The E3 Sony Conference Liveblog: Give Me Dark Souls III Or Grant Me Death

Phew! It's the final E3 conference of the day. AND YES WE'RE LIVEBLOGGING AGAIN. Bear with me on this one friends — I've been up since 1am and I'm starting to get a little bit delirious.

Also — just in case you missed it, you can watch the livestream of the Sony conference here.

10.45 What are you expecting from this one? To be honest, I'm expecting a little more fat compared to the lean, mean Microsoft conference. I'm expecting a little bit more time spent on Project Morpheus. I'm also expecting a barnbusting Uncharted trailer. Other than that? All bets are off.

10.53 Oh yeah, The Last Guardian.

11.00 Alright, kicking off!

11.03 Oh man, I hope this guy isn't the guy doing all the event like Jack used to. No. Please no. God no.

11.07 Holy shit.

Wow, I honestly can't believe I just watched that. Man. I don't even really know how to judge it properly. It exists, it will be released and we will play it. Wow.

Man, just wow.

11.17 Okay, I've recovered. This new title from Guerilla Games looks fantastic. Fucking robot dinosaurs in a post apocalyptic/tribal setting. Jesus.

11.21 This thing looks like it came from the mind of an eight year old boy. And for once I mean that as a compliment.

11.22 See — CGI trailers are okay if you don't know what the game is gonna look like. So yeah, I'm okay with that. It's Hitman, it shows off the new style, the new aesthetic. Looks really cool in my opinion.

I seriously have no idea how you justify giant robot dinosaurs in your fiction but, fuck it. I'm gonna just roll with it.

11.26 Now onto No Man's Sky. Jesus, it's funny the game's that just fall off your radar. Super excited for this as well.

11.30 Holy shit. This game is something else. Not saying anything else right now. Watching.

11.33 Just want to say that the variety of gaming experiences being shown in the Sony conference is pretty special. This is making me excited about games.

11.36 I have no idea what this Dreams thing is. I don't understand it at this point. Pretty vague and weird presentation to be honest.

11.42 Man, it's gonna take a lot to get me back into Destiny I'm afraid.

11.45 See that was already a better showing than Assassin's Creed at the Ubisoft conference.

11.50 I'm in the minority here I'm sure of it, but I think the Final Fantasy VII remake is a pretty terrible idea. But man, people are so excited. More excited than they were for The Last Guardian.

11.54 Holy shit, Shenmue III? This conference is like fan fiction. It doesn't even seem real.

11.58 No idea what's going on with that Batman stuff? A pre-order bonus? Seems really cool though. Super well presented.

12.00 Okay, Sony doing the right thing by Project Morpheus. They know that VR doesn't present well. People are going to have to get hands on with that thing to get an understanding of how cool it is.

12.03 Yep, Activision. Makes sense for them to unveil the new COD on the Sony stage. I suspect that's where most of their audience will be this generation.

12.08 I feel like the first half of this E3 conference was kinda fresh and glorious. Then it slipped into the realms of fan fiction. Now it's sort of E3 by the numbers.

12.12 And with that multiplayer video, the line between reality and 420 Blaze It grows ever shorter.

12.15 Man, I take the piss, but E3 conferences have come a long way. These are actually watchable. Both Microsoft and Sony have done a great job.

12.17 Disney Infinity? Great timing. Was just thinking I needed a cup of tea. BRB.

12.20 Okay dokey, let's check out some more Battlefront.

Man this game is just an old fashioned looker. Such a fucking gorgeous looking video game.

12.26 Oh gawd, abort! Mission abort! Wow. That was weird. An actual issue with the game. Again, I like it. Don't mind that sort of thing. We're getting a real sense that this a proper video game we can play.

12.32 Well, as you might have expected. Uncharted looked phenomenal. Great writing, great visuals, perfect set pieces and a proper sense of stakes and drama. Great conference from Sony. Pretty amazing.

And that's that. Thanks for hanging out with me all morning into the afternoon. See you at Nintendo!


    Buy me Dark Souls 3 or go to hell!

      Nah, Dark Souls 3 already got an outing in Microsoft's presser this morning. I doubt MS would have thrown money at it if Sony already had it stitched up.

    The Last could happen... could....




    Last edited 16/06/15 11:08 am

      I don't know man, after all these years... I want it to happen but terrified that it's not going to live up to the hype.

    I am hoping for some tasty Persona 5 goodness!

    I think this'll be the Microsoft Press Conference 2.0.

    I wouldn't be surprised to see backwards compatibility get a showing at Sony's press conference as well. Still keeping PS Now for titles/streaming that people DON'T have, and introducing it along the same timeline as Microsoft, or ... just to annoy Phil ... "it's available, right now".

    Most first-party titles. A smattering of indies (PS still want to be the 'home' of indies). Microsoft seem to have beaten Sony to a lot of 'partnerships' outside of their home studios. Ubisoft should get a showing - some AC gameplay most likely.

    Replace HoloLens Demo with Morpheus Demo.

    The Last Guardian. This is the year. I can sense it.

    Kind of interested in Morpheus. Not something I can see myself ever actually buying, but curious to see what they can do with it.

    Hopefully see what their internal studios have got apart from Uncharted 4. Guerilla's new IP? Something from Media Molecule? Something from Santa Monica that hopefully isn't God of War but probably will be?

    twisted metal reboot or time crisis or dino crisis or legacy of kain soul reaver. Reboot all the franchises!

    Last edited 16/06/15 10:57 am

    11:00 am The Vita is now Sony's core product focus and the PS4 is now a legacy product. ^_-

    I want COD!!!
    Nah just kidding ;)

    Last edited 16/06/15 10:59 am

    gee that guy has a giant head. dont think we getting much destiny seen as bungie will be doing something tomorrow i think.

      Sony bought a year of exclusivity over certain content, the fact Bungie are doing their own presser ahead of The Taken King's release in September suggests to me that from here on out there's not favouritism.

    Go Square Gooooooooooooooooo.

    Glaswegian music represent.

    Does anyone enjoy watching a company mouthpiece talking up their company?

      I am SHOCKED that companies would advertise their upcoming products at a convention designed for companies to advertise their upcoming products.


    1. Show The Last Guardian.
    2. Drop Mic
    3. End presser.

      No mic drops, walk away’s or other acts of grandiose douchbaggary thanks.

      Is it too much to ask that people in and around the gaming sphere behave like professionals and not complete tools?

      (yes, yes it is).

      Last edited 16/06/15 11:15 am

    Sony kills the opening already, E3 really is pulling out the stops this year.

    it looks soooooooooo good, all the hype

    gosh....that was a lovely opening.

    Opening with their most requested game? Bold move Sony

    A new game from Guerrilla games? Yes please

    If this is in game it looks incredible

      Constant in game running commentary from the character feels like it might get annoying quickly though

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