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    Happy E3 week everyone!

      To you as well, sir. I'm quietly hoping that all the pre-E3 announcements are not designed just to be glossed over during the big pressers and there's more to come. 17 hours until Xbox kicks off!

        Bethesda in just a few hours. Excited for that.

          *Bethesda rep walks out on stage*

          "Hello everyone. Fallout 4 will be out on Friday." *drops mic and walks off stage*

          *crowd goes wild*

            There's no way they do a Sega Saturn for Fallout.

              There was only about a two year gap between the release of 3 and New Vegas, and it's been almost 5 years since New Vegas released, so it's entirely possible that it's finished and ready for sale. Although both 3 and NV were released in October. We don't have long to wait to find out.

                Oh, they may release (hell, I hope they release) in October. There's no way they release this Friday (run straight into the batman machine, the rest of E3 hype, inevitable comparisons to The Witcher, get retailers offside, no market penetration to the casual gamer, etc.)

            Well ... turns out you weren't far off! November is certainly a lot closer than I thought it'd be.

    Morning all! Hope your weekends were spectacular.

    Mine was pretty good. Did some house painting, then had a joint early birthday party for my soon-to-be one year old and soon-to-be three year old (I ate SO MUCH cake), and then went to the movies with my brother and saw Fury Road. That movie holds up very well for a repeat viewing, and I loved every minute of it.

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    Having formed indie darling band Lifehackerz, Rocketman, Pants, Cake and Blaghman perform their #1 hit single ‘Bread in the Microwave’ for the Battle of the Bands regional finals. The song plays over the rest of these scenes, but I’m too lazy to write the lyrics, so invent your own for added fun.
    Freeze and Nobs are sitting on a couch, apparently not speaking to each other.

    Nobs: I should leave then.

    He gets up to leave. A hand tugs at his shirt.

    Freeze: No. Please stay.
    Rize playing the triangle in a jazz ensemble, to thunderous applause.
    Jane, in full detective get-up, has gathered TAYbies in the reading room of Baron Blaghman’s second holiday villa.

    Jane: All the evidence points to but one conclusion. The identity of the killer…

    Quick shots of various nervous TAYbies, Strange reaching for a knife in her shoe, Rize brandishing a pipe, Trjn sipping tea.

    Jane: …is me.

    Several people gasp. Blaghman faints.
    More TAYbies are gathered in a different room of the holiday villa, standing beneath a large INTERVENTION banner, while Beavwa sits on a couch facing them, but keeping his eyes on his 3DS.

    Scree: This has gone on too long, Beavwa.

    Beavwa: I can give up any time I want to.

    Prolonged silence.

    Beavwa: I just don’t want to.

    Cuts to whole group violently trying to tear the 3DS from Beavwa’s firm grasp.

    Beavwa: No! They’re my shinies! You can’t have them!
    Everyone having a sick dance party. Sometimes things are just fun. But then…
    Pants and Red have cornered NegativeZero in an abandoned building, guns drawn.

    Red: Alright, we know you’re not the real NegativeZero. Tell us who you are.

    ???: Very well, you’ve forced my hand. I am not NegativeZero. I…am his evil twin.

    Red: Gasp!

    Pants: You can’t mean…PositiveZero?!

    PositiveZero: The very same.
    Tigerion running out of a kitchen covered in flames, his chef’s hat burning away.

    Tigerion: The souflee is ruined! RUINED!
    Liondrive stands before a group of TAYbies at some backyard party.

    Liondrive: So you see, the reason you couldn’t get the BBQ to work is because it wasn’t a BBQ at all. It was -

    He pulls a sheet off a figure beside him.

    All: Old man Jimu?!
    On the bank of a river made of lava, CookingMama stands before Shane. He has lost both legs and one of his arms, and is slowly burning, too close to the lava river.

    CookingMama: You were the chosen one!

    Shane hisses and spits.

    Shane: I hate you!


      Do you come up with all of this each monday morning, or do you spend the remainder of the week jotting down ideas for each scenario?

        I start writing them over the week, then I get to Monday and panic because it's not finished. That's why the same people show up most of the time. :P

      Positive Zero! That dastard! He doesn't like Anime at all and scoffs at Nendoroids!

      Also, Jazz Triangle sounds amazing and awful at the same time.

      Who told you about my hidden knife?!!

        I have eyes and ears everywhere! The Varys of the real world!

