The New Persona 5 Trailer Is More Anime Than Gameplay

Video: The Persona 4 dancing game came out in Japan this past Thursday. A new trailer for Persona 5 came with it.

Sure, more than a bit of the footage in this new trailer is also in the old one, but I for one am excited for each and every glimpse I get at this game.

Persona 5 is scheduled to release in Japan and the West sometime in Q4 2015.


    I'm just here to spurt my uncontrollable wads of sticky hype all over the article. descriptively disgusting. Would you buy a persona bookmark then? =P

        Yes ! :D

        Did you make Chie?

          Not yet, I'm planing on making them in the future. I'll tag you on tay when I make chie. I know she's your waifu =P

            Nah, mai hero. Still, best P4Ger

    They should show more gameplay instead of flashy cinematic scenes.
    Anyways, Sony should advertise this game more, very good trailer nonetheless tho ;).

    Last edited 28/06/15 8:49 pm

    Look, it's a day one already, you don't have to include the free drug trip to amazing land the fantasy world.

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