The Fallout 4 Announcement Has Begun

The Fallout 4 Announcement Has Begun

It's official: Fallout 4 is coming. Bethesda just put up a countdown timer leading up to the announcement, which will apparently take place tomorrow.

It's curious to see Bethesda announce the game before their E3 conference, which takes place on June 14, but it's happening. Yesterday, a person familiar with goings-on at the company told me that a 24-hour countdown clock would be launching today and lead up to a Fallout 4 announcement this week. Looks like that's true, although of course it's possible they will drag this out with an extended ARG or other teasers leading up to the 14th.

Fallout 4, a sequel to Bethesda's 2008 post-apocalyptic RPG, is one of the most anticipated games in recent history, and it's been driving everyone nuts for years now. Back in December of 2013, we posted leaked casting documents indicating the game would be in Boston, but we haven't heard much since then, despite countless fake rumours and vague teases.

That "please stand by" image, of course, is straight out of Fallout:


    YAY!!! Take me money :)

    I'm not sure what I want more. Fallout 4 or this to be an announcement of a f2p mobile game so I can watch the world burn.

      Nah, it's going to be an online only MMORPG with a RRP of $120, $20/Month subscription, P2W stores and no ability to actually have fun.

      IPhone exclusive at launch.

        Do you kick puppies, burn kittens and orphan millionaire children for shits and giggles?????

          Jeez, the kittens get shafted in that deal while the dogs are comparably unscathed.

      Careful now, that kind of talk is how you get put on Police watchlists :-P

      Or an announcement of a remaster of Fallout 3.

        I would love it if the last gen games were re-released and optimised for the current long as Fallout 4 is also there ;)

        I am more okay with this idea than expected.

      This has to be probably the most upvoted comment I've ever seen on Kotaku.

      so I can watch the world burn.

      I don't want to set the world on fire. I just want to start a flame in your heart.

    I'm taking this with a grain of salt. Wouldn't be the first time someone's put up a fake site like this

      It's official though. The article says so.

      It is official. Pete Hines has been talking it up on Twitter

      It came from the official twitter accounts run by Bethesda... maybe do your research?

        It doesn't say anything about it coming from Twitter in the article and the article is what I based my comment on or do I need to cross reference and cite my sources to comment now

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          No, you're just misinformed.

          The source is cited as Bethesda's official fallout blog,

          Going to their developer blog also redirects there.

          There have been so many fakeouts that it's good and proper to be skeptical, even cynical, but this time is different and very easy to verify. There's a definite Fallout announcement coming.

      Looking around the page's source we can find some great little Easter eggs...
      PA system failure has occured.
      Shutdown of the Masterbrain has been authorized and all sensitive materials have been removed for security purposes.
      Please attempt re-access. Have a pleasant day.

      The code is written in the same style, hosted on Bethesda's Website and has been confirmed by multiple officials. Also, the URL is, if it's fake, Bethesda should be very....very scared.

        All I ment by this was that I'm going into this sceptical because I've been let down by these thing in the past not saying it's out right fake

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          Of course, I'm just giving you some reasons to get hyped haha


    I only just got up and I have to change my pants already!

    Called this when the Bethesda e3 invite not showing fallout silhouette. Finally a new fallout!

    *jumping and clapping like a giddy school girl at a 1D concert*

    While I love the idea of Fallout 4 coming, I hate all this teaser garbage. Why can't they just announce it straight away and avoid all of this ?

    Clearly after the fakes it would have been the best option.

      It ensures as many people have eyes on them as possible. Just an announcement would trickle out from news sites whereas now they'll have a whole heap of people anxiously waiting and refreshing their site.

      Hypetrain is best train. No complaints here. Not their fault jerks made fakes constantly leading up to the real deal.

        But all those fakes only have credibility because Bethesda play these stupid hype games. If Fallout 4 was just announced and relied on trailers and junk for hype like a regular game then when we're waiting for Fallout 5 the fake teasers wouldn't seem like real announcements.

