The Big Question: Bloodborne Or The Witcher 3

It's a stupid question. But that's what The Big Question is all about: stupid questions being answered. By you. 2015's early big hitters are out in the wild, which do you prefer?

Of course they're two completely different games with a different mechanics, aesthetics — different everything really. But this is about your own subjective opinion. Which of these two massive video games do you prefer?

It's difficult for me to tell really. I'm going to cop out by saying that I haven't played enough of The Witcher 3 yet. That being said, it's gonna be difficult to topple Bloodborne, which has easily been my favourite 'current' ge gaming experience so far. Early signs for The Witcher 3 are good, however. I loved Red Dead Redemption and this is basically Red Dead Redemption with swords. I'm down for that.


    I have only played Bloodborne, so seems it wins for me by default!

      That's what I was gonna say!

      Ditto. I know I'd enjoy Witcher 3, but I'm still getting so much out of Bloodborne, even after two complete playthroughs.

    Played neither, but the obvious question here, can't people enjoy both equally? Does everything in our industry have to be a 'which do you like more?' internet fight?

      Yeah I mean a better comparison would have been Dragon Age: Inquisition vs The Witcher 3. At least they are trying to be largely the exact same thing for audiences.

        Hey now, we want a good clean fight, not a curb-stomp.

          Haha it's funny how you don't realise how low your standards were until you find the real thing.

            I straight-up do not understand how we got this game. DRM-free, multi-plat, free-DLC, minimal bugs, high graphical quality, rich and emotional story-telling, staggering attention to detail, doesn't feel like it's ever wasting your time with bland padding but still manages to be fucking enormous, with myriad tiny decisions that have real (albeit tiny) consequences, none of which is screamed out at you like a back-of-the-box bullet point, but a point of discovery. From a mid-sized developer, no less.

            We somehow got once of the best games of the decade that trounces its AAA fellows in 2015 that yields critical and financial success, without customers getting exploited by publisher bullshit.

            Do not understand. Does not compute.

              Yeah, I talked about why Dragon Age failed and The Witcher succeeded at the same thing on another article. And honestly I believe it boils down to one choosing the characters for you, and the other giving you freedom at the expense of depth. With Geralt, every side-quest, every character, everything in the game, can play off of his established character.

              This means not making tropey, one size fits all game mechanics and storylines, it means tightly curated and well written stories and quests that make you feel part of the world you're in. Like characters are talking with you, not at you. When you know exactly who the player is playing as, you can make a better game because of it.

              I hate side-quests in games, but with The Witcher I am taking my time and completing as many different parts of it as I can. Because it feels like it respects my time and intelligence as a player, the same feeling I had with The Last Of Us. I felt the complete opposite when faced with Dragon Age's "content".

              The player-base begs for customisation, believing it brings depth and immersion, when in reality all it does it strip it away.

      I enjoy both. I have bloodborne obviously on ps4 and The witcher 3 on xbox one. I love BOTH!!! Literally my wifes pissed because i play witcher in my livingroom and top off the day playing bloodborne before i go to sleep in my bed room. Lol

    Witcher 3, mainly because I really like the story

    SImple, Mark can always add a "enjoy both equally" option.

      That's a cop out! You must choose! Even if you don't want to!

        It's a fight to the death!

          That fight really should have taken place on a slippery beam over a swimming pool.

    Oh wow, 66% (at time of writing) for Witcher 3, I'm a bit suprised. I suppose more people can play Witcher III, I wonder of those people who've played both (I've only played Bloodborne) prefer which

      Yeah, I think that Witcher 3 being on three platforms and an established IP give it a broader voter base. Bloodborne was niche. A gem, yes, but niche in terms of exposure.

    I've played both.

    Played bloodborne for a good few months but only a few times a week.

    Been playing The Witcher 3 non stop atleast 2 hours a day since it was released so it gets my vote on this one.

    Only played Witcher, so that.

    No interest in Bloodborne or Souls games.

    Which one allows be to publically fap myself in front of my gamer buddies while talking about how rad my gaming skills are?

    Oh that’s right, Bloodborne.

    I vote Bloodborne.

    P.S. Don’t tell anyone but that game is needlessly punitive and I hate it. The Witcher is fun though (I’m playing on easy).

      Maybe. I'll publicly admit that I'm terrible at Souls-like games, and basically only succeed through grinding. But the feeling of fear and trepidation when you enter a new area and encounter horrifying new enemies is unparalleled, especially when you contrast it with the ease that you fly through that same area once you fully know it (and have a few more levels under your belt).

      In short, I like the challenge of Bloodborne, but am definitely not rad. @mcgarnical can attest to that after my "awesome" attempts at coop last night.

        That's how everyone feels though, right?

