The First Five Minutes Of Sonic Runners Are The Best Five Minutes

You wanted a game that's just about Sonic the Hedgehog running and jumping? Here you go — pure Sonic for a whole five minutes.

Available now for Android and iOS devices, Sonic Runners is a free-to-play game about Sonic and friends running. Your character automatically runs from left to right, and all you have to do is jump to avoid obstacles and collect coins and power-ups.

It's level-based as opposed to endless, so there's a sense of progression beyond going far, fast. During these levels, with their well designed lines and excellent sense of speed, Sonic Runners really shines.

Then things get complicated.

The First Five Minutes Of Sonic Runners Are The Best Five Minutes

Level up your characters! Level up your buddies! Collect more buddies for bonus! Spin the wheel to unlock new characters and items! Buy coins for more spins!

The First Five Minutes Of Sonic Runners Are The Best Five Minutes

Red rings are on sale! Gold rings are on sale! Sonic heads are on sale! Did we mention the Happy Birthday Sonic! event? Consider it mentioned!

On the plus side, all of this extra crap allowed the developers to cram in stuff from just about every iteration of Sonic over the years, from Sonic Colours power-ups to what I am pretty sure was the sword from Sonic and the Black Knight as a special follower. You want Chaos? It's got Chaos.

On the negative side, SALE! SALE! SALE!

Of course all of this happens after the first five minutes, so it doesn't really matter — remember...

The First Five is the first five minutes of a game with light commentary. Once the five minutes are up, so are we.


    This game isn't available on the google play store in Australia...

    Took the game a couple minutes to download additional data and 20 minutes to actually load. It then took 5 minutes to process my user name registration. O_o;

      Where do I find this game!? I have all of SEGA's games on Android - I've never spent a cent on in-game purchasing yet I've spent 100s of hours on them, earning things the hard way. I want this game :(

      It doesn't show up in any searches on the google play app.

      EDIT: aww not available on my galaxy note 3 :(
      It's more than powerful enough. How disapointing.

      Last edited 28/06/15 10:51 pm

        I just sent an email to find out if they'll release it on the galaxy note S3.
        They released versions for the original galaxy Note, but no later models?!?.......
        Although it is released for the S2 and S4. but not the S3.

        I can't even comprehend the reasoning for that.

      It won't even download the additional data for me. It keeps telling me to move to a location with a better signal, and prompts me to retry. Whether I choose Yes or No, it still retries (and fails), sticking me in an endless loop.

        I had a similar issue to this, I think their servers were being hammered because eventually I was able to get it to download.

        My god the loading on this game though, to get to the main screen to need to go through two loading screens. And even moreso to actually get to the game itself.

        As for the game itself, it's not a bad little endless runner, plays like a hold right to win 2D Sonic game where someone else is holding right for you. However Sega really do need to streamline the loading, if I didn't have to wait nearly as long as I usually spend playing the game waiting for it to load, it would be a much better experience.

        Same with me, even when it's sitting on the router. And saying "NO" is the same as saying "YES" as well!? Why even give you a choice? Anyway, will try again some other time. I liek me some Sonic

          What bothers me is that it's like "Oh, it's YOUR crappy connection that's at our fault, not our overloaded app" >:/

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