    BETHESDA DAY \O/ Doom AND Fallout 4 :D loading of the excitement is over normal limits

    Anyone doing the trading card thing for steam sale?
    I have a spare Blitzkrieg, and looking to trade for Bob, Dominic, Dansky or Dire Frog.
    If anybody wants to trade, send me request!

      If you need a crusta-sean let me know, I have them up the wahoo

        Nah got one of them. Just realized I have 2 Sigmund too, so anyone needs that and has one of the ones I listed above, gimme a holler!

      I need a Dominic, Cerulean Carmouth, and Z-Lo.

      I have doubles (and triples) of everything else.

      Man, those steam cards... I looked at my inventory a few weeks back and saw I had a few hundred of them sitting around doing nothing... I've actually spent the last few days using Idle Master to generate my remaining cards, and selling them all on the market as they come in, I've actually made enough to cover my first few sale purchases :D

      I've so far received nothing but 3 Danskys but I can't trade because Steam refused to accept my password forcing me to reset it, which has locked me out of selling for a week.

      I was going to but every time I went to start it I got an error message saying it wasn't working

        I think they fixed that issue a little while in to the first day. I heard lots of people were having issues with it, but first time i tried late in to the first day, it worked fine

      If anybody needs a Gold Helm, I just got a second one!

    Morning TAY
    How was everyone's weekend?

    So a mate and I decided to try out ARK ( and much hilarity ensued.
    I have to say, it looks gorgeous, and plays really well too.

    On a side note:
    Has anyone from the Hayao Miyazaki comp received anything yet? (

    So I heard a rumour that Batman might have broken street date. Just a heads up.

    Anyways, for this weeks adventure in D&D (last week didn't happen), the dwarf king tried to convince everyone to go to war with a nation for someone they didn't know dying. They told him to go get his Moradin axe.

    One player who had been taken away by some evil wizards was lead to the bad guys lair where they recruited him and he ended up 'sleeping' with a drow priestess. Then he drank all remaining chaos magic he had and blew up the whole place.

    The rest of the party saved a half-orc from some bandits, then the next morning when I tried to stop her praying to Gruumsh she took a swing at me and the bard shot her in the head. The dwarf king who saved her just shrugged (some paladin).

    Then we met a genasi fighting a chain demon who turned out to be the wizard in our group who we never saw without his cloak. Even though he established who he was, the bard snuck up on him and stabbed him in the neck. He cast hold person on him, which rolled on the chaos table, causing him to get attacked by lightning. Since he was paralyzed it was a critical hit, so he took a 120 d10 damage roll with only 38 max hit points. Causing him to red mist the entire area. So the wizard spent his last drop of chaos magic to cast reincarnate and turned the half-elf into a gnome.

      Never seen a game break release date almost 10 days before launch before. Probably just people trying to trick stores into breaking street date when they more than likely haven't even received their stock anyway.

        Could be an online leak instead of breaking street date, would make more sense this far out.

    Nintendo World Championships are on now live on if anyone was interested, before Bethesda kicks off at 12pm Melbourne time.

      Also my recommendation of best deal of Steam Sale today is Prison Architect - 85% off, $4.49 USD

    Good morning :-) I did a cumulative 2.5 hours of Zumba on the weekend and my legs hurt.

    Hey chums,

    Sense8 is a cool guy, it's a slow burn @o give it a chance.

    Bloodborne bosses are my bane, I'm pretty ok at navigating the streets to get there(slowly but surely) but I'm the opposite of gud when the big guys pop out.

    Latest guy
    The poison, every time, the goddam poison. I notice it & have died a few times administering the antidote.

    I'm too slow. I miss the slow Mo battles of Souls.

    Oh God, I want this so much. I'm gonna buy him, build him, and sit him on my computer desk.

    Edit: Now all we need is for them to announce a Lego Eve set.

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      OH GOD. That looks so so so good. :D :D :D

    GoT Season Finale. I am expecting so much. They wouldn't include Benjen, therefore reminding us who he is in the "previously on" that got leaked for episode 10, over the weekend.

    So much Hype.

      For any GoT can we please have spoiler tags? I haven't seen any episode this season except episode 1...

        For all I know, I have no idea of what role he's playing in this episode. The clip is something we've already seen in Season 1, so no spoiler there for you mate.

        EDIT: On top of that, there's a Chrome Plugin (Early stages of development) to block out Potential Spoilers on Facebook, Twitter, Google News and Reddit. Here, kind souls - you're welcome.

