Target's Gold Mario amiibo Sold Out In 15 Minutes

In Australia, Target was given the exclusive on the much lusted after Gold Mario amiibo. Today it went on-sale. You can probably guess what happened next.

Incredibly, the online stock for the amiibo sold out in 15 minutes flat. An employee informed Kotaku that it has been completely removed from the online store to help avoid disappointment.

If you are still in search of the Gold Mario Amiibo, your best bet is in-store. It's difficult to tell which store has stock, since Target's central database is typically two days behind, but almost all store were given stock of around 20 to 100. When I called up, Target's customer service staff were extremely helpful, taking my postcode and then using that to help search for the nearest store with the most initial stock.

There's also an extremely helpful Reddit thread that gives the number of Gold amiibo sent to specific stores. You might also find that useful.

Good luck people. It's a jungle out there.


    Probably one sitting in the Hobart store still.

    Still kind of on the fence about picking this one up. Think I'll pre order one of the classic ones.

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      when I was there a bit after 8 this morning they only had 5 left... so they're most likely gone already

      Very much doubt it. My husband was there at opening and there were around 20 people getting them.

      Yeah nah I went in today and they had none.

      Yeah good luck, it was ridiculous
      They allocated 24 per store

      And you had dodgy shit like staff buying their own I can confirm two stores in WA had this happen (Innaloo, Balga) they ran out a lot earlier than 24 actual customers!!

      and then some other stores were ignoring the limit of one per customer!

      I'm just glad I got mine, moral of the story target sucks!

    And a search on ebay brings up 37 results already :/

      With people asking up to $130.

      What's the retail price on these things?

        $17.50. It's so, so gross. There's plenty of times I've been in stores and seen amiibo's I know would sell for 3 times the price online, but then I realise I'm not a scumbag and leave it for (hopefully) someone who wants it for themselves. I've considered picking them up and putting them on ebay for buy it now at the retail price too but, the cynical side of me believes someone scalping would pick it up and resell it.

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          I did actually drop into the local Target after reading this to see if they had any left. Not for selling on ebay (as I have had terrible results trying that sort of thing), but in case anybody else on here was desperate for them.

          Needn't have bothered, none left anyway.

      Some of those are the US ones that came out in May. Not that it really matters! Crazy prices are crazy.

    They really need to flood the market with a perceived "high value" amiibo to smash the scalping scene. The bubble is ridiculous, and stock can't be readily available until it has burst, regardless of reasonable supply.

    The gold Mario would have been perfect to just go stupid with the supply.

    That said, metal Mario is way cooler, but the pose of these ones is way too "mickey mouse".

      They have. They restocked all the ones that people were scalping, such as Villager, Wii Fit Trainer etc. I got those two today at Big W and a while back they were like hen's teeth. The earlier sold out ones are being restocked soon too. I really don't understand the way people are going crazy over them! Scalpers are selling them for heaps but people are buying them! Madness!

        The reissued villager looks way better, too!

          No haha it doesn't, see the plethora of nintendo fanboys online complaining about the dip in quality...

    You can probably guess what happened next.
    People didn't care and ignored it completely, sending Nintendo a message that this is not the future of gaming...

    No? Damn.

      Maybe it's because I'm not a present Nintendo customer but I honestly don't see the point of these Amiibos at all. I like to think that even if I had a Wii U and compatible games I'd just pick one or two of my favourite characters and use them as my in-game avatars instead of Pokemon'ing the damn things?

        Well being a Nintendo fan, I have a love for quite a lot of the characters. I see them more as cool little figurines, and as a bonus, they unlock stuff in games.

          Pretty much this. For me its the fact that for the first time ever Ninty's selling official Smash Bros merch, and as someone who played the crap out of them since 64 an played competitively since Melee, I can't not pick them up,

    This one seems a bit odd. It's not like the gold Lego guy, who was a completely different minifig. This is just a different paint job. The regular version isn't that hard to find at the moment.

    Now, I'm thinking there's probably a lot on eBay that are just repainted with some gold spray paint.

      Similar, but unlike Mario, the 'Mr Gold' Lego minifig was blind-packed, and they were much rarer than gold Mario, so even those who handled boxes of them weren't guaranteed one. I couldn't find a legit Mr Gold on eBay (there are custom look-a-likes though) and the cheapest on Bricklink is $1700.

    hey @markserrels,

    the sale was supposed to go live 8am aest.
    however they were sold out before the sale live time started.

    The gold mario went on sale at about quarter to 8.
    I restarted my computer, opened chrome and did a search and it was there.

    I mosey'd on down to my local Target about an hour ago and they had 3 gold mario Amiibo's on display in a cabinet and the assistant got mine from out the back, so God knows how many they had back there. They also had 4 of each colour of Yoshi Amiibo's on display too, whereas the local EB Games (where I got mine from) only appeared to have one of each colour Yoshi, and I snagged 'em all.

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      I got a pink Yoshi from Big W where they only had 2 left (and 2 green). I wanted the blue one but all sold out locally :(

    could of sworn they said they weren't putting online for sale in store only

      Nah they just weren't going to available for preorder. They went on the site about 7.50am. Sold out in 6 minutes!

    My husband went into the Hobart store and got one just as I was getting one online, so we were very lucky. The spare will be going to a friend who missed out. My sister in law also got one at Highpoint Melbourne and said there were more than 20 there at the time (that was about 10.30). Might be worth trying there if you are in the area.

    I walked in at 930 after the local target opened at 8 and was able to get one

    Wow you guys, have you not any self respect?

    got to target at 7:40 am thirty people at least in the line. heard some bloke behind me say there online to buy now, which was like ten to eight, so people that heard jumped on line while waiting. manager comes out at 7:55 and goes boys and girls once we open these doors, i dont want people running in there like idiots, we have a hundred in stock. there was kids behind me crying thinking they would miss out, so i let them through before me. good deed for the day, low and behold i now have two gold mario amiibos, one is going on ebay but unlike the others on there im doing bidding for 1 day only and starting it for what it owes me delivered which is $26.95 and what ever happens after that is up to what people wanna spend. call me scum but at least im not charging people $60-100.

    Dont kid yourself...Amiibo will never be worth anything.

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