The Fallout 4 Trailer Is Excellent

The Fallout 4 Trailer Is Excellent

Fallout is back, and, as expected, it's headed to post-apocalyptic Boston. You can watch the first (great) trailer right here.

As we already know thanks to an accidental early website leak, Fallout 4 is official, and it's coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

It's been seven years since Fallout 3, the first and only Fallout game developed by Bethesda Game Studios so far. Fallout: New Vegas, released in 2010, was created by the independent studio Obsidian Games. Over the past few years, people have been going nuts in anticipation for Bethesda's next game, which we all assumed would be Fallout 4. Now, it's official. After shipping The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim in 2011, Bethesda Game Studios moved on to the next Fallout.

Bethesda is promising that we'll see more during their E3 press conference, and I imagine we'll see a lengthy gameplay demo as well as an official release window. (A fall 2015 release would be wonderful.)

In December 2013, we reported that Fallout 4 was real and set in Boston. A year and a half later, we're finally seeing the game in action.

Some GIFs, for your amusement:

The Fallout 4 Trailer Is Excellent
The Fallout 4 Trailer Is Excellent


    OK can't wait to get out of Vault 111. It's going to be one epic adventure.

    Trailer made the game look amazing but it wasn't goofy enough

      Neither was the fo3 or the nv trailers. Goofiness is a subtle part of fallout, never an advertised part.

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      Did you miss the sailing ship with rocket boosters attached to it?

        It's the USS Constitution ( ).

        Also, it looks like the first major town's going to be inside Fenway Park (Diamond City).

        Boston certainly looks to have survived a lot better than Washington and Vegas did. I just wonder what the bizarre atmospheric conditions are that means that nothing casts a shadow!

          Everything has a shadow in the trailer, all the characters, trees and buildings have them, where do you get the idea nothing casts a shadow?

    Seven years since 2010................ I think you might want to check that

      "It’s been seven years since Bethesda’s last Fallout game — New Vegas, which came out in 2010, was developed by Obsidian"

        So I think I get what you are saying, that the article is stating that the last Fallout game Bethesda made was in 2008, seven years ago. But the article is poorly written making it look like New Vegas was the game that they were referring to. How it should have been written is:

        "It has been seven years since Bethesda's last Fallout game, Fallout 3 (New Vegas, which came out in 2010, was developed by Obsidian)"

          The " — " means a second line of thought has been started in the sentence whilst still relating to the rest of the subject. It's written perfectly fine.

          It's just like using parenthesis.

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          Congratulations. Today, you are that guy.

            Yay me
            I probably shouldn't make comments half asleep

          No he's saying you're not a very good reader. It's pretty clear they're talking about each game separately.

            I am pretty sure they have re-worded it since my original comment.

    That dog needs fur physics and PBR done to do, anyone notice the ghostly shine it had?

    Only other concern would be the Physics system, also DX9 or 11? lighting indicates probably DX11, shame they can't embrace DX12.

      Dogmeat looks fine. Fallouts neverbbeen about cutting edge graphics its been about the immersive world it builds and the tales it spins. Substance over style.

        Agreed. They're all timeless games because of the story and gameplay, not the graphics. That said, the gameworld looks absolutely fantastic. The character models look good, I'm more concerned over how they move than how they look and they definitely look more life like in that, but they still look really detailed.

        Exactly, and all the mod community will get behind beefing up graphics, adding shaders, and generally making the game LOOK awesome. Bring on the immersion!

        That being said...I wonder if Steam is going to attempt to charge for mods on day 1 this time around .....

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        I realise that it's possible they have simply changed it, but I'm curious whether that actually 'is' Dogmeat, or rather a descendant/ancestor (depending on timeline) because that dog looks a lot like a German Shepard, not a Cattle Dog, as Dogmeat always was.

        Anyway, it's not important - just curious.

          That's a great point, Dogmeat was always a Blue heeler-esque dog. So... IS that Dogmeat O_O

            Would be nice to branch away, not every dog has be Dogmeat
            After a while some references feel like someone is pressing their face against yours with a smile, fluttering their eye and screaming the word WINK!!

            Hopefully you can name him/her, would be cool.

          Yeah my first thought was, "that's not Dogmeat." Followed by grumbles at everyone calling him Dogmeat.

