The Most Beautiful Race Car In The World (Of Tomorrow)

The Most Beautiful Race Car In The World (Of Tomorrow)

OK, let’s get personal. I like cars. I like F1. My favourite F1 cars of all time are basically any of the McLaren Hondas (with 91’s probably taking top spot) . The lines of the cars, that iconic Marlboro branding, ungh. Sadly, those cars are long gone, though as today’s Fine Art feature shows, they haven’t been forgotten.

The 1991 McLaren Honda. Glorious.

Nathan Dearsley, an artist who has worked on games like Crysis and Alien Isolation, is to thank for this space-age reimagining of Prost & Senna’s classic racer. My wallpaper needs have now been taken of, maybe forever.

You can see more of Nathan’s work at his personal site.


  • Would love to see him work on a Sauber concept! Not sure how much of a future they have left though….

  • Yep that is a very sexy looking thing, Boo on McLaren for not using the red and white on this years car, Lotus got away with their John Player scheme.
    Don’t go much on the tires, but I’m tipping he used a fancy design because slicks look kinda shit when rendered up, also not sold on the wheel design. But let that not detract from what is a beautifully designed car and awesome throw-back scheme.

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