The Funniest Things That Can Happen In Fallout Shelter

The Funniest Things That Can Happen In Fallout Shelter

Turns out, things can get pretty silly when you’re stuck inside a vault for most of your life. Who would have thought?

Fallout Shelter has been out on Apple devices for almost a week now, and players are sharing all sorts of awesome shenanigans that they encounter or create while playing. We’ve rounded up some of the best Fallout Shelter moments here. Enjoy.

The kid that knows too much

Picture: chris.battaglia

The flirting can be pretty literal

Picture: xtinegail

Dwellers ignoring the massive raider attack to go have sex

Picture: rickisrude

A very proud parent

Picture: code.wood

Using Fallout Shelter to write Fallout 3 fanfic

Picture: booyaxboy

Even fully-geared dwellers can be pessimistic

Picture: captaindumac


[Gary: Gary

Who knew having your house burn down could be so romantic?

Picture: koukoupuffs

Bow Chika Wow Wow

Picture: arcaneAssassin

Giving your dwellers appropriate names

Picture: thatcybertguy

Dwellers aren’t very good at lying

Picture: Heel

Finding the source of that weird smell

Picture: spartanjb17

When noting gets in the way of productivity

Picture: deluca_plays

Shoutout to r/fallout and r/foshelter for the next section of images…

When your power armour becomes uncomfortable

Gear description is on-point

Wandering kids see things they shouldn’t

Fallout Shelter as a prequel to Fallout 3

Picture: ChocolateDan

Kids can be pretty oblivious

Picture: elr0y7

Having a swell time

Picture: Randiesell

Kid’s night out

Picture: Feltrin

Turning your shelter into a farm

Picture: cbfi

The secret to happiness

Johny Guitar

Context: Pitts dressed someone up in a Pope suit, and is now using that character to impregnate all the characters in a vault shaped like a penis.

What we all did


  • I have to say, this made me laugh. I am totally addicted to this game (but want it on PC) – the dialogue is hilarious. I have been too busy managing to take the time to listen to my dwellers.

    “Dwellers ignoring the massive raider attack to go have sex” – I would too 😛

  • I would be loving it too if it worked on my iPad air, it crashes when it tries to launch,

    • Tried re-installing it? Also tried rebooting your iPad? Seems to fix it when all it wants to do is crash on my iPhone 4..

      • Yep, i tried all that, reinstalling works until i close the game and try to reopen it and rebooting it does nothing.

        It might be because my iPad is jailbroken.

  • I keep sending out my dwellers to the wasteland and then forgetting to recall them in the morning before I leave for work… takes them an entire day to return again.. ho hum..

  • Been enjoying this game, just wish a bit more different random encounters, e.g. rad-roach invasion, fire or raiders and that’s it.

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