The Fallout 4 'Pip-Boy' Edition Is An EB Games Exclusive

Today at its E3 conference, Bethesda announced the 'Pip-Boy' pre-order edition of Fallout 4. People got excited.

Here's the bad news: the Pip-Boy Edition is exclusive to EB Games.

Meaning if you want the Pip-Boy Edition of Fallout 4, along with the wearable Pip-Boy merchandise, you will have to purchase it through EB Games, you won't be able to go through any other Australian retailer.

For me? It's as good an excuse as any to pass on the Pip-Boy edition. If you're a dedicated Fallout fan I understand the appeal, but I can't see myself using the Pip-Boy accessory for anymore than five minutes, particularly if the app works on the phone with or without it. Also, I'm not a fan of pre-ordering video games in general, particularly when it's tied into weird store exclusives. I'll be skipping this one I think.


    I do think that this is very cool, but I doubt I'd use it often enough to warrant a pretty expensive purchase.

    20yr old me would have been all over this but I'm past the point of putting an accessory on my arm to then attach a phone to access menus I can do in game. Don't get wrong it looks great but I'll pass (unless someone wants to buy me one!)

    I tend to agree with you, but to every rule there is an exception that proves it. Fallout is that exception.

    Can someone lend me 200 bucks? I promise to pay you back.

      I paid for mine in full today, i was first on the list to pre order it 1 minute after the announcement, i don't care if i am 25 fallout is awesome and my thought process is "just take my money"

      I score mine of Amazon, all up I am looking at about 160 bucks.

      $119 at GameStop that's $20 a month till it comes out. GameStop is affiliated with EB Games

    Good man Serrels!

    Don’t let the hype get to you, f*ck EB and f*ck pre-ordering.

      I agree, I love the fallout universe but there is no way I'm preordering given the bugs in the previous games at launch...

      Yeah, fuck pre-orders and fuck EB!

    EB Exclusive again. Why am I not surprised? And no doubt at three times the price it cost EB to acquire it.

    Online I go again. And if that fails, I'll wait for it to appear in the bargain bin.

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      $20 cheaper shipped from Amazon so we aren't doing too badly here.

        It's the principle.

        Local markets and even the logistics that underpin their supply chains won't adapt and even express an unfounded entitlement to our wallets so why support it with my patronage?

        If it wasn't an EB exclusive and was available with other retailers then I might have paid the price. But nope, not with EB bullying others out so there is no competition price wise.

          Its probably exclusive because there is so little stock for Australia that they just give it the the most popular gaming store,

        Yeah it's almost fairly priced. I opted to pay the extra $20 so I could pick it up from in store on the 10th.

    The fact it's only $190 surprises me, I expected a nice round $200 after currency conversion + Australia tax given that the US price is $120.

    I'm not entirely against buying from EB, just when their prices are unreasonable. My wife is pretty hardcore when it comes to Fallout (3/NV, not the originals, but still) so I expect I'll pick this up.

    I want it but at the same time can go without. Could probably make your own out of worbla, PVC pipe and some parts. It is amazing what people can do with worbla.

    Also, due to the ease of availability and release date, there will be a heap of Fallout 4 cosplays at Brisbane Supanova

      hell.. paint it a different colour and it could be used as Leela's wrist thingy... what? dont look at me like that! its what she called it!

      Duct tape is like, $2 at the Reject Shop. :P

      Now to find myself an affordable Vault jumpsuit...

    preordered mine, now lets see if i actually get it though or if they mysteriously "run out" of stock

    Edit: And yes what i saw today was just what i wanted to hear, ill definately be building the most awesome fallout base ever

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    Here’s the bad news:

    Serious question: why? Is it just because EB is more spenny than everywhere else or is there another reason not to buy from them?

      Exclusives are bad news. If no other retailer can sell it, EB's can sell it for whatever they feel like, and given the crazy cult following the Fallout has, people would still buy it.

      In this case, the markup over the US price isn't too bad. I mean, it's a ripoff for sure, but most collector's editions are.

      I think it's more the nature of exclusives for pre-ordering and select retailers.

    EB games may not be my favorite store in the world but I am definitely pre-ordering this

    Ahh why do I have such an unhealthy desire for collectors editions

    Preordered mine on the way home can't wait the this, so if someone wouldn't mind defrosting me in four month I'd appreciate it I really don't want to deal with all that otter bullshit

    I preordered it an hour ago. Think what you will. My own pip boy? Yes please.

    The price is good considering the game would be sold by itself for $100-$110 so $80-$90 for the PipBoy is good.