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          Yeah, but he's been missing since Season 1, and even knowing he'll be in an episode would be enough to be considered a spoiler for some people

            and even knowing he'll be in an episode
            For the sake of others, we don't even know if he IS in the episode. There are multitudes of ways that can go from bringing him back in for the "Previously On" or not even include him at all. Nothing Major & minor or spoilerish there at all.

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              I see your point, and ultimately it's up to you how you use tags.

              But a request was made for any GoT commentary to be placed into spoiler tags, a request which I seconded. As it doesn't cost anything, and as people have different thresholds at which they consider themselves 'spoiled', it might just be easier to go along with it and get this comment thread back on topic, rather than trying to fight against the request, whether or not you feel the caution is unreasonable...

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          What shane and edc have already said; I haven't seen any S5 myself and a spoiler with a headline on what it's about would save the trouble for many others I'm sure.

          While you might not consider what you've posted to be spoilerish as someone who hasn't watched any of S5 knowing that there's a possibility a character might appear serves to dilute the experience.

        This, please! I haven't seen any S5 yet.

      This please. I don't watch the show and only read the books whenever GRRM stops sucking down glazed hams and procrastinating long enough to write them.

    Good morning everyone.
    I wasn't really enjoying fallout until I dropped the difficultly. I need to keep working on cosplay but I want to play fallout New vegas. D=

      Oooh my goodness. My boyfriend - fiancé, I guess, haha, oh boy - got given the most amazing vest based on Fallout New Vegas. His best friend is suuuper clever and good with a sewing machine, and whipped up this badass denim vest and added all this awesome NV accoutrement. I should see if I can post some photos, it's so so cool.

        Part of the wedding gift my wife gave me was a NV courier pack for our honeymoon. It was full of nuka-cola, bottle caps, whiskey, and some other odds and ends.

        Idea for your wedding? :P

          Reception is held in a locked vault, and the evening is divided up into a range of increasingly humiliating social experiments.

            All guests are coincidentally named 'Gary'.
            All of them.

              I swear that vault was the single most terrifying thing I've encountered in a Fallout game.

                I still remember it so clearly.

                Spoilered for those who haven't had the honour of Gary yet:

                Cool your name is Gary, oh you're attacking me, ok. Gary. Bye Bye Gary.
                ...what? Ok, bye bye Gary 2.
                "Gary" "Gary" "Gary"
                ...oh shit what have I stumbled on...

      Fallout 3/New Vegas are perfectly enjoyable on casual difficulty, the combat is really a minor part of the game (though admittedly playing it on easy does make it feel less like you're struggling to survive). Much more important is finding a stray eyeball and looting the corpse it used to be part of.

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        Just like God intended

          I often forget I have vats. I am the worst

            The non-vats shooting in Fallout 3 and New Vegas was a bit lacklustre

      I've only ever played on easy.
      not in it for the challenge at all.

      & I still die often enough

        Me too, Jimu, me too.

    G'morning! I have such a headache and flu D: Maybe some sort of Med-X would help :D

    We saw Jurassic Park on Friday. And then again on Sunday. I would not recommend doing that.

      How was it the first time, worth it?

        Do you like DINOSAURS!!!? If you love DINOSAURS!!! and the previous Jurassic Park films, then this film does exactly what it says on the tin.

        Just don't get too upset with the genetic handwaving and the non-feathery outsized 'raptors. They do sort of explain away the lack of feathers. Sort of. *scowl*

        Just enjoy the DINOSAURS!!! eating people (oops, spoiler alert sorry) and running amok!


    I am fearful of my wallet this week, between E3 and the Steam sale...

    I watched orange is the new black all weekend, that australian chick they cast ruins every scene she is in. She's worse than neighbours/home and away level acting how the hell did she get a role on a show this big?!??!

      Which Australian chick? Does she appear specifically in season 3? I've only gotten up to episode 4.

        I don't know her name but she looks like Justin Bieber and for some reason always has impeccable make up and hair where as everyone else looks like a real prisoner (which is one thing I thought the show did well up until now). Just jarring how she looks and acts, it's one of those moments where you realise how good a job the other characters do and how hard it is to actually act with out it seeming terribly fake. She does get her clothes off though so maybe that's how she got the role, that and catering to the new Australian netflix users maybe?

