The Division's Multiplayer Looks Brutal

Good news: The Division, Ubisoft's tactical Tom Clancy game, now has a release date: March 8, 2016. Better yet, Ubisoft debuted 5 minutes of new footage that give us a sense of just how savage playing with other Division players might be.

Here we watch a squad go into something called a Dark Zone. They encounter two different teams, both of which are not friendly. There is a moment of tension, as all the players involved have to decide how to move forward. Do they team up? Do they turn on each other? Overall, it reminds me a hell of a lot like the dog-eat-dog world of DayZ, especially when the demo gets to the end and a player on the squad decides to turn on his teammates. Daaaamn.

That said, we've heard some troubling stuff about the game's development...

Just worth keeping in mind.


    I dont like it.
    Its going to be a game FILLED with trolls.

      My sentiment exactly; give people the freedom to be dicks and you can count on them exercising it at any cost.

        Do people not have friends to play these online games with? It's not hard to find people of a similar ilk wanting to progress and NOT turn on others.

        I'm excited for it, but I know I'm picking my squad-mates carefully.

          As with Destiny finding 3-5 people who can jump in and team up with you exactly when you have free time to play is pretty rare.

          That said if you have a group of friends who are always available for co-op good for you.

          I for one don't feel comfortable going to LFG websites for a game where people can kill you if they so wish meaning I'd have to wait for people I'm comfortable with to have a window of free time that coincides with mine.

            This is what Clans are for :)

              ......... Consoles don't exactly have the most user friendly social interface, even if you were part of a clan nothing to ever stop a clanmate from screwing people over if a really rare item drops and ninja'ing the loot.

              I can't believe people are actually advocating a game that encourages loot-ninjas effectively?

                The repercussions of that clan-mate 'ninja-looting' would obviously be rather severe from the clans perspective.

                I've had no issue with the social interfaces Re: Destiny, my brother and I had clan mates etc and it always worked fine when trying to find people to play with

                  Oh I didn't realize Destiny introduced in-game clan chat/lobby's since launch; well yeah then that would make a difference. I mean at launch they had nothing in game for people to LFG in or even speak to clan mates through.

      Yeah that was a strange thing to showcase, it's like telling people you can't trust anyone or something at which point, why the fuck would I want to play with people I don't know and not just shoot randoms on sight? =/

        It'll probably be fine if you play with friends. Imagine pulling such a dick move on your mates... they'll never talk to you again. Haha.

          From the video, I imagine that would be my way of saying, "You guys just decided to gang up on some friendly helpful players and steal their hard-earned loot, this is MY way of saying 'I'm not going to play with the kind of people who do that'."

      If even the devs are trolling, imagine how much of it will happen in real life. Still, could be a cool concept.

        What worries me is that the game rewards you for backstabbing people. In Helldivers where there's no reward for friendly fire you still get the odd dickwad who'll go out of his way to kill his team-mates. In a game where you're rewarded for doing so... well I can only imagine the long term feedback on that.

      Yes and no. As others have mentioned, you find friends to play with. If you trust your team, you can play much more effectively (eg. covering fire only works if you trust your teammates not to shoot you in the back). I think in the long term, you will find squadmates that you trust and have fun playing with, and weed out the trolls.

    I was excited about this a year ago.... Now with all the delays and development problems I'm not expecting much.
    Hopefully I'll be pleasantly surprised when it finally arrives, but I doubt it.

    I was super excited for this after the 2013 trailer.
    Now I'm thinking it will be a game ruined by a high percentage of shitty people in the community.

    PVP is what happens when developers run out of time and money to develop real content.

    See: Every indie multi-player lobby PVP game with dead servers on Steam. Any time I see a PVP-only battle arena with gorgeous art or clever, satisfying combat mechanics, the only thing I can think of is, "Man, it'd be awesome if someone actually made a real game out of this deathmatch-only-tech-demo/proof-of-concept."

    So it was with Destiny's butchered solo story, so it will be with The Division. Just wait for the dev interview really hyping the reliance on 'emergent gameplay'.

      ? I don't understand that. Do you generally not PvP at all?

      PvP is fun for, well, facing other humans thinking like a human and not a bot. I can't argue your Indie PVP point asides from my opinion of, people that PvP like to play on more 'Mainstreamed' games set for PvP i guess, IE: Battlefield, DotA, Civ etc etc.

      Destiny also had butchered PvP, drastically so. It wasn't just the singleplayer content that got cut.

        Actually PvP at it's core is about proving you're better than your competition. It's war on a social and acceptable level where your enjoyment is earned at someone else's expense. Unless of course you're playing against people who like losing in PvP; personally I don't.

        This isn't to say I don't enjoy PvP games; I've spent hundreds of hours in CoD, Desiny's PvP, Dota 2, Dota 1, HoN, HotS and BF4. And I enjoyed winning and losing just motivated me to get better. However these games have established parameters where you accept your enjoyment or frustration within the preset rules of the game.

        The Division doesn't establish any of those boundaries, it's PvE and PvP whenever you feel like it. I've played one other game that does that and it's WoW. And nothing pisses me off more than when I'm questing and levelling just to be ganked by a bored level 100 who's looking for a couple of giggles. That end battle in the Division wasn't fair on any level, they basically ambushed their allies so they could steal loot. If you feel shooting someone else in the back is a fun dimension to a game then well we have very different definitions of fun. Personally I prefer playing a PvP game where I know who my enemies are. But hey maybe other game developers will take this on board and allow people in future CoD games and BF games to shoot their own team mates.

          Which is why PvP is only limited to Dark Zones - has Kotaku even covered that? You *don't* have to go in there, and you don't have to take the quests to go in there. You can find plenty of ample loot outside of those zones.

          This essentially comes back to my point in my previous comment that you replied to - finding people that you can trust that you can run these with. I trust my Destiny group fairly well, I've played with them (for example) since Destiny launched - and 90% of them would move over to The Division. I found them through DestinyLFG. There's no reason as to why anyone can't find a solid group of people. You use these boards as well, why can't you find a group of people on Kotaku to play with to counter that?

          Once you have your solid, dedicated squad, then you definitely know who your enemies are.

            The problem isn't just running with a group you trust; it's about finding a time that suits the whole group in order to engage in that content. It's basically locking away a section of the game that you can only tackle if you can find a group of people you trust as well as share your real life time constraints.

            That's a pretty bloody short list.... it's creating a challenge just to check out that content of the game. It's like creating a raid within Destiny or WoW where your guild/raidmates are given the freedom to turn on the team when the boss is at 1% hp so they can get the loot for themselves. This means you can't pug with people you don't know or don't trust, so you're forced to ensure 100% attendance for group content at a fixed time. It just seems like a very elitist and unfriendly mechanic and it's not even based in proper PvP mechanics.

    Just had this happen to me but i died on accident and when i came back to get my dropped items, 8 purples, only 2 were left. And it tells you on the screen who steals your loot when they do it. Like they want you to know your teammate stole it. Lol. Its kinda fun but really shady when your with a team for an hour, helping them, only to have them loot your stuff.

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