The Final Fantasy XV Demo Just Got A Gigantic New Boss

The Final Fantasy XV Demo Just Got A Gigantic New Boss

The Final Fantasy XV demo got a bunch of new features today, including a massive new boss monster that I’m sure someone will figure out how to beat by the end of the day.

Meet the Catoblepas, who in previous versions of the FFXV demo was just part of the scenery but is now, thanks to today’s 3.4GB patch, a legitimate monster that you can encounter during a sidequest with the party member Prompto. (The patch also includes new animations, some framerate fixes, and a bunch of new stuff including dodge-rolls and party combos.)

I ran into this dino boss while streaming the game earlier today and I won’t say much more. Just watch:


  • Can anyone say how the combat is feeling? The real time combat in FFXIII was one of the major downfalls for me in that game, also kind of why I didn’t finish XII either. If there’s no time to strategise against an enemy, I’m not holding my breath that I’ll enjoy it.

    • I actually enjoyed the combat in FFXIII. It was the only thing that kept me playing.
      FFXIII-2 was more of the same except your third party member was a Pokemo… er, i mean a monster you levelled alongside. Didn’t actually work as well as unless you looked at guides for which monsters were the best for what roles and their locations, chances are you were unknowingly gimped.
      Lightning Returns was the best of the three games. You were the only character and so didn’t have to hope your AI partners would survive a battle. Genuinely the most fun.

      FFXIV’s combat is very different though. If I had to compare I would say it’s a lot like Kingdom Hearts’ combat. That is both good and bad. Good in that it’s fast, fluid and enjoyable. Bad because you have 3 AI that do their own thing. Hats of the Squeenix for making the AI not terrible and they have actually saved my hide a fair number of times throughout the demo, but AI is still AI and I have seen rather silly things done.
      Overall I enjoy it immensely. It feels like a Tales games without being locked to line movement.

  • I’m just sitting here impressed a demo is getting updates and added content as time goes on.

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