The First Full Boruto: Naruto The Movie Trailer With English Subtitles

The First Full Boruto: Naruto the Movie Trailer with English Subtitles

Yes, the name "Boruto" is silly. But let that slide for a moment as you watch the first full trailer for the upcoming Boruto movie.

Previously, we got a 40-second teaser, but this minute-and-a-half trailer should give you a better idea what to expect when the movie opens this August in Japan. Which is? Being Naruto's son is hard!


    saves the day! with a rasengan!
    {slaps forhead}

    Looks like something that an author would write due to the publisher/editor holding him at gunpoint with a contract.

    Not digging that Buruto is a massive bell end. After all naruto has been thru now he has to handle a bell end son.

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    Here is a link to the video that works

    Naruto is a shit anime, no offense, but it's not a dragon ball successor and never will be!

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