The First Dragon Ball Super Footage 

The First Dragon Ball Super Footage

Earlier this spring, it was announced that Dragon Ball was getting its first anime series in nearly two decades. At that time, all we got was a logo. Now, we finally get a very short look at what to expect.

The trailer, translated by YouTuber Dragon Ball Z ᴴᴰ, is around 14 seconds long and debuted on Japanese TV.

As previously mentioned, in Japanese, the title is Dragon Ball Chou (Super), as "chou" (超) means "super," "hyper," "ultra," or even "very." Dargon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is handling the story, which takes place after after Goku defeats Majin Buu.

Dragon Ball Super is set to air starting this July in Japan.


    So, dose this ignore GT then? Or is this based before that?.....

      They haven't acutally said exactly when it's set yet other than "after buu." The main assumption is that it's set after the new film (Ressurection F) because it's got Beerus and stuff in it but it's mostly just a guess.

      The two new movies also kinda contradict GT - so this would too if it follows them - although they are still set before GT would take place.

        They kept the Gohan adult Design though. His young teen form was the best imo

      Based before so it probably doesn't matter if it ignores Gt or not.

      The general assumption is that since Akira Toriyama barely had much to do with GT, and it wasn't based on any of his Manga, it's likely to be discarded as non-canon, a bit like how Disney's discarding a lot of the Star Wars Extended Universe stuff.

      Last edited 15/06/15 11:44 pm

    Ignores it

    Also a new poster with some new characters on it :P

    So long as it doesn't take 26 eisodes to charge up a Spirit Bomb, then I'm in!

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