Teenagers Try To Play Contra, Fail Spectacularly

Teenagers Try To Play Contra, Fail Spectacularly

Watching today’s teenagers fumbling around with a game that was second nature to gamers nearly three decades ago is heartwarming, in an evil old bastard sort of way.

The latest retro gaming video from the REACT YouTube channel is all sorts of cathartic for the ageing gamer tired of being schooled by relative youngsters in today’s fast-paced competitive online games. Next time my nephew comes over, logs into my Titanfall character and begins effortlessly slaughtering the opposing team from the other side of the map, I’m going to break out the NES for a little retribution.

Special thanks to the REACT folks for not including the clips from five minutes later, when the teens figure out exactly how to play and finish the game one-handing while taking selfies and chatting on… whatever it is teens chat on these days, dammit.


    • Yeah, pretty sure my learning curve was much the same – only slightly faster on the uptake due to already having an inherent distrust of any pixels on the screen coming in contact with my character thanks to years of other games abusing you in similar fashion.

  • Everything was harder as a kid, not just games. I used to have to trek through waist deep snow to get to school and had bread and butter for fucking lunch. Now kids bitch if their classroom seats aren’t 4K compliant or some shit.

  • Back when I was a kid we lived in a cardboard box beside the road and had warm gravel for breakfast…

  • LOL
    Obviously, todays kids are not brought up on a strict regime of Rambo, Red Dawn and Green Beret.
    Thank God for that.
    It made me smile watching this, and noting what good sports they were about losing. I suspect I’d have similar results after not playing it for so long. Without the good sport about losing part..

  • Me and a mate played this so much way back when, we got that good we started making it extra hard by playing either upside down or with an upside down controller or both , then we played Battletoads and were knocked off our high horses. Contra, Battletoads and Mega Man are the reasons I have cat like reflexes :p

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