The First Five Joyous Minutes Of LEGO's Minecraft

How much delight can one pack into five minutes? Watch and learn.

Outed last week as LEGO video games often are — via a physical instruction booklet — fans could only hope that the brief description of LEGO Worlds on paper (Explore. Discover. Create.) meant what they thought it meant — LEGO Minecraft. It is exactly that. It is better than that.

Explore procedurally generated worlds made entirely from LEGO bricks — the land, the water, everything is LEGO, and thus everything you create can be built in real life, given enough money. Collect scenery pieces or create your own from scratch. Defeat wandering mini-figures to unlock them as your in-game avatar. They have even got an entire boxed LEGO Creator set — a set you could buy at the store — that you can just drop into your world on the fly.

Even the game's Steam description evokes feelings of overwhelming joy.


In a galaxy of procedural worlds made entirely from LEGO bricks, will you… EXPLORE environments filled with adventure, then alter them? DISCOVER secrets and treasures, then play with them? CREATE your own models, then make a world your own?

I am so stupidly happy right now. I don't even care that the Early Access game lacks online multiplayer. In fact, good — you all leave my LEGOs alone.


    It will never top LEGO Island.

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      "I'm Pepper, the pizza delivery dude! THE DUDE WITH THE FOOD! "

    You said "LEGOs"...

    *eye twitch*

      Mike can keep his Legos, whatever the hell that is. I'm too busy playing with my Lego.

    It would be cool if you could build something online, then hit the 'buy it now' button, and have those pieces sent to you in the post.

      I think that exists at the lego website. I do know there is a set creator there, a buddy showed it to me a while back.

        Apparently they stopped doing that in January 2012.

        You can still design your own sets by downloading the LEGO digital designer app here, but they don't actually produce them into physical kit form anymore.

    I know it's early access and all, but this seems a little too open for me so far. Those world authoring tools are cool and all, and the ability to build anything out of any brick is amazing, but... I'd like a tighter focus.
    Like, just to copy minecraft a little, any bricks you destroy in the environment go into your inventory and you build with them. A lot of my time in minecraft/terraria/etc is spent gathering materials for what I want to build, and this seems to be missing that element so far.
    I'm not saying the freedom should not be present, but it should be an option, with the resource gathering as another option.
    Does anyone know if there's a roadmap for future features?

    Fairly keen for this. Then again I'm keen for any LEGO game. Especially hyped for LEGO: Jurassic World and LEGO: Dimensions.

    I realize this is early access, but I hope they add achievements to this by the time the finished product comes out.

    This seemed way too creative mode minecraft for me.
    No depth to the game if you aren't limited by resources and crafting.

    Also, for someone titling this Lego minecraft, you should know E is interact...

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