The Big Question: Invisibility Or Flying

Only the big, important questions here at Kotaku AU. If you could have one superpower, either invisibility or flying, which would you choose?

Without revealing too much, this question is supposed to reveal certain aspects of your personality. Which is fun to consider, and then poke lots of holes in, because nothing so shallow should be taken as concrete.

For me, it's flying, just for the fun factor. There's perhaps more you could do with invisibility. But... Flying.

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    Flying. Invisibility lets me explore the current world, within the limits of "I can walk there."

    Flying though, lets me explore everywhere.

      If you are invisible you can just walk on to any plane you like.

        Which you're then trapped on for X amount of hours, without food or water

          Yes but you can also make rich people think that first class is haunted.

        Doesn't get me to the top of a mountain.

        Plus, I'd totally fly to work.

      Invisibility. Because sexual deviancy. I mean......nah screw it, I stand by my comment.

        Yep. However, it would still leave you open to detection via touch, sound, smell or body heat. Don't get me wrong, the crimes you could commit by being invisible would be well worth it, much more so than flying, but there would be limits.

    Flying I guess. While you might save money on clothing if you were invisible. I'd like the savings on petrol.
    If I had more open choice, Teleportation. Similar to flying but quicker. As you can tell I hate long car trips.

      if you were invisible you could hitch a ride anywhere for free, jump on a plane, train or even in someones car

        True, however if you are invisible you'll likely have to stand in the corner. As if you were sitting people probably think there's a free seat and end up sitting on you. With the public transport I'm faced with, they are likely to stand on you in the corner.

          Once on said transport you could become visible

            I guess on a plane you could wait for take off, but assigned seats will be a bit hit and miss. Train's you could move around to avoid ticket inspectors, hope the train isn't the 4:35 to Ballarat which is standing room only. Think the Taxi Driver would notice you turn up in the back seat.
            Maybe you'll be boating and taking the bus around.

    Invisibility, for... research purposes, yeah lets go with that.

    Flying is all good until you smack into a bird.

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      yeah yeah Im with you. research. sexy sexy research.

    for my current life I will gladly take flying. If I wanted to start a job as a spy, or pervert than I would go for invisibility.

      You can get employment as a pervert? Damn, I been doing it as a hobby all these years!

        yea, its called being a paparazzi...hear it pays quite well

      Logically speaking, you could make more easy money with invisibility. Not saying its all legal...but easier. But who needs money when you can fly!


    I guess invisibility...maybe? I dunno

      I chose invisibility because if I could fly , I know some prick will take shots at me.

      At least if I'm invisible I can hide.

    Invisibility always seems like a great power until you realise that still being bound by gravity and your physical limits means that you can't actually get to the places where it would be most useful. Thus I will always pick flying. Partially because of the freedom of movement, partially because I hate crowds and being able to just fly away or over them would be awesome.

      The downsides are why I'm less inclined toward flying... you just know you're going to go fast. That's the point that everyone likes. But the problem with that is the odds of slicing yourself into ribbons on power lines or getting completely taken out by a bird going the opposite direction too small for you to see but not too small to explode your skull through the eye socket. Some pole is going to be sticking out in the middle of nowhere and out of thousands of square metres of air, you just know you're going to whang yourself on it fatally.

        Who said you fly faster than a walking pace?

          If you can't fly faster than walking pace, then DEFINITELY invisibility.

          Unless that also comes with some monkey paw bullshit, like... "Your food isn't invisible! People get to see your masticated meal floating around!"

            For me it would have to be like Bilbo and the Ring. If you are invisible and you are touching it in a possessory sense (as opposed to brushing against something or opening a door for example) then that object also becomes invisible. Clothes, weapons, backpacks, shopping bags etc = all invisible. How else could I steal stuff? My goal would be to become the ultimate cat burglar.

              Where is the profit in stealing cats?

                I dunno but one of our local pet shops is selling ex-RSPCA cats (i.e. moggies on death row) for $1300. There must be profit in there somewhere I tells ya!

    Comfortably flying. Besides going Kevin Bacon I can't really see the advantages of invisibility.

    Flying I can soar the skies and fight birds.

    Invincibility then skiing, biking, wingsuiting would be as fun or more than flying.

    EDIT: I read that as invincibility - flying is way better than invisibility. I wouldn't have thought that was a super power in the same league as flight..

