Vita-compat), Trails of Cold Steel, Senran Kagura Estival Versus, Corpse Party: Blood Drive and Earth Defense Force 2 all for Vita. Other companies like NISA, IFI and Koei-Tecmo are similarly giving it a lot of support. So for me at least, the Vita’s easily the best system out there for the sorts of games I want to play.

  • I think this gen is now beating the last two gens.

    I haven’t been this interested in so many games in such close proximity since PSX & N64.

    I really thought I’d never see the day again. Sure, I knew things move in cycles & stuff I loved would make a comeback.

    But gee whiz, holly, gosh darn FUCK!

    So much high quality stuff in my areas of interest.


  • Well, they fucking nailed that. I love that they gave so much time to non face shooty stuff- I mean, c’mon, Media Molecule? Firewatch? Last Guardian? Awesome.

    Of course, UNCHARTED YEAH

      • Nah. Not really my thing.

        I was thinking I could be a CEO of some multinational corporation. That seems like an okay-paying job. Might even be able to afford a house in Sydney then 😛

  • From Jim Sterling’s Twitter

    Phil Spencer, thinking he was unbeatable this year, just kicked his laptop off the desk and screamed. #E32015 #SonyE3

  • On the weekend I went to a West Australian Football League (WAFL) match. East Fremantle vs Swan Districts. It was actually pretty fun. It’s cool to follow the crowd and cheer when they cheer. There’s this sense of a time capsule about the place. The WAFL hasn’t been relevant since 1986, but the people there don’t care. The decor of the stadium and its facilities clearly hasn’t been changed since the 80’s. the game itself was very close, decided by less than a goal.

    So I thought, why not have a meat here? It could be something of a follow-up to the movie meat, with more talking than watching a movie, but less talking than something like a dinner.

    @fled @grandmasterb-funk @hindenlagen @liondrive @phoenix @platinum-urchin @thecracks

    Just throwing this idea out there. Glancing at the fixture maybe we could meat at East Fremantle vs Claremont, Saturday 27? I’m only suggesting an East Freo game because I just went to one and have learned how to navigate the stadium.

    Again, just throwing the idea out there. Now I’m making myself self-conscious that no-one will want to go. :/


          • It’s okay. I hit my head quite badly earlier today and I couldn’t drive anyway. I didn’t think it was happening since no one had responded with a ‘yes’ to my invitation, and for some reason I was too embarrassed all week to bring it up again.

    • I’m not free on the 27th unfortunately (LAN/bucks party to attend), but sportsball can be quite entertaining at times. A good suggestion 🙂

    • Sorry about the late reply. I would go but with the baby money is really tight right now.
      Sorry but i wont be able to make it

  • …Why am I looking up reddit comments on Gillian Triggs and Bronwyn Bishop?
    Oh, right… because Bishop is an amoral excuse for a speaker.
    Bring on 2016, I say.

    • I need to get around to nominating Gillian Triggs for Australian of the Year. That woman deserves a medal for the shit she’s had to put up with from this government.

  • The thing about this e3 that’s exciting is usually we see all these spectacular games and we’re told to wait years for them. This year they gave us Fallout straight away with the release date in sight. It feels like sustainable hype. 😛

    • There’s a lot of stuff in the next few months. Destiny DLC! Metal Gear! Tides of Numenera!

      Crusader Kings II Horse Lords!

    • The fact that a lot of stuff is less up-in-the-air than previous years helps a lot. Heck, Last Guardian alone has resurfaced from development hell and a lot of the stuff shown is coming by the end of the year. That immediacy has helped hype along so much.

      • I hope it becomes the new thing to do in gaming. Announce something relatively late instead of right when pre-production begins.

    • Yeah, I cannot sustain multi-year hype, I end up entirely ambivalent toward what are probably fantastic games. For example, Witcher 3 hype didn’t land for me until about one month before release. It’s probably going to be my GOTY 2015, even beating Fallout for the way that it does its storytelling.

  • Good lord, CoD doesn’t look half bad… I think I’m hallucinating. It’s the only rational explanation – Bungie announced Illidan was moonlighting as Oryx, and Platinum’s working on a G1 Transformers game.

    • All the mandatory CoD-hate aside, it looks really good. I actually really enjoyed the Black Ops 1/2 single player campaign. Had a fantastic story that linked 1 and 2. Interesting, intrigue, suspense, etc. Treyarch has always done better CoDs than IW. (CoD4 excluded)

      • The setting/premise looks interesting. The special abilities, hacking and wall-running look promising. The rest… CoD gunplay looks as terrible as ever – no recoil on anything, even the rocket launcher. Will probably continue to stay away from the franchise, tho – the way they do view-bobbing (weapon moves as you run, but camera doesn’t) tends to give me motion sickness, which is only exacerbated by the low fov.