      Looking forward to only seeing a live action "trailer". Wonders why any game publisher does that.

    I also don't recall this being put up from any of the Australian guys. E3 thing going down in Sydney from Bethesda

    Why not just announce it now? Why waste time with a countdown timer if we know it's fallout?

      Because it will lead to a trailer or teaser and e3 will show actual gameplay.

    Oooh, found this embedded in the code of the page:

    PA system failure has occured.
    Shutdown of the Masterbrain has been authorized and all sensitive materials have been removed for security purposes.
    Please attempt re-access. Have a pleasant day.

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    I just came here to say ...... GIGITTY !!


    Last edited 03/06/15 8:46 am

    Excellent news to fall asleep to last night

    I lived under a rock back in the Fallout days. Bethesda only came to my attention after I put about 270 hours into Skyrim.

    Is Fallout really that good?

      you should be able to pick up fallout 3 really cheap, and yes it is pretty good if you like the setting. Judging from the 270 hours in Skyrim you enjoy exploring and finding random things to explore and crazy things to kill, so that will fit nicely. If you also enjoy FPS games I would pick this up, although to be honest you can use your VATS for most of the fighting so you don't even have to be good at FPS games to enjoy it.

        pick upfallout 3 and play through it, then install the dlc and play through that, then pick up fallout: new vegas and its dlc and play through it. Now while i love NV over Fallout 3, both of them are just way better than skyrim. the story and characters are just soo much better in fallout 3 and NV than in skyrim

      It's Skyrim's older brother with guns, basically.

      I've put in over 500 hours on Skyrim myself, and definitely don't regret the couple of hundred hours I put into Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

      Last edited 03/06/15 11:03 am

      The original fallout is one of the games of it's generation. For those of us who played it back in the dark ages, fallout has a huge amount of nostalgia.
      The remakes Fallout 3 and NV took it in a totally different direction gameplay wise but still kept the core fallout vibe.

      So to answer, yes they are really that good

        Holy shit, someone who loves the original games and then doesn't hate on the Bethesda games :D

          I loved FO3 to death. Completely indifferent towards skyrim. I just couldn't click with the latter and I love fantasy.

          Last edited 03/06/15 4:18 pm

          I was very resistant because I still consider Fallout 2 to be the best RPG I have ever played (just beats out Baldurs Gate 2) but I learned to love the new Fallouts.

          I also played wasteland back in the day (i am really old) so i got pedigree.

    You have the entirety of your E3 conference to announce it, unless they have something spectacularly new also to reveal at E3 then this could have waited. Same thing happened last year with something that I can't remember either. They could have lead with this then dropped a demo at E3 and basically won hands down there and then but they they put up a teaser, term used loosely because people know what it is for anyway and surprise nobody.

      Agreed. it tires me that all of this stuff gets announced 2 weeks before e3. I'm a big fan of e3, I take a couple of days off work so I can stay up and watch it all live, but year on year there's increasingly less point in doing so because most of the surprises are typically ruined already.

    Half Life 3 confirmed...oh wait, wrong one. nevermind.

      this would be the best possible day to announce Half Life 3. Watching two enormous hype trains collide...

        I don't think that I could handle that.


    That's pretty much the sound that came out of my mouth when I saw this. Can't wait!

    I see them announcing a deal with Valve to include VATS into Half-Life 3. They will also confirm that Fallout 4 has gone the way of Titan because they couldn't make it "fun"

    Shock of the century, i am not really a big fan of Fallout, i played New Vegas for about 30 minutes, tried to open a locked door, got chased out of town and then the game crashed. Uninstalled and never touched it again.

      If that was a Steam review you missed the "10/10 Would play again."

      Last edited 03/06/15 10:11 am

    Hoping for a release date so I know just how much precious time I have left to cherish with my loved ones.

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