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      Invincibility and then taking on Mayweather or becoming top dog in the UFC :-)

      Invincibility has its downside. Say somebody decides to drop you into a pool of setting concrete...

      Depending on the extent to which you equate invincibility with immortality - if you were truly immortal you would spend, statistically speaking, the entirety of your life in extreme subzero cold.

      Anyway. In my case, flying. Invisibility would mainly be helpful in doing things which I have absolutely no interest in doing. I wouldn't worry too much about bird strikes - it's a big sky, and I can always wear a motorcycle helmet.

      I used to lucid dream about flying. At least I assume it was lucid dreaming, as I have distinct memories of flying and wondering why nobody noticed.

    Flying would be nice, but it is super obvious you can fly, in less then a month you will probably be locked up in secret research base. Hence if I had to have one of them, it would be invisibility, and hopefully go my whole life with no one knowing I had a super power.

      I have the same thought but different outcome from you. Flying is obvious so being locked up isn't good, so I choose invisibility. Then I think about it, there's no use for Invisibility in everyday life, other than changing your lifestyle and start committing crime. So I actually default back to Flying and hope the government isn't as much of a dick as we presume they are.

    How fast can we fly? I also assume that we don't have to worry about air pressure or lack of ability to breath. If so flying any day. But if I can only go like 100kmh no way would I take flying. If I can go at least as fast as a plane with no issues definitely flying.

    Flying. But it wins only be default.

    Invisibility has too great a risk of walking into a room where you're the topic of discussion, and you learn what people really think of you.

    Flying. I already seem to have invisibility in most social situations, and there's not much point to being invisible when no-one's around. :3

    Probably flying. But while it sounds fun it would have its drawbacks, you couldn't get too high or fast because you'd pass out, so avoiding those things would make you an easier target to get shot down by the people inevitably freaked out by the person who is flying and is seen as a threat. Plus if you can't go too fast and you're in Australia then you're pretty much bound to the country because of the distances involved in flying to another country. Do you really want to be stuck flying across the ocean for hours? You can bring food/water I suppose, but you're still going to fry in that sun. Flying would only really be good if you also had Superman's invulnerability.

    Invisibility would suck. If you found yourself in a crowded area you'd get trampled, if your clothes weren't also invisible then you'd have to be naked and exposed to the elements so you could only use it on a nice weather day (and also wouldn't be able to make yourself visible to avoid being trampled in the above mentioned crowd unless you want to be suddenly naked in a crowd).

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      Start your world trip off in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea. Work clockwise around then head back to Russia - Alaska, continue down North America south.

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    Invisibility........mainly so I can rob places and fuck with people's minds.

      yes....their minds....that's what you want to fuck....yes....

    With the air traffic we have now? Invisibility, thanks


    I think flying would have the same issue as driving - it's all well and good going short distances, but for a long-haul trip I'd much rather ride a train/bus/plane and just sleep/read/watch movies/etc.

    Plus, flying would be too obvious. If you stay low, you get spotted and hunted down for research (and most probably dissection). If you go high up, you freeze and/or choke to death. If you go slow, it takes forever to go long distances, but if you go too fast then you get ripped up by wind resistance (unless there's so Speed Force-type factor that's saving you from the stress on your body of moving quickly, but I might be reading too much into this).

    Invisibility would come more in handy, I think, without as much of the risk.

      I cannot think of one use for Invisibility that doesn't involve crime. What use is there for being Invisible in everyday life?

      At least with flying it's useful for simple things and you could use it discretely without being caught.


    First i would pick someone at random and every day slap him as hard as i can. Do so for several years until he gets used to it and submits. Then ill stop. 1 day passes... no slap. 3 days pass... no slap. He starts getting hope, "is it really over?" he asks himself. then on the 4th day i shove a banana up his ass and whisper in his ear "every day for the rest of your life"

      hahaha that is so weird. love it. ...and if you somehow gain invisibility....dont do this to me.

      I'd choose Invisibility, so @Decoy cant find me with his banana.

        too scared you might like it??

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    FLYING! - It can be very handy with that super power. Picking things that's placed too high, saving yourself if you fall off a cliff. Just have to be careful of power lines and planes.

    As for Invisibility, that's too dangerous, what if you are crossing the road and incoming traffic coming at you cannot swivel away due to you activating your Invisibility power. Or if you are invisible in a room where someone is holding a cup of hot water, they can't see you, they could walk right into you if you're not paying attention

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