  • So after ignoring the OS notifications and SMSs from Telstra I’ve discovered Youtube has a ‘save mobile data’ option that forces stream to SD. 2.5GB later…


    Hopefully late this year/early next enough time will have passed that my wife will have forgotten the monstrosity of a bill and understand that a PS4 bundle will be good value.

    That or I’ll need a second job packing shelves or doing a paper run…

    • Just to let you know, nowadays every 1GB you go over on data you get charged at $10 extra. Only found this the other day after I realized I was paying $15 a month for a GB that I don’t always use.

  • So, someone explain to me: What is a Shenmue and why should I care? Is this someone else’s Grim Fandango?


      I own a copy of Shenmue 2 for the original Xbox. It (apparently, because I haven’t played it) was always planned to be an ongoing series, and #2 ended on a cliffhanger/unresolved plot point.

      It’s a series that despite critical acclaim, was a horrendous money-sink. Development was incredibly expensive, and it was profoundly unprofitable. The series was therefore cancelled.

      That was fourteen years ago.

      • Memory has it that the original Shenmue was the most expensive game to ever be made for a long time until the PS2 era at least. The development of Shenmue also, in some ways, contributed to the downfall of Sega as it cost so much money when Sega really couldn’t afford to spend it.

        As for the cliffhanger, it is the most hangiest of cliffs I have ever seen in a video game. Shenmue was always intended as a trilogy and, unlike most trilogies, each game is not really standalone in its own right. The fact that Shemue 3 is now being made, holy crap that is awesome.

        Gameplay wise it was pretty great at the time as it was one of the first games (this is going back to the Dreamcast era) that was dedicated to QTEs. Make of that what you will.

        • Sega sank $47 million into the first Shenmue. In 1998. About the equivalent of $65 million in 2015 money.

    • I think it’s basically this weird adventure game/action game/rpg game hybrid thing. Big world with lots of things to do, people to talk to, mini-games a-plenty. Quick time events. I’ve… never played it. Looked crazy intriguing back in the day, though. 😛

    • Shenmue,which debuted on the Dreamcast, was an adventure/RPG where you played as Ryo Hazuki (a character from the virtual fighter franchise) on a quest to avenge his dead father. I only played a small amount Shenmue II, which was an Xbox exclusive. You walk around performing errands, trying to find people who might have information and learning better martial arts. All the fights are in this odd hybrid of Virtua Fighter and RPG, but that’s ok, because you will spend more time driving forklifts and carrying books to make money to pay for your motel room and buy capsule toys.

      Honestly the characters and world are really nicely realised and it had an engaging story, sort of, but I never really got the hype. It’s a bit like people still clamouring for another season of Firefly.

      I also found it slightly racist that the game is set in Hong Kong and all the Chinese NPCs are all really ugly with wrinkles and pockmarks but the two Japanese characters are etherically beautiful.

    • its mainly us dreamcasters that would care about the series….

      shenmue 1 was on the dreamcast. 2 was released just as the dreamcast was discontinued, and so was re released on xbox. was alway planned as a trilogy saga but the 3rd was never made. after sega went all haywire.

      incredible games… highly recommend them, they still hold till this day. quite unique.

    • For the time, Shenmue was utterly amazing. Remembering that this was early in the Dreamcast’s life. It was actually originally conceived as being a Virtua Fighter RPG. It’s not an RPG though, it’s more like a sandbox adventure game. The plot’s fairly simple – dude killed your Dad and fucked off to China and you need to chase him there but have no money to pay your way. Stuffed with mini-games. You could look after a kitten, collect capsule toys, go into the arcade and play Space Harrier, beat up on people… Very heavy on QTEs (we get the term QTE from Shenmue) and basically popularized that as a mechanic though obviously it originates in much earlier games.

      But Sega bet the farm on it pretty hard. It’s one of the contributing factors to the end of the Dreamcast. $47 million budget.

      They made a sequel on Dreamcast but it only ever came out in English in PAL. US never got it. Subsequently got an Xbox port (since Sega were chummy with Microsoft and had moved development of several of their DC games to it eg Jet Set Radio, Gunvalkyrie, Panzer Dragoon Orta) but it never set the world on fire. Shenmue II ends on a cliffhanger. The third and final part of the trilogy was never green-lit. Yu Suzuki has been trying for close to fifteen years to get it made.

      Truth bomb: Shenmue’s not that great. It was amazing at the time, but it’s dated badly. Other games have done what it pioneered and done it better. Ryu ga Gotoku / Yakuza is basically Sega’s do-over of Shenmue. A lot of the elements of Yakuza’s gameplay with all the minigames and stuff are a natural evolution of it.