          I just googled and apparently she shows up about halfway through the season so I guess I haven't seen her yet.

            she's pretty bad. Over all the season was good though, it's really been a show that surprised me as I went in to season one expecting it to be bad but liked it and it's kept the quality up.

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              Yeah, I expected it to be interesting/watchable but it really surprised me. Every time I thought I wasn't going to like a story/character change, it only made the show better. Really impressed with it.

                You have to ignore logic though at times when it comes to the way the prison is run and the things they get away with but at the end of the day it's not trying to be Oz.

      Ruby rose? Yeah shes pretty bad at alot of the things she does, only "dj" ive seen have a line waiting outside a club to see her only to have everyone leave the dance floor when she comes up to perform

    Can somebody give me a run down on what the Alien: Isolation season pass is and i it is worth getting?

      cc myself so that I can see this answer later :P

        Bear in mind that I haven't played the main game either. It is a purchase I'm considering

      You get the Survivor Mode stuff which is basically just challenge maps where you get from A to B as fast as possible without getting eaten.

        So it a speed run for a game all about tense atmosphere? That doesn't sound good

    I had a super productive weekend! Steam decided to start selling Lego Jurassic World even though it's not supposed to be available in Australia til the 17th. So I went to see the movie on Saturday morning, then came home and played the game all weekend.

    A weekend well wasted ^_^

      Jealous! I am super excited to play the game - get the taste of the movie out of my mouth ;)

        You didn't like it? I thought it was fun. Not as great/iconic as the first, but better than the other sequels.

          I was wondering this, is it it's own film in terms of back story or is it linked to the previous Jurassic Park movies?

            Yes, it is linked to the previous films. There are a bunch of really cool nods to them throughout the film. That said, I liked it, but not as much as I thought I would. Might go and see it again at some point this week, hopefully it'll be better the second time around.

            It completely dismisses everything after Jurassic Park - the writer/director said as much, which made me cross.

            There were also SOOOO many references to JP in this film - like, to the point of irritating distraction. One or two would have been a great nod to the audience, but this was pretty much saying, "You know what? Maybe just go watch Jurassic Park instead."

              I must be pretty dense. I didn't notice all that many references. At least, not enough to irritate me. Although...

              the whole Raptor training/communicating with the Indominus Rex thing had me rolling my eyes in an "I can't believe they put that in the movie" kind of way.

                I MADE YOU A LIST.

                References to Jurassic Park in Jurassic World (not in order, and not including the obvious ones)
                - Ian Malcolm's book (read by Zara on monorail, on Lowery's desk in control room).
                - Clare tying her shirt off at the front, trying to cop Ellie's hot look from JP.
                - Clare saying, "Welcome to Jurassic World" (Hammond saying, "Welcome to JP").
                - Jeep 29 (the one the kids fix) is the one John Hammond arrived in in JP.
                - The night-vision goggles in the garage.
                - The way Clare says, "Control room" (one of Ellie's lines from JP).
                - '10,000 volts' sign is by a fence in the jungle, overgrown.
                - Malcolm's chaos theory - when the blood drops down on the ACU leader's wrist when they go hunting the dino. One drop goes left, the other goes right.
                - Clare yelling, "RUN" the same way Ellie did in JP.
                - The old 'When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth' banner and skeleton (this is what the older brother uses for a torch).
                - Clare saying that Lowery's workstation was a mess (nod to Nedry's filthy station in JP)

                Those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head. There were so many more.

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                  ALSO. Okay, the dude who wrote/directed was an otherwise small-time indie kinda dude. And now, he's all but sold out to making Jurassic World. He of all people, doesn't get to be all high and mighty about product placement and selling out.

          I didn't :( It was better than the third, but not the first two.

            And the first two were the ones with Jeff Goldblum.


              THIS GUY GETS IT!

                His performance is, as ever, Goldbluminous.

                Also, you must read this: even though @jimu wouldn't on twitter the other day.

                  So is Geoff Goldbum in Cretacious World or not?

            For me, the second one gets plummeted to the bottom for that terrible gymnastics kick the Raptor out the window scene.

              Me and my friends contemplated a political party that would run solely on the anti-raptor platform. One of our key platforms was to be compulsory gymnastics training for children and government issued tire irons for self defence.

        Odd, I loved it. Swings and roundabouts I guess, there were a few corny bits in it - but was really cool.

        Loved the fact they built on the first island and even 'mini-explored' the original building. Disappointed that they only had 4 Raptors on the island...