      I loose my mind at comments like this. $80 - $90 for a piece of plastic that'll get old in 5mins is "good".... No wonder we have the AU tax. Each to their own and all that (one mans junk is another mans treasure) but do u work for a living, have kids or any sort of financial commitment? Or do you just sleep on a bed made of money with ya hookers and blow?


      You can get the game for $90 at gmg and undoubtedly they'll have a voucher offer between now and release that'll drop the price another 20%

        Is there a reason to get rude and attack me personally?
        Yes I work for a living, I live by myself and I have bills, the fact I earn money means I can spend it how I want and I don't believe I, or anyone else needs your permission.

        I was talking about the price of the game at EB which as everyone knows is always over priced anyway, as for $90 for a piece of plastic, people spend money on pieces of plastic everyday like this and usually pay more than that, so, in comparison to what people often pay for these pieces of plastic or resin, the price is good.

        Also, you will note I never said I was going to buy it, however, even if I was, how does it effect you? Have you never bought a collectors edition of a game?

          I'll be buying it because I like collector's editions of games (and some movies, eg. LOTR). I've got a shelf with bits and pieces from different CEs and I love that it stands as a testament and a nostalgia trip for a lot of the gaming experiences I've had over the years. Every item brings back great memories, to me that's worth a few extra dollars spent.

            I love my collectibles, I still have my Master Chief helmet from the Halo 3 special edition, Batman from Arkham City and Big Daddy from Bioshock. I am still tossing up to get this or not. (Probably will)

          I loose my mind at comments like this

          Wasn't meant as a personal attack - just the concept of spending ~$100 or more for a plastic thing that would get chucked into the cupboard or on a shelf after 5mins seems like a waste of money. Each to their own.

            For you it would, for others they will enjoy using it for a bit and then have it on a shelf or something with thier other cool gaming shit.

            Well I bought 3 of them, one for me to stare at and wonder what the fuck i did, and the other 2 i will sell and make all of my money back and then some. so to each their own. And ill own 3, and pay for my 1 and then some :D

              I'll buy one off you for retail when you get it :)

            Using your flawed logic, why would you waste around $100 or more on a game? You're just going to finish it and not play it again.

              I don't spend $100 on a game, $50 - $60 tops and i get a hell of a lot more than 5 mins outa the games i play. My logic is sound your interpretation is not :D

              It's all good people like their gimmicks i get it, as evidenced by this thread - to me its a complete waste of money is that opinion not valid as well? Or are you refuting it based on it not lining up with your own?

        Hey man, let me set you straight on a few things.
        1. Moneys comfortable to sleep on ,I mean, you should convert to US dollars as paper bills are way more comfy than plastic but it really hugs the contours of your body.
        2. Hookers are way less needy than an actual girlfriend.
        3. While I'm trying to kick the blow habbit so I can afford even more plastic its hard dammit and if i'm still doing at least with the pip boy I have a mobile flat surface on my arm to do lines off.
        On a Serious note, if the guys got disposable income, its up to him what he spends it on. I know people that say things like "why would you spend $90 on a video game? Your wasting your money, go and do something real with it".
        Each to their own.

    Wasn't the Skyrim CE with the statue thingy close to like $300?

    I'm not surprised it's an EB exclusive. I'd be surprised if it wasn't tbh.

    its no biggie really, amazon and possibly other like mightyape later on are always options if you dont want to use eb.

    Bah, $190 plus another $100 to buy digitally so I don't have to disc swap? Pass.

      Skyrim used Steamworks, no reason to think Fallout 4 won't as well. You'll likely get a Steam code in the box.

      Edit: Sorry, I thought you were referring to the PC version, in hindsight I guess you meant a console release. My bad.

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        Yea, gamestop and Sony created a "thou cannot innovate" roar over nextgen, so now we're in 2015, swapping discs.

    Welcome to the internet? Seriously;

    1. Exclusive from one store, compared to say, games not even being released in Aus in some cases, that's petty.

    2. They'll be sold, eventually, for more through other sources, so may as well - if you're interested.

    This article could have been summed up in a tweet.

    Look, we all have a certain dislike for EB, but I'm not going to let it stop me from getting something I want. I expected the price to be higher, so that plus I want it means I'll get it... Despite my hate of retailer exclusives and EB in general.

    Taking moral stances is fine if that's your thing, but to me it says you don't really want whatever is on offer in the first place... And that's fine too.

    Can't wait to get my hands on this later in the year :-)

    Online I go. I frequent Ozgameshop quite often and they always look after me, so I cross my fingers that they are getting this in, because quite frankly I want it, for possibly the first time ever.

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