The New PlayStation 4 Is Coming To Australia

Last night Sony announced it would be released a 1TB version of the PlayStation 4. This morning Sony Australia confirmed it would be coming to our shores.

The release date: July 15. The cost: $549.95.

As someone who still mostly plays from the disc, I haven't really noticed any issues with hard drive space on the PlayStation 4, and I've downloaded a lot of games through the PlayStation Plus program. I might be in the minority there. In addition, it's relatively easy to upgrade the HDD in PlayStation consoles. I managed to do it with the PS3, and if I can do it — trust me — anyone can do it.

But still, if you don't already have a PS4, this might be version to get.


    I think more importantly, Sony should be giving us extra space to store our cloud saves. My 1gb is well and truly used and I keep having to delete saves every time I get a new game.

    I guess for those who download all their games and aren't keen on changing hard drives, 1TB is a nice option.

      Me too, constantly having to delete my cloud saves - there's also not much in the way of an indicator on how much you're using up (from what I can find)

      Yeah, definitely this.

      1Gb was fine when they first introduced PS+ 5 years ago or whenever it was. But it hasn't increased since then and it's starting o get full. Time to double it, I reckon. Especially given the standard of games they're offering on PS4 isn't up to what they used to have on PS3, it'd be nice if they made up the difference in value some other way.

    As someone who still mostly plays from the disc, I haven’t really noticed any issues with hard drive space

    I'm constantly struggling for space, every time I get a new game, I have to delete at least one other.

    That is only one of the reasons why I'm going PC for all my multi-plat titles from now on. Also seriously considering getting rid of the PS4 (and maybe Wii U) completely and going full PC.

      Or, you could just upgrade your harddrive yourself...

        Why? Biggest you can go on a PS4 is 1TB (I've heard people have had issues with 2TB drives), 3.5" drives can go as big as 8TB now, and with roughly 5 bays in a PC case, well, you do the maths. Pretty much all games are cheaper on PC too.

          There is a case mod coming out soon by Nyko (I believe), that will allow you to use 3.5 Inch Hard Drives. I'm waiting for that then upgrading to a much larger one.

      Well if you're going pc for multiplat remember the wii/wiiu has alot of exclusives. Also the last guardian is enough reason for me to justify a ps4. I would go PC fully but I wear an aluminum foil hat and don't like having to rely on steam to access my games.

        Yeah, some really good upcoming exclusives are the only thing that's holding me back.

          Yup. As an owner of a PS4, WiiU and a PC (And Vita, 3DS and PS3) I'd say:

          Either the PS4 or PC as your main platform is good enough (Or X1). There aren't enough exclusives on any platform of any generation (IMO) to really warrant absolutely 'NEEDING' more than one of the most popular platforms. Unless you have the cash to waste or really NEED a game and cant wait until then end of the generation to pick it up with a console for much, much cheaper.

          Coupled with the fact that PC games can also be had far cheaper than console and you can tweak the settings to maintain 1080p or framerate, it's a great selling point if you can stomach the hardware cost, which isn't as high as some think.

          Edit: Spoilered for being a little irrelevant to the topic lol: My two cents on PC parts after building many PC's over the years for myself, colleagues and friends: All you 'need' TODAY for a VERY comfortable PC experience (that is subjectively better than the consoles) is a low end intel quad core like the i5 4440 (You could get a dual core i3 but I think that's counter intuitive for a long lasting build at this stage), 8GB of ram and anything better than the geforce 750ti which already out performs the consoles regularly at PS4 settings. Side note to my side note: I wouldn't recommend AMD for lower end builds because of power requirements pushing up build costs and (and low over clocking potential, the only reason to really buy AMD for lower end IMO, because lower end boards cant deliver enough power to OC well in my experience) and bloated driver overheads eating up your precious CPU times. Although a balance can be struck with AMD if you put in a little more time and research than generally required when balancing out Intel/ nVidia parts. Point is, you don't need a beast and cheaper games (and no online subscriptions!!!!!) pays off the rig quickly IMO

          That said, I threw in a $120 1tb hybrid SSHDD into my PS4 at launch and haven't run out of space yet (And have slightly faster loading than others. I end up waiting for my friends for a few seconds in Bloodborne and Destiny etc).

          Mind you I uninstall the games when I'm finished with them, just like I do on PC. Especially on PS4 where most disk based games install so fast, or let you play while they install, anyway.

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      PC all the way, but I'd still keep your other consoles for the exclusives, unless money is an issue.
      I only buy exclusives for my PS4, but it's definitely worth it since there are some really great games.

    Given the space I still have, theres enough room for fallout 4, the new star ocean and dark souls 3. By the time I need it there will probably be a 2TB version.

    Question, how easily replaceable is the hard drive in a PS4? It remember it was quite easy to change it in the PS3

      Very easy. I have a 2TB HDD in mine.
      Although I did that before putting anything on it, they still have backup/restore options like the PS3.

      From guides I've seen it looks pretty simple, its the same hard drive type and you just pop off the shiny black section to access it.

      I haven't personally done it though so I can't guarantee there are no booby traps!

