Tell Us Dammit: What Games Would You Like Remade?

The reaction to the Final Fantasy VII remake has been... stratospheric is probably underselling it. Or overselling it. There is no perspective left in this topsy turvy world. What else would you like to see remade?

If we're talking Square-Enix RPGs, I'd probably go with Secret of Mana, mainly because it's the one I remember most fondly. Other games? NiGHTS maybe? I feel like that game would work well as a remake.

Man, I don't know. I'm looking for your suggestions. For the most part I like playing new games, but that's just me.

Oh wait, oh wait!

Streets of Rage 2. Do that one.


    Battlefield 1942

    Throw a dart at most of the playstation one games and you'd have a good one.

    I want a remake of the old Battlezone games. Not very many games out there that allow you to play a strategy game while allowing you to jump in and pilot the vehicles you make.

      You, sir, are in luck.

        Close, but in a similar statement as the comment section in that article it is the wrong Battlezone :p. The one in the article is a sequel to the 1980 Atari Battlezone of the same name, and was primarily a shooter. The ones I was referring to were the 1998 Pandemic/Activision Battlezone and Battlezone 2: Combat Commander. RTS/FPS hybrids.

        Why they both carry the same name I have no idea. But thanks! The VR Battlezone does look like fun at least. Might give it a go anyway.

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          They carry the same name because the 1998 one was supposedly a remake of the old 1980 arcade game even though it's barely recognizable as such.

    Rogue Squadron Trilogy damnit...

      Oops. Went to +1 this post but reported it instead :(


    Jedi knight games would be cool hut selfishly i just want MGS games on PS4 so i can bin my ps3 :)

    I'd agree with the secret of mana series, but would prefer them on something like the 3ds with refined simple gfx rather than trying to go full blown 3D etc.

    Champions of Norrath always brings back memories not sure if many people played that though.

    I would be more excited if they were remaking VI than VII.
    But other than that, I'd like to see an old school platformer done in the Ubi-Art engine.

    Or "Jones in the Fast Lane"...

    Battletoads with the same style of play, but better art style and modern combo systems.

    Final Fantasy XII. Please. I'd ask for a Crisis Core remake, but I know it'd just end up on PS4 instead of Vita.

    The Dungeons & Dragons "Gold Box" collection

      The one from SSI? Like um... Curse of the Azure Bonds, Pools of Radiance, Hillsfar, those ones?

        Yep, those ones
        Champions of Krynn, Deathknights, Dark Queen
        Great games!

          Yep, can totally get behind those games being remade. Especially since I have the manual for the big box, but not the game disc / code wheel any more. :'(

            I loved those games
            Played them on the Amiga A500, definitely a superior version over PC
            They set my imagination afire and got me playing traditional pen n paper DnD

              Atari ST for me. Similarly, I played them before I even knew what D&D was. Made the transition that much easier when I did start playing pen and paper because I was already familiar with the mechanics. :)

        Those would be the ones, I think, although personally I preferred the DragonLance games (also Gold Box) as they gave much better options for leveling demihumans.

        It was very depressing with the Pool of Radiance/Curse of the Azure Bonds/Secret of the Silver Blades/Pools of Darkness series when you started CotAB and found that your demihumans had already capped out their levels (except for thief).

          Not to mention that none of the Warrior meta-classes existed in Pool of Radiance (Paladin, Ranger)
          So if you wanted one of those moving forward (CotAB, SotSB etc), you had to either dual-class a human, or import your party except your warrior and roll a freshie

            I bought a bunch of the AD&D source books so I wouldn't get caught by surprise the same way again. They really did stick pretty close the the 2nd Edition rules. I never played the actual pen & paper AD&D games, but I have many of the books as reference for the CRPGs.

              I had/have the 2ed DMG, PM, and source material for Dragonlance, Forgotten Realms, Spell Jammer, Greyhawke, and 2 for Ravenloft
              If only I had friends that were as interested as I was back in the day lol

    Space Quest (in the traditional style)... I need more Roger Wilco in my life...

