The 1TB PlayStation 4 Is Now Official

The 1TB PlayStation 4 Is Now Official

Well, it's now totally official. Sony is rolling out a 1TB PlayStation 4 that it's calling the "Ultimate Player 1TB Edition." More like ultimate storage, am I right?

As of writing, the 1TB version is announced only for "select Europe and PAL territories." It will launch on July 15 and Sony's PlayStation Blog says to "check with your local retailer" for pricing.

Sony hasn't yet released a full spec sheet, but this likely matches up with the other CUH-1200 series consoles, which are slightly lighter and use less energy.

No word yet on a North American release, but seeing how Sony already registered the console with the Federal Communications Commission, the official announcement seems like only a matter of time.


    I'll hold out for the revision that's coming with the matte finish that's been announced.

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    We installed a 2TB drive to ours as soon as we got it; super easy to do!

      You can do that?!?! I don't have a PS4 but, you can actually upgrade the hard drive.

        Yes, the PS4 hard drive is user upgradable. It's as simple as sliding off the top left panel. The only screws are those that hold the drive in.

      Yer this is purely to appease the uninformed customers, ie those that'll just look at the 1Tb hdd that MS offers without realizing that the ps4 was made so you could easily replace and upgrade the HDD - conversely Xbone was not.

      Best place for a 'How-To' guide?

        Sony's very own guide -

    I really need to upgrade my harddrive. With Fallout 4 & MGS 5 coming I feel I may be close to filling mine :(

      Haha, yeah, exactly. We have two PS4s, so buying digitally is cheaper/smarter for us, but also, really, who wants to get up and change the disk?

    insert xbox troll comment here....

      Most Xbox One owners aren't jealous of PS4 owners at all.
      In fact I've seen more the other way from people who bought PS4s on hype alone and later regretted it.

    Didn't think I'd ever need more than 500GB. Now I have to delete files to make room for every new game I play... I won't be getting this one though. Might get the next model when it comes out, as I imagine 1TB will be the norm now.

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      Keep an eye out next time slim external 2TB drives go on sale, they're usually cheaper than buying a notebook HDD (even though they're just a notebook HDD packaged in a case). You have to break them open to get at the HDD inside, but it's easy enough to do. Plenty of YouTube videos to show you how and to make sure you get the right model HDD.

        Ah, so that's how people do it?! I knew it was possible, but had no idea of the process. I stupidly thought maybe all it took was plugging in a formatted drive via USB. Haha.

    Is it less prone to constantly ejecting, randomly shutting down, not accepting discs or refusing to turn on?

    I mean, I love my PS4 but jeez it's temperamental at the best of times.

    I may upgrade to this revision. I could just upgrade the drive my self but I want I white PS4.

    I honestly feel a bit ripped off (by MS too). I changed my hard drive pretty quick, but to put in only a 500gb hard drive when you know games will be between 20-80GB... Feels like it was done on fucking purpo$e

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      I think the purpose was to keep costs down initially, particularly as it's user upgradable so you can put in whatever size HDD you want and Sony won't see a cent of that.

      The worst thing about the X1 is you can't upgrade the drive without voiding the warranty. But at lease you can plug in external storage. Which the PS4 can't do, and I doubt Sony will allow it.

    You could upgrade the ps3's hdd pretty easily too. I whacked a 1tb in mine, no need to pick the bigger hdd option, much cheaper to just upgrade yourself.

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