        I've been playing ARK: Survival Evolved to quench my Dino thirst.

      Yeah, pretty sweet huh? I bought my key from Green Man Gaming, I received it Friday night, between work and waiting for it to download, I didn't get to play it till yesterday morning.

      Still, It's cool being able to play it now. With any luck I'll have it finished before it even releases here.

        I'll be close to finishing it. Finished the story mode for all four movies, now I'm just doing the "run around and collect everything" part.

    Just as a heads up, anyone who's signed up with Greenmangaming will be able to get 40% off Batman Arkham Knight which brings the price down to $36

    Even if it turns out a bit crap, it'll be bargain crap

      Is there a reason we're expecting a "bit crap?"

      I'm super excited for it.

        From what I've seen, there's a bit of trepidation regarding how much of the story will be locked behind DLC paywalls. I'm unaware of any other specific issues or worries.

          I'll buy the season pass, I'm sure. Rocksteady have a pretty solid bank of goodwill they'd have to burn through before I considered otherwise.

        Did someone say Arkham knight will be a bit crap?!?! =O...... Just don't tell red.

        I KID! =P

        Oh no, no reason at all to think it will be beyond the usual "Hmm, I'm buying a game that hasn't even been reviewed yet" risk. I'd not have bought it even at that price if I suspected it really would be crap, Rocksteady haven't done a bad batman game yet after all.

        That said, they never specifically agreed to my suggestion that they make a voice replacement DLC pack with Adam West...

          But Kevin Conroy is the Batman.

            No matter how truly excellent he is, he's always going to be the OTHER Batman, Adam West is THE Batman

              I want an Adam West Batman level pack, that includes running a bomb from one end of the level to the other.

                Hell yes, with a hundred different locations you're supposed to take the bomb to dispose of it only to have something in the way

        Well, because City wasn't as good as Asylum, and Origins was mediocre. The things that Batman did really well have been replicated as well in other games now. The addition of the Batmobile seems incredibly unnecessary and sounds like it's shoehorned in a lot and you have no choice but to use it. Also I feel like I'm kind of over those Batman games still. City became a slog toward the end.

        But I've got it preordered and will play it when it releases.

        I don't think that people are expecting it to be crap so much as that it feels like it's coming out with a bit of a whimper and I think people are scared it'll be mediocre again.

          Rocksteady didn't make Origins though.

          And I loved City.

            Yes, but a lot of people don't realize that Origins wasn't their thing.

            I liked City a lot, but I found it to be a bit of a chore at the end. You started getting a mix of annoying enemies like the fucktards with the knives, it'd stop letting you have fun in the stealth bits and generally ramped the difficulty up just past the point it was challenging into being just frustrating for me.

            Also the open world didn't do them any favours. Asylum was better than City, IMO, and a lot of that was because the more constrained world made it feel more Metroidvania-like.

              That's cool, but I liked it a lot. One of the only times last gen I did a new game+ and got all the collectables.

              I don't expect Arkham Knight to be different in this respect.

    Hola Tayberinos

    Had a weekend. Friday night got back into Crusader Kings after buying the Charlemagne dlc. Flash forward 6 hours and I've conquered France, it's 2am, and I think I can hear colours.

    Saturday gave plasma then went out to lunch with the parents and some family friends, then Saturday night was cajoled by some friends into a "Masquerade" themed Avcon event. For those interstate, Avcon is an Anime/Game convention that's been running in Adelaide forever, which I've never been to because I'm not that into anime. I have friends who have gone regularly, I just haven't. Besides, I've got PAX.

    Interesting room. Lots of nerds, not all the good kind. I was there with friends and saw one guy try his absolute A-game... which apparently came from the Barney Stinson school. Anyway, we had fun, DJ was pretty good, and we left at the right time. Not sure I'd do it again.

    Sunday played a bunch of Witcher 3. Resolved the Bloody Baron questline:
    Call me prejudiced, but there was no way I was trusting a talking tumour under a tree just on its say so. In the end, turned the botchling into a spirit, and the Baron got to take his wife, alive, to convalesce. I'm sure the fact that the Crones are still alive is gonna bite me later

    A monday morning question: I mentioned up the top about hearing colours. Would you rather see sounds or hear colours? Explain your reasoning.

