The Deathinitive Edition Hits Consoles Q1 2016

Briefly: If you've been waiting to know when the remastered edition of Darksiders 2 would be out, you're in luck: publisher Nordic Games says The Deathinitive Edition will be hitting current-gen consoles in early 2016, running at 1080p and with all the DLC from the last-gen version included.


    These guys just cant let sleeping dogs lie. Give it up already. It was pretty mediocre.

      Yeah, I don't think anyone was asking for this.

      Given that the original publisher went bankrupt and the IP was sold off I for one am glad that it's still around and kicking. Disappointing that it's just a re-master but Nordic Games are significantly smaller than THQ ever was.

    Jesus 2016? Why the hell even announce it

    Yeah, alright, I'll bite. I've been waiting to try this for a while, so I guess this is a good excuse.

    Not mentioned in the story.

    The original developers,Vigil, were shut down when THQ went under.
    They went to Crytek where they operated as Crytek US. Nordic approached them about doing this, but they refused as Crytek wanted them to work on their MOBA.
    Crytek ran into money problems and laid them all off.
    They started a new, independent, studio... vowing never to be screwed over by an owner again.
    Nordic went to them again and asked them to do it, with an eye to remastering the first one and working on 3 and 4 afterwards.

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