      I backed it in a heartbeat though. I still have my copy of the game on Dreamcast and Xbox and wish I had puchased the DC version of Shenmue 2 back in the day. I was on the verge of it a few times and never bit. Copies of that version are stupidly rare and highly sought-after because they used the excellent Japanese dialogue version instead of the godawful awkward English dub.

  • *Seeing everybody going all hype for E3 conferences live while I’m just sitting here working*

  • Stuff I’m hyped for:
    – Unravel
    – The Last Guardian
    – Night in the Woods (I know it wasn’t shown, but shuddup!)
    – Final Fantasy VII

    Cautiously optimistic for Horizon, but I’m having mixed feelings about playing as a character who has dreadlocks…

    I think I know why I’m less hyped for other games. Lots of stuff is looking very “same-sies”. Shoot stuff here, shoot stuff there, yadda yadda yadda. Not that they don’t look good and all, I just find it hard to get that hyped for something I feel like I’ve played before.

    Oh, and to anyone b*tching about the FFVII remake. Don’t.
    Lots of us have never played the original, and if you’re “offended” by a remake, then don’t play it, or at least don’t criticise it for potentially not living up to your expectations.

    • Yeah, those top three in particular all have stunning art directions. (Firewatch too.) Can’t wait to go exploring in these beautiful worlds.

      • A good art direction will always get me, haha!
        Firewatch is on my radar, but I think I missed that hype train 😛
        Looks super pretty though, and it is certainly intriguing.

        • It’s by most of the core devs who worked on The Walking Dead season one. They all left Telltale after that season to start their own studio. This is their first game. 🙂

          A good art direction will always get me too. So much moseying and looking at stuff.

    • Getting a shout-out at E3 guaranteed its success. Now it’s just a question of how long the E3-spike is gonna last for.

      • Long enough, for sure. They only asked for $2mil and they’ll probably get it within 24 hours.

        Hell I only played like 2 hours of Shenmue II and didn’t really get into it, but I’m tempted to check $30 at the KS for a digital edition since I’ll probably have a PS4 by then.

        • Those cheap digital editions for consoles really help make Kickstarter games more appealing. I’m not a huge Castlevania fan and I’m not really confident in Yooka-Laylee, but with a low price digital option it was easy to justify the cost.
          The only thing stopping me with Shenmue is that I haven’t played the first two and I’m pretty sure the first is dated beyond repair. Did they port it to the Vita at any point? Seems like a good match.

          • Pretty sure Shenmue is only playable on the Dreamcast, and Shenmue II was an Xbox exclusive. On the upside Shenmue II is compatible with the 360 and you can probably find it at EB for ~$10. Some versions even come with a DVD that recaps the Shenmue story for you.

      • I’m a little iffy about a kickstarter campaign getting it’s own little segment :S
        Seems a little… unfair?

        • Yeah, seemed a bit odd to me too, but people clearly want it and I’m curious to play so I guess everyone knows what they’re doing. 😀

          • It seemed to me like Sony tried to save themselves some money by not publishing it themselves :\
            Like, “Hey, here’s a game that we know lots of you want, so here it is! Provided that you fund it yourselves, because we’re not going to”.

            Just doesn’t sit well with me…

          • It’s going to take a LOT more than 2 million to fund the game. Publishers use Kickstarter as a way to gauge interest in games nowadays. If they can get people to put up 2 million up front it tells them the game is going to be worth the investment to them. Bloodstained did the same thing. Already had a publisher willing to fund it but went to kickstarter to prove interest.

          • As Freeze said, $2m is just the tip of the iceberg. The first Shenmue game (Dreamcast era) cost an unprecedented $70m to develop.

            And let’s not forget that a certain percentage of money pledged to Kickstarter goes towards filling pledges and paying fees. Of that two million, there’s probably going to be less than a million left over for actual development costs, which is chump change.

            You can bet Sony is fronting a boatload of cash behind the scenes.

          • Nah, it is marketing and a way to test the water to see if people are actually willing to pay for Shenmue. If they are, Sony and Sega will have to put up the extra $50 million or so to get the game made.

        • I thought it was … out of place. Using a multimillion dollar press conference to ask for game funding is … apparently really effective, if more than a little ironic.

    • It just got the extra $90,000 it needed to cross the one million.

      Fastest million in Kickstarter history?

    • Never realised Kickstarter backer figures were live updated. Crazy watching the numbers tick over so fast.

  • Only a bit over twelve and a half hours to go until my real E3 begins!

    It’s either going to be packed with new titles or incredibly empty. No in-between this year with Nintendo 😛 They’ve already either revealed stuff (smash DLC, couple of smaller games) or said things aren’t going to be there (Zelda, NX) so it’s all or nothing.

    Can’t wait!

    If they announce a new Endless Ocean (extremely unlikely :P) I will literally be dead. Literally. If you don’t hear from me tomorrow, they announced Endless Ocean.