The Matildas Are Headed To The Cover of FIFA 16

Last night the Matildas beat Brazil to reach the Quarter Finals of Women's World Cup. Now we've discovered that, in Australia, one member of Australia's national women's soccer team will appear on the cover of FIFA 16.

This news comes in the wake of EA's inclusion of women to the FIFA series.

EA is putting it to a vote: either Katrina Gorry, Stephanie Catley or Kyah Simon will make the cover alongside Lionel Messi this year. You can make your choice here.

At this exact moment Stephanie Catley seems to be in the lead, but Kyah Simon did herself a few favours by scoring the winning goal against Brazil, so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw a spike in voted for her as a result.

Congrats to the Matildas for making history against Brazil, becoming the first Australian team to make it this far in any World Cup. And kudos to EA for finally bringing women's soccer to FIFA, and putting women on the cover of the game. Great news all round.


    I'm still loving that Jordan Henderson's winning the vote to be on the UK cover and a lot of gamers are getting more than pissy about it :D

    Great to see women's football being noticed though. This World Cup has seen a lot more coverage, both here and abroad.

    Amazing News!
    Woman's sport doesn't get the coverage it deserves! Many of our Women's teams are way better and get better results compared to the male teams!! Cricket.....Soccer...Netball...Tennis

      i really wish our female cricketers got as much attention on tv as our male team does. I remember trying to watch a game a few years ago our male team was going through its transition period and the girls were playing better than them, yet had only 25 people in the whole stadium. and well just like all sport, if you dont have a decent crowd the game just isnt as good to watch

        Yeah, some of the turnouts to the group stage matches in the women's world cup for soccer were pretty cruddy (but improving on past tournaments for sure). It's a shame though that, when the men's world cup is on, you can't go on social media without a barrage of commentary on it, but during the women's world cup you're lucky to find anyone talking about it at all. Really sad, this world cup has been great so far.

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    That's great, so in FIFA 16 will I be able to play as the Matildas and use whatever player appears on the cover?

    So rad. Kinda surprised De Vanna didn't get in the top selection!

    I assume Elise Perry's current sponsorships for all her sports and stuff mean she isn't able to be used or owud cost too much?
    I would vote for Catley due to her previous wonder goal.

    can we also pay money to get her to wear a shirt saying "SMASH THE PATRIARCHY" just to piss off all the whiney little fucksticks who are bitching that there's women's teams in the new version?

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