        *watches DS speedrun*

        the feeling of fear and trepidation when you enter a new area and encounter horrifying new enemies is unparalleled, especially when you contrast it with the ease that you fly through that same area once you fully know it Well said! I think that captured the essence of the Souls game. Plus I would add the satisfaction you get when you finally beat a level / boss is a feeling no other games offer. I am like you though, I grind my way through those games (and loved it).

          I agree 100% I have been gaming for over 25 years and the pure joy and adrenaline rush you get from beating a boss in any souls game is unmatched by any other games I've ever played!!

          Ladies and gentlemen I give you SMOUGH & ORNSTEIN!

    Haven't really played much of either, so I can't really say which is better. I reckon Batman: Arkham Knight is going to smash them both though (for me at least).

      The buildup for Arkham Knight has been seemingly muted as far as I can see bar from a couple of articles on IGN. Considering Asylum and City were regarded as 2 of the best games of the last gen, I'd've expected a lot more fanfare 2 weeks out from launch.

      Anyway, I'll agree with you, I can't wait to get my grubby mitts on my Batmobile edition :D

        It's Rocksteady, so it's gonna be awesome.

          Bebop is better!

            If you mean Cowboy Bebop, then I wholeheartedly agree!

              Nah, only saw the film & wasn't as impressed as everyone else.

              I like FLCL.

                That's a bit like watching the Super Mario Bros movie and deciding that the games must suck.

                The movie is good, but it's aimed at those who have already watched the TV series. The TV series covers a lot of background that the movie skips, and ends stunningly.

                That said: if you like FLCL, you may want to look at: Excel Saga; Magical Shopping Arcade Abenobashi, Gurren Lagann or Kill la Kill. All these series have (to a greater or lesser extent) the same feel of fast, freewheeling action.

                  It ain't the action attracts me to FLCL , even if it's fantastic.
                  the reason I love it so much is it's thought provoking story about becoming an adult.

                  I tend to love stuff like Now & Then, Here & There, Ghost in the Shell Innocence, Akira, Haibane Renmei & anything Satoshi Kon directed (Millennium Actress almost had me in tears).

                  Whenever I wanna turn off my brain I go for fun stuff like Ninja Scroll & 90s horror anime like Demon City Shinjuku or Wicked City.

                  I'm probably just getting old but it's been a while since I've been able to sit through an entire series. Even the much loved Attack on Titan did nothing for me :-(

      I am not as excited about batman as I am about MGS V. Call me weird but I was never that into the two previous batman games even though they were great.

      Aw, hell naw, dawgue.

      Persona 5!

        I am ashamed to admit... I did not finish Persona 4... was about 40+ hours in and just couldn't go on


            Playing through P4G now, first JRPG i've played and it's amazing.

            Any idea if P5 is coming to vita?

    Now now Mark... that's like asking me which one of my kids is my favourite...
    None the less, I voted for Witcher 3.
    To me both are excellent games, but Bloodborne required my full attention (much like the souls game before it), and that to a degree is exhausting. When i was playing it I gave it my full attention but now I feel like a break. Part of me is afraid if I am to start playing it again it will took a huge chunk of my time (again).
    Witcher 3 is more relaxed in that regard. I can play it piece meal. The world is full of story and minute details just like Bloodborne (if not more). Only I fee I don't have to be all tense when I play it.


    And with all that out of the way.... the real reason are the boobs, I am serious, have you seen them boobs??

    Last edited 10/06/15 1:34 pm

      Too true. I stopped playing Bloodborne because I started becoming acutely aware of my rapid heartbeat and lingering anxiety. I play games to relax. This was not relaxing.

      Witcher 3 has similar mechanics - and is certainly challenging on the second to hardest difficulty - but it doesn't leave me feeling all burnt out and hollow like BB does.

      Still, I would like to go back to it one day...

        I imagine I will continue my new game plus closer to Dark Souls 3 release date. When all the hypes get to me once again...

    Ive played both and theyre both great, but bloodborne has had a much bigger impact on me.
    possibly because i never played a souls game before, but I think its just the whole story and lore being so up for interpretation that has gotten me. Has definitely made more invested in the game outside of actually playing it.
    Witcher is just somehow a bit dull for me lorewise, generic even to an extent.
    but great game nonetheless, i can definitely see why people are so into it.
    But yeah BB for me.

    I'd assume The Witcher will win this vote simply due to having a bigger audience.

      ...And being the better game.

        I was trying to be non-inflammatory, but if you wanted me to be honest...


    Haven't played either and likely won't. The Souls games cause me too much apprehension and I bailed on Witcher 2 not long after the training for the combat at the beginning - I'm a simpleton and having to load up on potions, putting oils on swords, changing signs before and during combat was too much for me.

      I failed at W2 as well, have heard W3 introduces the combat better & just plays better overall.
      so I was like you, but now thinking I should at least have a go.

