Xenoblade Chronicles X Hits The Western World In December


The epic Wii U role-playing game Xenoblade Chronicles X that has so far failed to thrill one of our guys in Japan, where it is already out, will make it to North America just before Christmas. It will be out on December 4.


  • that has so far failed to thrill one of our guys in Japan

    You fail to mention that he didn’t like Xenoblade Chronicles. Basically you got the only guy on the Kotaku payroll who could speak Japanese to review a game he has no interest in. Classic Kotaku

    Also, where’s the ‘briefly’ at the beginning of the article? Or is this considered a fully fledged article?

    Anyway, enough of the daily @kotakuinternational bashing, I’m still to get a Wii U, but this might tip me over the edge, especially with the new Zelda on the horizon as well

    • I agree with you on that. If the guy didn’t like the original game, then there’s a really low chance, he’d enjoy, the next game. But ignoring his feelings on the game, I still believe this game is going to be a masterpiece. When you watch gameplay, you see a rpg worth playing. The only thing that believe this game may lack, but I hope it has, is two player. I mean like you can play on the same console with a friend, etc.

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