The First Five Minutes Of Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

With the fourth numbered instalment on the way it's the perfect time to take a short trip into the past, to an era when Fallout games needed lengthy explainer sub-titles and a man could proudly kill a rat by shooting it in the crotch.

Putting the First Five concept to the test, 300 seconds is barely enough time to scratch the surface of the original Fallout. We barely make it to the surface, thanks to the damn rats and their stab-able eyes and bullet-magnet crotches. And once we're out there it's right back into a cave to adore some scorpions from afar. If I'd paused to scratch, we'd have lost days.

Steam really shouldn't need to explain this one to you, but here goes:

You've just unearthed the classic post-apocalyptic role-playing game that revitalized the entire CRPG genre. The Fallout SPECIAL system allows drastically different types of characters, meaningful decisions and development that puts you in complete control. Explore the devastated ruins of a golden age civilisation. Talk, sneak or fight your way past mutants, gangsters and robotic adversaries. Make the right decisions or you could end up as another fallen hero in the wastelands...

My, how times have changed. Bethesda's making its second proper Fallout, CRPGs have made a major comeback, and all game creator Brian Fargo has to do is give the PC gaming internet a coy glance and they toss him a million dollars.

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so am I.


    The first two fallouts were amazing and I'm glad that Bethesda has continued to make games in this fantastic universe. Can't wait until fallout 4!

    I think this is why I couldn't get into Fallout originally. It seemed so great but I died trying to kill the rats so many times.

      Rat? As in the rats in the cave beyond vault thirteen? You use targeted shots from a distance (6pt not 5pt) and it improves your deadly accuracy with a pistol.

    OK, I have to install and play the first two fallout games now. Post apocalyptic is easily my favorite sub-genre of all time, and this is the very game that took me down that road. Best memories of early gaming, and probably the first time that something felt truly in-depth to me.

      Just remember, you can't push your companions in Fallout 1, they only added that in F2. You can get stuck if your companion blocks the only exit in F1!

    All my friends love this game and one of them even used to speed run it. I've tried so many times to get into it but I just can't do it :( I clearly missed the boat with this and Fallout 2 and it's a damn shame. Fingers crossed for a remake.

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