The Horrible Evolution Of Anime's Most Loveable Brat

The Horrible Evolution of Anime's Most Loveable Brat

Things are bound to only get worse from here. Much, much worse.

Anime and manga characters change! That we know. And since Crayon Shin-Chan debuted in the early 1990s, the character has transformed. It's been an on-going change.

In this image, which was recently posted on Japan's 2ch as well as Tumblr over the years, you can see how the popular character Shin-chan is set to evolve:

The Horrible Evolution of Anime's Most Loveable Brat

And by the year 2351, he'll look like a Jackson Pollock painting.


    May i once more recommend that there is brain bleech on aisle 42

    you missed 2050, where he should be eating grasshoppers and living in a doughnut house. AMARITE 2015 GAT sitters?

    Crayon shin chan got more fun to draw and animate that added to crazier funnier movies.

    If you want to see the difference of the blandersized western animation (basically the same graph going backwards) check how the fox in the new disney movie goes from super cool to complete bland dork with a Hawaiian shirt.

      check out at 1:27 the awesome Shin Chan scene from Masaaki Yuasa (Kickheart, ping pong, mind game, kaiba)

    I dunno, I reckon I could dig watching cronenburg shin chan in 2242

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