        You really should. I never played the previous 2 so I can't say if it is an improvement. I did play Dragon Age: Inquisition though and in my opinion Witcher 3 is a clear winner compare to DAI. To me Witcher 3 has the best mission structure and world building I have ever experienced in gaming.

          I love Dragon age for very different reasons.

          I was going into W2 looking for more Bioware style chatting but soon realised there was a much more hardcore combat style in use that I just couldn't get my head around.

          I am keen to try W3, it won't be for a while though because I just don't have the spare cash after falling in love with Dark Souls & buying all the other similar From Software games.

            and.... Dark Souls 3 is on the horizon... if the rumors are true.

      I also bailed on the Witcher 2. Twice. 3 is much much better, dont be afraid to purchase.

    Bit of a strange poll. Witcher was always going to win this.
    I mean, a game that's out on Xbone, PS4 and PC vs...a PS4 exclusive?

    It will allow people who actually have access to a PS4 to discuss the merits of both games, I guess

    Regardless, I voted for Witcher just because it's one of the best games I've played in the last few years

    Last edited 10/06/15 11:51 am

    Both are great games in their respective genre. One is open world narrative and quest driven while the other is open world and player driven.

    Personally I would like more interaction between characters so that I can immerse myself into the game so I chose Witcher. Bloodborne is fun but going around a world with less than 20 people to talk to is rather sad for me.

    Where's pillars of eternity?

    My issue with bloodborne was that it got too samey, yes each boss is different but every combat boils down to dodge hit dodge hit dodge hit over and over and over again.

    My issue with the witcher 3 is that it's just so slow and combat is so plodding and the combat animations are mmo like. Way too many quests involve talking to person A then running to talk to person B in another town then running to talk to person A again then going to investiage an area then return to person A then go tell person B what person A said.

      If you're only dodging in Bloodborne, you're shutting yourself off from the gratification of Visceral Attacks, That's where the real skill comes in.

        Except for the bosses were they are broken and don't register any damage. But anyway even with the shot it's still repetetive combat with the lack of new mechanics or abilities

        Last edited 10/06/15 6:41 pm

          Bloodbornes lack of mechanics and abilities? Im sorry but do you have brain damage? In witcher3 there is only one move. One girly sword twirl no matter what weapon you have equipped.

          Bloodborne has completely different move-sets for each differing weapon type (scythes, ball and chain, dual wielded swords, halberds, spears, daggers, crossbows, bow and arrows, staffs, shields.. There is literally a new set of animations and attacks for every single weapon type. Not to mention power stancing which only goes into effect when you are using certain weapons.

          Bloodborne also has varying weapon ranges, speeds, durability, weight, encumberance, etc..

          Bloodborne developers make CDPR look like amateurs. One sword twirl? Seriously?

          Thats not to mention bloodbornes seamless UI which allows you to apply spells/buffs to weapons while cycling through the d-pad without even having to pause the game first.

    I'm really surprised by the results so far. Having played both I can safely say they are both amazing games, but to me Bloodborne definitely has the edge. The Witcher 3 has too many glitchy issues that get in the way of enjoying the experience.

    For me, Bloodborne is an exquisitely prepared meal served at a michelin-starred restaurant.

    Witcher 3 is a breakfast buffet at a 5-star hotel.

    Oh god I'm hungry now. But anyway, my point is that they are two extremely tempting and delicious propositions, yet different in taste, style and quantity. I voted for Bloodborne because I think that purely in terms of gameplay mechanics, it is tighter and more rewarding than Witcher 3. I would definitely give Witcher 3 the nod for story and character variety though.

      Well said! And good analogy, it confirmed why I voted for Witcher 3. I love buffets....

    I'm going with the Witcher. Bloodborne is amazing, but the difficulty is still off-putting. I play games to relax, and while I like the occasional challenge, having enemies that range from "challenging" to "instagib," and no real moments of peace, doesn't really gel with the amount of time I have available these days. I'd rather mosey about in Witcher, hunt treasure, take contracts and investigate the world and its inhabitants - there's always a story to uncover.

    I ended up trading in bloodborne for witcher 3.

    Bloodborne was fun but I was always thinking, wtf am I doing here? I know being obtuse is supposed to be part of the appeal but it's not enough for me!

    Witcher 3 on the other hand is the other end of the spectrum. There is so much story that it makes even minor quests a joy as you're always lead in a direction you didn't expect.

    I haven't had this much fun with a game in years. It might sound like a weird comparison but this game reminds me of Zelda 64, a world seemingly filled with stuff to do.

    Last edited 10/06/15 12:46 pm

    I expected Witcher 3 to win by a landslide, but I wouldn't even compare TW3 to any of the souls games..Bloodborne included.

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