      I put the Seagate expansion portable 2TB in mine. Pop the casing on the portable, take out the drive, install it in the PS4 and then put the orignal PS4 500GB HD in the portable casing and you have a new portable 500GB HD to go with your beefed up PS4.

        Any chance you could provide a link to the 2TB? I'm looking to upgrade.

          It was this one:

          Did that work?

      You just slide the left top panel off and then just undo the screws that hold the drive in. It's so simple.

    I delete games I no longer play. Fixed.

    Is there any way to use external HDD's with the PS4. I've been deleting games as I install new ones but I'd prefer not to delete save/install data.
    I don't want to have to replace the harddrive in my PS4.

    I don't own a ps4 yet. But personally I would be way more excited for an SSD to be a standard. I know I am in a minority, but I would take speed over storage space. Generally once I'm done with a game I move on (Most games at a time would be 2-3), plus import retail games are generally are cheaper than digital. This is the main reason why my 320GB PS3 and then after moving overseas 160GB PS3 has more than enough space and I do save the games to the hard drive if loading times will be faster.

      All games including disc games install to the hdd of the ps4. No choice.

        Doesn't change my mind. If games are 60GB I can still install enough on lets say a 256GB SSD. A game that I haven't played in more than 3 months will 100% never get touched again. So I can safely delete it. Again, as I said I'm in the minority, but for me it sucks I will have to purchase a SSD on top of the PS4. Before you say you don't need an SSD, for me yes I do. Even Bloodborne with the lastest patches is slow to load. SSD will at least make it bearable.

      Unfortunately, and contrary to logical expectations, SSD's don't benefit PS4 loading times (even boot times only benefit 4sec) as much as they do on PC (or even PS3).

      A SSD saves maybe 5-10sec out of 30-40sec on even the most bloated games like Destiny or Bloodborne. Given the cost and that a Solid state hybrid drive sits right in-between the SSD and stock drive and only costs $20 more than a normal drive of the same size, I don't think there's much of a case for SSD's in consoles this gen. Maybe next gen when the consoles can leverage the speed though.

      Some proof:

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      I posted some interesting links for you comparing SSD performance in the PS4. The comment is being moderated (Probably because of the links?) so for now I'll say: SSD's are, unfortunately, not as much of an improvement as everyone would have expected compared to what we saw in PS3/PC.

    The PS4 is my first ever non-Nintendo console (I'm the opposite of @evilmonkey in that I'm trying to get away from PC gaming) and I was very surprised at having to install games at all, let alone how much HDD space they took when still running from a disc (is the disc just DRM?). Good to know that I can swap out the HDD myself though and it's not some proprietary thing, I'll have to drop a bigger one in there at some stage I reckon.

      That said, my gaming drive on my PC is only 500GB too and that's never been too small because I uninstall games when I'm done with them. Maybe that habit should continue over.

        Wow how come you're moving away from pc?

          The main reason is as I've gotten older I've come to prefer Mac's (Ted from even just two years ago would be swearing at me right now) and it seems ridiculous to have two expensive systems. Some other smaller reasons would be that I don't like where PC gaming has gone with accounts and 3rd party utilities to run games (Steam, Origin, uPlay, Rockstar Social, etc) and I just really like the idea of chucking a game on and knowing that it's already configured and I can just play.

          It could just be that I wanted a change also, but the last couple of months I have really loved the PS4. It feels more like playing games felt for me as a kid, which is a great thing. Rainbox Six: Siege is the only thing making me question myself a bit at the moment..

      Yes these days the discs are just drm and delivery of the game version 1.0. Most x1 games have a day 1 patch, haven't bought many games fot my ps4 yet so can't really compare.

    Big W have PS4 (including LittleBigPlanet 3 and DriveClub) for $398 in their sale starting in a couple of days. It may be cheaper to go for that, buy a 1Tb drive separately and swap it in. Worth keeping in mind if you're in the market for a PS4 this week.

    The problem I find with the ps4 is you can't break down the patch data and the install data, so if you want to delete anything you have to lose both the install and the patch

    I would love it if I can delete the build install but save the patch so if I re-insert the disc I'm fully patched

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      That would be immensely helpful, I often delete GTA V to make room for new games, but I sure do hate redownloading the patches.

    Wish Ps4 went the Xbox One approach and let you use usb HDD's

    My ps4 is an exclusives box this gen, so 500gb is plenty, but I've been using an external 2tb seagate for my x1 for at least 6 months. The games I'm done playing I just migrate over to the hdd. When I go to my mates places and see their x1s internal at above 90% capacity I just shake my head and wonder why they don't just go pick up even a cheap 1tb external. Literally plug and play after the first time format you have to do (fair enough).

    Easy as and it means you're set for at least another couple of years. Im actually thinking of going out and buying the WD 4.5tb drive ign recommended as their best choice for the x1, as that should easily last me the rest of the generation.

    Why on Earth did they not add hardware support for 4K content? Sure, they may not have the power to play games at that resolution but people use their consoles for streaming content. 4K TV sales make up about 20% of the market and that figure will rise by the end of the year. Netflix, Amazon, etc have some 4K content but will rapidly expand their offering due to 4K TV sales growth.

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