            I was much the same, but in the end.. it's just a name, so long as they don't try to relate to the past Dogmeat's, then all is fine.

            This, coming from the guy who was furious that Harold became a tree. I miss the old Harold.

        Sorry, that just doesn't cut it when it comes to Fallout, they messed up graphically the first time round and that was no secret, they had 7 years to fix (according to fans) one of the few issues with the game and this is what they show?

        When Fallout 3 came out, it inexplicably looked worse than Oblivion, even though it used the exact same engine and came out afterwards. It was distractingly ugly. This trailer is similarly very disappointing graphically but at least they seem to be going in a more cartoony direction which will mitigate it slightly.

        Still, for all the money they make off these games and the fact that we are well and truly in the next-gen now, it's not really acceptable. An "immersive world" needs to be convincing visually just as much as anything else.

          I guess we'll have to see when it comes out, but personally, it looks great to me, graphics over gameplay every time. Fallout has an aesthetic style and I'd hate them to betray that for 'making it far more realistic'. In essense, it does cut it if they're aiming for a more indepth world over graphics.

            But I feel like they've already betrayed that aesthetic style in this trailer with the cartooniness anyway? Like Fallout 3 was incredibly grimy and gritty, everything was brown.

            I say all this as someone who never got sucked into that Fallout fanbase, I don't particularly like the games, I'm just calling things as I see them with minimal bias either way. I don't hate the game, don't love it, I believe my observations are as objective as they can be here.

            We'll wait and see, like you said, but history and first impressions aren't painting a pretty picture for the game's visuals so far.

              Everything was grey in fallout, everything was brown in NV. The art style in this isn't that different, Boston is meant to be a place that wasn't touched as much as other cities, so it won't be as wrecked as say, Washington, which was at the heart of a blast. Boston was practically left alone, hence its more colorful nature. Betrayed, would be going with an art style akin to say, Dishonored, but the models in this, are still showing Fallout sensibilities. As always, the internet is having a major panic over absolutely nothing.

      Fur Physics? Like hairworks that tanks the frame rate by as much as 25% (and that is on NVIDIA hardware)? No, I think the game will be just fine without it, thanks.

      I would think modders will take care of all that post release.
      That's always been the way with bethsoft games, nothing cutting edge, let the modders take the graphics and whatnot to the extreme.

    Game looks so cartoonish, almost a cell shaded look. Hope it's decent.

    Hell yeah!

    Anyone think it will be out this year?

      It seems pretty far along, it's also been in development for years.

      The fact they've showed off in-game footage for their announcement trailer (and not CG) shortly before E3 implies they have plenty more to show at the event.
      It seems likely it could be 6 months out imo, they'd be in the later stages of development for sure.

        I think I'm with you on this one! I'm expecting a November/December release date. Definitely seems like a game that could get a lengthy delay though.


      Didn't skyrim launch nov 11 2011? Maybe vault 111 will tie in with a nov 1st launch... Or maybe 11th of Jan...? Or maybe we have to wait till 2111?

      I am super hoping it'll have a Halloween release date, which is what Fallout 3 and New Vegas both had. I guess we'll find out at E3?

        Ooooooooo. Didn't realise that. And considering all the footage looks in-game, I'd say it's be closer to finished than some might think!

        Yeah thats right, they always try and release on the day the nukes went of in game, maybe it will be this year.

      According to some information leaked on Reddit last year by a disgrunteled ex bethesda employee the game will be announced in June 2015, and released in October 2015. DLC will be released in November and December 2015.

      Here is a link to that leak

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        That is all TOO PERFECT and makes such sense.

        If what they say is true, then the main character really is only male (However, a female protag could have been added later). Though things start to sound sketchy half way through (new engine? ps3 and xbox versions in old engine (seems like a lot of work?) + ps4 and xb1 missing out on save importing, birds eye view) they could just have been ideas at the time perhaps?

          yeah, at the time this was leaked it wasn't uncommon for big titles to have a PS3 and Xbox 360 launches alongside the Next Gen. eg; Watch Dogs, Assassins Creed Black Flag. I doubt it will still happen now tho.

    Be out 2016 Q1, unless their going for a XMAS release.

