The First Batman: Arkham Knight PC Patch Has Arrived

Briefly: The Batman: Arkham Knight PC patches begin, starting with a 67MB patch available now that fixes a bug disabling rain effects and ambient occlusion. Check out Rocksteady's to-do list of upcoming fixes, including getting rid of that nasty 30fps cap.


    "A bug disabling Rain Effects and Ambient Occlusion"

    Why are they still trying to lie to us. They obviously disabled it, it wasn't a bug.

    The question remains, do you buy it once patched? I want to play it, but I also want to make sure that devs/pubs get the freaking message already. I am fine letting AK pass if that means future PC releases are done with more care.

    It would be a strong message to send if once fully patched and back on the digital shelves the only time it sells any decent numbers was at drastically reduced prices.

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      After every patch, buy and refund until its how you want.

      Personally I'll bargain bin it. Its not like there is a shortage of good games ATM.

        I'm in this camp at the moment, I've had my GMG copy refunded, and I'm content to go back to The Witcher 3 for a while, possibly even leave it until there's a complete edition next year.

      Honestly, it's looking like either console it or wait for a big Steam sale reduction.

      If it helps your decision, the game is really good. :)

        Its good, but there is plenty to play in the mean time (literally whatever your poison, theres a new game waiting!) - come back to this once its ready to play and not half-baked :)

      Wait for game of the year release... on a sale! Make the message sink in.

    Considering the gameworks settings run so poorly, isn't it highly possible that allowing rain effects to be enabled will reduce performance even further??

      Different rain effects, they're referring to the water beading/streaking surface effects not the simulated stuff off Batman's cape.

    Will buy for Linux once Feral has it ported, hopefully by then all the issues will be ironed out

    I'll just grab it like how I grab the other batmans. Bargain bin goty edition. Will definitely go humble bundle.

      Yeah that's what I've been doing. I want all those silly extra bits but I don't much care for buying the skins individually or preordering at several different retailers to get them all.

      humble bundle - if you beat the average price, you unlock all the 'broken game fixes' DLC!!

    This will have the same train wreck of patches that Halo MCC had in its first 6 months. I love my pc, it's top of the line, but I want to play this now which means xbox one version here I come

    Steam Sale purchase for me I'd rather pay full price for games such as the witcher 3 where the quality standard on pc is second to none.

      Amen brother! Pc should be where a game can show how it can shine on the best hardware rather than looking like the sickley ugly cousin.

    How moronic do you have to be, they gave a console development team, a small one I might add, 2 months to Port the whole game to PC. What a joke. My highschool had student projects that went for longer than 2 months. This crap never should make it past QA testing. All it takes is the development teams trying to finish the game on some personal PCs. It's really not that hard to get a large variety of samples with a small number of people. Let alone when you're making a triple god damn A title.

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