      Get out of my head, Red! I was thinking about seeing sounds / hearing colours this weekend. Mainly about meeting aliens who evolved on a sunless planet and had no concept of our light based vision, but were able to sense vibrations which were then mapped to something analogous to our visual cortex. So when we spoke they wouldn't "hear" us, but instead "see" our words change their visual landscape.

      Which would I rather.... Probably seeing sounds. Our hearing, as neat as it is, isn't that precise. It'd be cool to pinpoint the direction a sound was coming from by seeing it originate from a source. I think that'd be much more useful.

        There's a really good Green Lantern short by Alan Moore where they send a rookie out to do some new recruits into the Corp. They send the rookie to a sunless area of space where the ring cannot translate certain words due to them having no meaning to a blind species.

        The rookie has to come up with a new litany because that whole "In Blackest Day, in Darkest Night" thing has no meaning.

        Really clever & wel thought out little tale. Alan Moore at his best using his brain to break things down & build them back up again (as opposed to his claims these days that everything sucks a big one).

      Tasting colours. That way everyone would walk around licking everything all the time. Super gross, but we'd probably have some industrial grade immune systems after a while.

      Seeing, without question. Maybe it's just me being a visual person, but I find vision to be a lot more precise and easier to block things out.

      Re: Witcher 3 spoilers:
      I went much the same way, but mostly because I've been reading all the in-game books and I'm very confident that the spirit of the tree is actually the mother of the crones, gone mad.

        Oh yeah, I was sure it was her. Although... the oak tree in that mission isn't the biggest one. I saw something in the distance and went for a ride late last night- there's a fucking massive one on top of a mountain to the south of the swamp, and the mountain is swarming with basilisks that are way too tough for me atm otherwise I would have had a look. The books talk about a giant old tree- what if it's a double bluff?

          Not going to go full detail, but that tree gets its moment, you'll see. And yeah, I tried getting up there a few times too, got driven off by fuck-off powerful monsters every time.

      I'd love to see sounds. Mosquitoes could no longer hide in the darkness.

      Although there needs to be some way to filter it... Can you imagine walking down the main street of any busy CBD? You'd be blinded by a sea of sound.

      LIFE WITH SUBTITLES WOULD BE SO CONVENIENT. And also much more like a graphic novel. I'll take that, thank you.

      Last edited 15/06/15 10:35 am

      The world is a noisy enough place as it is. I'd rather see sounds than hear colours.

      Now seeing smells, that would be good. I imagine this is how dogs live.

        Ever played Discworld Noir? Seeing smells was a core part of the werewolf mechanic in the game

      Both smell & sound options would have benefits & detriments.

      Seeing sound would be handy for triangulation of noise but have the down side of even more visual information and distraction, with the possibility of doing something like triggering epilepsy or motion induced nausea.

      Hearing colour would be handy for identifying what exactly was making a noise; say you've got a repetitive noise that you can't pin down, being able to tell what colour it was would make it a lot easier to figure out the source. Of course the negative would be stuff like not being able to ignore that irritating beige that sounds like the high pitched whine of a vacuum cleaner motor.

      Not quite answering the question, but...
      I taste notes.
      Seriously, like literally. Tastes translate to music in my mind. I've trained my wife into understanding it.
      "This soup needs more bass notes"
      "Ah, ok, I'll add some beef stock"
      "Hmmm, now it needs staccato in the top"
      "Alright, some chilli"

        Sure you don't have synesthesia?

          Never really thought about it, to be honest. Might look into it.
          At least this is kinda a positive health issue...
          *Hits up webMD*

    I reckon E3 will be good this year but i can't see myself skipping work just for the conferences guess ill watch em after work!. One i am looking forward to is the xbox one.

    Man so I started up Witcher 3 yesterday and was appalled to find it recommending low to medium settings.
    I was sure my 670 would be good for a bit longer.
    So now I'm considering spending way too much money on a 980 ti and a 1440p moniter.

    Someone please convince me this is a bad plan.

      Oh. No, don't do that Jo. How terrible it would be to see one of the prettiest games yet at its prettiest.

      Sounds awful.


      I have a 2560x1440 monitor, and I love it. Takes a noticeable amount of extra grunt to push 2560 over 1920 though. 980Ti should be great, but you'll still definitely be able to find it's limits at 2560. I was able to make SLI Titans start to choke at that resolution.

      EDIT: Currently using an overclocked 290X to drive my 2560 and it actually does a pretty decent job.

