The Internet Reacts To The Final Fantasy VII Remake

The Internet Reacts To The Final Fantasy VII Remake

After years of asking, your Final Fantasy VII full remake dreams are coming true. It’s happening. And you can bet the internet has something to say about that.

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So did Square Enix’s stock prices shortly after the announcement was made.

The game is heading to the PlayStation 4 first, but from the sound of it, this Final Fantasy VII remake won’t be out for a while. The game’s official release says that Square Enix has “begun production” on the title.

Now, we have time to kill, comments to write, and reactions to make.

Here are Kotaku commenters:

[by Stormborn]

[by Rachel Fogg]

[by Whiteblaze]

[by Liquid-X]

[by Rzmmdx Leetuber]

[by chronoboy]

Here’s NicoNico Douga:

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The reaction on the Japanese video platform was basically variations of “whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” and “woooooooooooooooooooah.”

Over on NeoGAF:

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And on Reddit/r/Games:

[by DecemberFlame at Reddit]

[by oit3c]

[by Zokusho]

And, of course, Twitter:

“They’re remaking FF7. Awesome! Definitely buying. I’m looking forward to it! My youth!”

“This is awful! Square Enix is finished! (It’s the jinx that if Square Enix releases a FFVII remake, they will go bankrupt)”

“While you’re at it, could you maybe do FF 5 and 6 remakes, too?”

“Rather than FF7, I want to remake my student days.”

Finally, some YouTube reactions:

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  • Yes, I was a bit moist, I must admit. If they remake the entire thing with FFXIII or FFXV quality graphics I will be amazed. What an undertaking!

  • Honest question. Would people want a straight forward remake or would you want the battle system to be overhauled similar to say ffX-2 or ffXiii-2?

      • I want to be able to control all the characters the way I want to. Not let them automatically make certain moves, not limit them to certain sets of moves etc.
        Just revamp the graphics and sound and I’ll be happy. They can even keep the dodgy translations.

        • PLEASE keep the dodgy translations. Whether they let me spell it “Aeris” or not is literally a selling point here.

    • turn based or go home! maybe they could give you the option between classic or FF13 options

    • You can’t change a classic like FF7, it need to stay exactly how it is otherwise it just won’t be FF7

  • I wonder if they will recapture the wackyness/lightheartedness FFVII has in the remake. The trailer looks like its going with the standard serious/cool approach. It’s really going to be interesting to see the end result.

  • Hope people arent mistaking ‘remake’ for ‘remaster’ cause they could remake it for the worse/not what people wanted

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