    Man, I love me some Fallout - but that looks like the IDTech engine :/ I can not stand that engine. Rage was the best use of it, and even then it wasn't great. The constant LOD with camera movement, hurts my brain. They REALLY need to work that texture LOD business if it is IDtech.

    The Dog was obviously motioned captured, which made the animation great, but looked weird against the mega-textures. BUT if they have introduced Mo-cap into the npcs etc, that's a big step forward to Bethesda, no more robot animation.

      Looks like Skyrim's engine to me but with more work done on it - doubt they would license another tech if they already have an engine they have spent years building.

      Edit: I'm just glad it's an in-game trailer, not some shit cinematic that most other studios produce.

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        Bethesda owns id/id Tech, but it certainly looks as if they're using heavily modified Gamebryo, which you may remember from 2002's Morrowind.

        Seriously guys, get a new engine.

          Well now I'm interested to see what engine they ARE using.

          Wouldn't it be using Creation Engine over Gamebryo?

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            the Creation engine is just Gamebryo renamed

              Source on that? Not saying that you're wrong, but I couldn't find anything to support that claim (not that I looked hard). But even if that is the case, isn't saying the engine is out-dated like saying that the Unreal 4 engine is from 1998? Referring to aeongrave's Morrowind reference more than anything here.

                Creation is Gamebryo (kinda sorta but pretty much):

                My original comment was a bit snarky simply because it really feels like this engine is creaking under its own weight. The animations, while hugely improved, still have an air of Morrowind's jankiness, while the lighting and textures look distinctly... not very cutting edge, I suppose. I'm also imagining that the physics will be a bit broken.

    The current estimated ship date is TBA 2015.

    It will be an enhanced version of Gamebryo. So, as usual, expect some "jank".

    Cannot wait!!!! If you want to see a bunch of whiners you should head to a certain site (NMA). No matter what Bethesda does they cannot do right by these guys. It's incredible really.

    Take all my money! Take all my social life! Cannot wait for fallout 4!!!

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    Can't wait for this. Will be day one pick up.

    Also another good thing about this announcement/release, it means they've probably already started working on the next Elder Scrolls game! :)

      The way they work is they'll usually have a small part of their team (as they're only 1 development team) starting work on the really early concepts, but Fallout 4 will take up at least the next year of development after release for the inevitable DLC which in the past have had more content in than some games do

        Ah true, Fallout 3 did have some pretty awesome and diverse DLC. I guess we won't be seeing TES 6 in a while then.

    I will be Disappointed, if there isn't a Cheers Bar

      God, this game should be rich with Boston-themed jokes. I cannot wait to hear the accents.

        Oh god I hope everyone sounds like Mayor Quimby and says 'New Hampshire' a lot!

    That was way better than I expected! That's how a teaser should be done! Can't wait for more gameplay footage...

    Good to see Ron Perlman is back narrating it. Can't wait.

    Last edited 04/06/15 10:09 am

      According to a twitter feed from him, he's not back.


          He tweeted today something along the lines of "Hardest secret I've ever had to keep.." and followed up by retweeting the Fallout 4 trailer.

          I'd be blown away if it's not him because it certainly sounds like him.

            I looked into it, it is him apparently. What Bigcheez77 might be referring to is his AMA on Reddit from last year sometime when he said he didn't have any video games on the horizon, which was probably true at the time or he was lying because Bethesda wanted to keep it totally under wraps.

    I'm just not that excited about this game. Sure, it looks good with slightly better graphics than Fallout 3, but other then that, it looks like the same stuff we played last game. You emerge from a vault to a destroyed worlds, go on adventures with your dog, shoot mutants and aliens.

    Graphics don't impress me anymore, give me some substance to get excited about and then I'll join the screaming masses.

      Couldn't agree more.

      I hope it's not just more of the same with a fresh coat of paint.

    Trailer is excellent. But I know I won't like this game. Really wanted to like fallout 3, but it just wasn't my game. Too much loot and levelling stuff for me. Annoying because they look so good.

      Burn the heretic!!

      You can never have too much loot... never ever

    trailer looks good, but i want to see some actual gameplay and want to know if its open like morrowind and witcher 3 or if its going to be closed like oblivion and on. also slight nitpick but god damn it bethesda, fallout isnt post apoc, its post post apoc, however i love the fact that there is alot of colour in the trailer

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