      Last edited 15/06/15 10:07 am

      Stick with a 1080p, imo - maybe get a newer 1080p*. 980TI might be overkill, but nice as well if you're prepping yourself for newer games. The Witcher 3 is INCREDIBLY optimized however, play with the settings and see what works for you. I've got a 760 and I'm running around 40fps, Hairworks on Monsters and medium-high settings (minus some Sharpening, Blur, Bloom, Shadows on low, unlimited FPS) and it is brilliant.

      *This ASUS monitor, just bought one myself and it's brilliant:

      Yeah I've got plans to build a new comp later this year and restart the Witcher 3 on my PC. The PS4 wheezes and struggles to play the game; long load times, textures can't keep up when you're on horseback, graphical glitches just about everywhere. While I absolutely love the game I definitely picked the wrong platform to play it on =[

      No, that's a good plan and you should do it.

      However, I'm getting really solid framerate with my 670 OC on IIRC Medium to High detail. Just had to turn their hairworks bullshit off (it was dropping me from >30fps to ~20fps). Looks fantastic. And that's playing at 2560x1440 as well.

      I don't think that even the highest-end card can push the game to max settings and maintain a playable framerate yet. Maybe 2-3 980 Tis in SLI.

      Last edited 15/06/15 1:14 pm

        Yeah ill do some tinkering with the settings.
        Will hold off on.the upgrade, at least until I know what amd's offering is. Tho not an amd fan.

    I have Intel Core i5 and a Geforce 570 and i can run witcher 3 on high.

    Pretty good weekend. Played some more Witcher 3, making use of the console-command mod to aid my second playthrough. (Unexpected gems like, 'Mark all question marks on the map', for more comprehensive exploration.) Still good. Especially with advance knowledge of how things work out.

    Had another crack at Max Payne 3. For some reason I'm much, much better at it this time around than the last time I played. Blasting through the story and picking up more details, the gunplay as an afterthought. Maybe I was trying to play on Hard mode to unlock ultra or something, last time? Either way, this is better. The game nails the atmosphere, characterisation of Max and his evolution, and all the fantastic colourful metaphors and similies. Soundtrack is amazing, too. I can't believe anyone ever thought there was ever anything to criticize about it.

      Wasn't the biggest criticism essentially just "It's not Max Payne 1 or 2"?

      I still haven't brought myself to play it though, being a big big fan of 1 and 2. Still don't trust them after that abomination of a movie.

        I liked it. I played the entire trilogy through back-to-back, and the third title did represent a bit of a mood shift. But I think it worked, and worked really well. I think it was a truly great game.

        Well, unlike Max Payne 2, he got older and a bit heavier. Happens, with age. And the comic-book panels with voice-over are replaced by cut panels of in-game cinematics. Now, to my mind they carry the same tone, the same feel as what the original was going for, but there's a lot more that they're able to carry over. There's a lot of deliberate 'glitch' screen effects going on, several frames of fucked-up contrast and camera wobble... I suspect a lot of people probably hated that, but to my mind it is perfect for conveying the world through the eyes of a hardcore pickled-liver drunk. Max himself staggers or wobbles when half (or fully)-cut, and the camera effects occur frequently enough to capture that feeling of the world spinning and viewed through a fog, while still being discernible and playable when it needs to not get in your way. I think it's fantastic.

        I wouldn't even be surprised if there's a full run-through let's play that's totally worth watching, stripped of any 'player sucks ass' moments or brief detours for hunting collectibles. Most of the 'collectibles' get their own wry and colourfully-worded observation from Max anyway, so there's not as much break in flow as some games do with the whole 'being a game' thing. In those terms too, it's a much smoother experience than many - it's practically all narrative, the combat seeming to exist to underscore it, provide some meat as a base for that story soup. And the fighting is usually cinematic enough to be worth including, especially with Max narrating over the top of it half the time. The voice-actor did a great job.

        Max Payne 3 is really good plot-wise, but it's not Max Payne. The film noir styling and the graphic novel presentation and everything goes and gets replaced by the plot of Man on Fire, in the usual Rockstar fashion.

        There's something intangible and very special about the way that Remedy do their games. I can't tell you what exactly it is that makes them so good, but Rockstar doesn't do it.

        That said, Max Payne 3 is still an excellent game. Would have been more excellent if it had fucking worked properly on my machine and if it wasn't saddled with horrible limited online activations DRM.

      The only thing I know about Max Payne 3 is references to dick punching

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