    There are just so many I would like to see but if I could only pick 1 then it would have to be Super Metroid.

    Vagrant Story is one of the most underrated RPGs in history as far as I'm concerned.

    Other than that, maybe the original Driver. Oh, and Warzone 2100. That was absolutely fantastic for one of the first 3d strategy games

      I agree with you on Vagrant Story. Some of the best music in rpgs ever.

      Oh yeah and the obvious answer will be legend of dragoon.

    I didn't realise that I wanted it until I saw the Planet Coaster trailer but Rollercoaster Tycoon and Theme Hospital.

    Those sim games were the bomb diggity when I was a kid, then they disappeared. Now I just want to see them back, I'll even settle for having them back in pog form.

      I think Theme Hospital is still available on PSN.

        I have a copy that I picked up on GOG. It's not a hard game to track down. That doesn't stop me wanting more.

        They gave Theme Hospital away for free on Origin.
        Was pretty happy with that.

      Planet Coaster will hopefully be a solid spiritual successor to RCT3, but in the meanwhile there is Theme Park Studio on Steam Early Access (I think by some of the No Limits coaster sim devs, also with Occulus Rift support), and I backed Theme Parkitect on Kickstarter because it's trying to do a classic isometric-style RCT game but with the benefits of Unity 5 as an engine!

      sadly can't help you on the Hospital Tycoon front because the only similar game I heard about apparently wasn't very good

      If I was going to get one of those, I want the dino park game, can't even remember what it was called. Dino park tycoon, Dino park manager

      have you played Big Pharma? it's a Tetris/Theme Hospital kinda game. it's lacking the hilarious diagnosis's and scale of Theme Hospital but it's still in Early Access so they're adding to it. not a bad game at all.

      Origin had Theme Hospital for free a while back, and I'm sure it's still cheap. Based on your recommendation I wish I'd picked it up now!

      Theme Hospital. Tricks you into thinking tis a simple game with funny diseases. Have you ever tried its end level ? BRUTAL.

      Hahha ... I wish there were more sim games. The strategy/sim games on mobile doesnt do the old games justice. No ChallengeTM. Only Time and Money.

    Just one game I want remade; Terranigma. Being able to see the world grow and evolve with current technology would be sweet.

      I love Terranigma as well, but I like it just the way it is. No need for a remake from my mind. Same for any of those SNES era RPGs.

        How about just a new game by the old Quintet devs in the vein of SoulBlazer/Illusion of Gaia/Terranigma? - methinks that would be pretty sweet... especially if they also pulled a few bits from ActRaiser

          That I can get behind, a spiritual successor, rather than an actual/remade one.

            going from Bastion to Transistor, I actually get a similar vibe from Supergiant's style of narrative development - I actually imagine a modern Quintet game could be like a Japanese version of Bastion before the Calamity

    Was thinking about this the other day. Was thinking about a remake of Micro Machines, with full online, HD tracks and cars and with insane courses. Think it could be done well. Probably as an "arcade" type title.

      Have you checked out Toybox Turbos or BlazeRush?
      A lot of people don't seem to know about TT - essentially a spiritual successor to MM but without the license - was hoping Codemasters might use it to reboot the series but I don't think it did well enough :s

    Little Big Adventure and Tenchu are my main wants, although Tenchu is more a "Just give us a new one already!" entry.

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      Oooo! Twinsen would be really interesting as a remake, though it has just as much chance of failing spectacularly...

    Well Syphon Filter would be rad but Battletoads would be great. Forget TMNT, this is what needs to happen!

      Michael Bay should make a movie about them!! Right?? Guys??

    Ultima 7. Both parts. No contest. Make it so!


      This would be just glorious... Use the Resogun engine and you are halfway there, update the weapons and add in the 'cat' and you have a game.

    I'd say The Dig if you could improve on perfection, but since you can't I'd settle for TIE Fighter.

    MDK. The second game got a HD remake so why not the first? >:(

    tenchu - wrath of heaven plez

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