The New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Is Glorious

The New Kingdom Hearts III Trailer Is Glorious

Today Square Enix showed off new footage from Kingdom Hearts III. As you might expect, it looks stellar. As you also might expect, there's still no release date or even a release year — the trailer just says "Now in development," which is just what they said back at E3 2013. Welp.

Watch here:


    I really need to get PCSX2 back up and finally finish Kingdom Hearts.

    It's been 10 years since I've played kingdom hearts. Will I still enjoy the game now that I'm in my mid 20's? ABSOFUCKINGLUTLEY!!

      make sure to catch up on all you missed in the games between kh2 and 3 should be able to read it up online will make the game 1000x easier to understand :D

    Really looking forward to this. Never got to play Kingdom Hearts cause I never had a PS and my mate was a total console hog (Essentially would refuse to let me play the game...said I wouldn't like it). Now it's coming on XB1 I can finally enjoy. Although, I'm a little shitty they haven't given any time frame for release...what's with that?

      So 3 will be your first game in the series?

      You are going to be really fucking confused.

        I'm picking up a cheap PS2 and hunting for KH 1&2...So...i guess that lack of release date is a good thing in the end...

          dont forget kh : Birth by Sleep on psp, unlike the other handheld kh games, this one is not a spin-off, but a legit prequel to the series, and covers a major amount of the story, and should be played after kh2.

            Also Kingdom hearts Dream Drop Distance on 3DS basically sets up Kingdom Hearts 3


              Birth By Sleep (PSP/PS3) > Kingdom Hearts (PSX/PS3) > Chain of Memories (GBA/PS2/PS3) > 356/2 Days (DS) > Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS2/PS3) > Re-coded (DS) > Dream Drop Distance (3DS)

              The only one that doesn't exactly pertain to the story too much is Re-coded. Every other game in the series actually contains important subplots that, if not experienced, will lead to confusion in sequels.

              Also, Sora is everyone, everyone is Sora.

    looks good, kotaku overhyped the trailer though :)

    The first two games were rubbish (good looking), poor in length, gameplay and imagination.

    Can't tell if joke or srs :/

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