The Next Marvel Universe Will Have A New Spider-Man And A New Hulk

The Next Marvel Universe Will Have a New Spider-Man and a New Hulk

After Secret Wars is done, the Marvel Universe is going to look very different. Someone else is going to be the Strongest One There Is. Another wall-crawler will be using the name Spider-Man. Oh, and Wolverine — a Wolverine, anyway — is coming back too.

In reports hitting today via Mashable and USA Today, Marvel Comics has announced that they will be relaunching their entire publishing line with new #1s as part of an initiative they're calling All-New, All-Different Marvel. The focus will be on new characters and status quo changes that will shake things up the same way that the new female Thor and Sam Wilson's becoming Captain America did. Here's Marvel editor-in-chief Axel Alonso to Mashable:

"We chose all of our creators to come in with a hook — a big thing has happened that changes the status quo of the character."

"These changes were not short-term. We're deeply invested in those characters."

Marvel's looking to replicate the media buzz that the Captain America and Thor moves generated, with Alonso saying that "the all-new Hulk ... this character is certain to cause debate." The USA Today article quotes him as saying:

"You're going to be looking at, in certain cases, new characters inhabiting those roles, and new characters dealing with profound changes in the relationships with others around them and where they live. We've challenged everybody to come up with the right 'Oh (expletive)' reveal for their character to shake it up and make it interesting."

Alonso also said that character and creator diversity will be a big focus of the All-New, All-Different push. Based on the promo image above, it seems like original Captain America Steve Rogers will still be be the older version from before Secret Wars. The inclusion of Miles Morales — Peter Parker's successor in the alternate reality Ultimate Universe — into the Marvel Universe is all but a given, too, with both this image and his recent appearance in an All-New, All-Different Avengers preview story. It's a safe bet that he's the new Spider-Man Alonso mentions. (He's not a new creation, of course, but he'll be new to the mainline Marvel Universe.) And the character on the far right is a version of 1970s-era Native American hero Red Wolf, who'll be showing up in a Secret Wars tie-in title. A teaser for the All-New, All-Different Marvel will be out in July, previewing the coming changes before the end of the year.


    Another week, another new boat load of characters, changes and other bits in the marvel universe.

    Challenging all of the creators to come up with a shocking change to each character sounds very contrived. Is hulk going to become the first transgender gay Muslim Avenger? I mean, if that's what they genuinely want to do then sweet, but if it's all for shock value it feels very cheap and gross.

    I am calling it here, after The Blob is blocking entrance to Taco Bell the blast him with Gama radiation causing him to be the new Hulk... but wait due to unforeseen complications with The Blob and his mutant make up he is now She-Hulk!!!!

      Further plot-twist, She-Hulk is now renamed to just the "Hulk"!

        I mean I can see this happening, going from a guy to a woman is all the rage these days.

        Last edited 05/06/15 10:16 am

          To a blac-native ameri-mexic-asian-tri gender-anita sarkeesian-gamergate-political correctness-hype-train!

          Any that I'm missing?

          Edit: Also can I say WTF is Ant-Man back in the picture for?! I never hated a super-hero more than I hated Hank Pym.

          Last edited 05/06/15 10:28 am

            Given there is an Ant Man film just around the corner, it'd be surprising if they _didn't_ push the character.

              I know I know, but still he was such an absolute tosser of a character!

                well the whole wife bashing thing was actually Bob Hall changing the intent of jim shooter it was supposed to be accidental him hitting her throwing his arms up in fustration but Hall drew it as a straight right cross

            It's far more likely that this Ant-Man is the Scott Lang version. Marvel's current Ant-Man run (only a few issues long) has Scott Lang as Ant-Man again. The current run also wiped out his more responsible persona and played up his irresponsible ex-crim side, probably to match up with the upcoming Ant-Man movie.

            So it's probably not Hank Pym, but I don't like the current comics version of Scott Lang Ant-Man very much either.

            EDIT: Didn't see the comment before me.

            Last edited 05/06/15 4:06 pm

    Marvel Comics has announced that they will be relaunching their entire publishing line with new #1s as part of an initiative they’re calling All-New, All-Different Marvel.

    They cancelled a lot of books, some that didn't even have 20 issues published, just to go the "collectable issue 1" marketing route again... Well I'm not buying it. Viva la DCP!

    I'm questioning the timelessness of some of these changes..

    I remember when I started reading Superior Spider-Man (very very good series, really shakes up the formula), the editor was saying about how he (ock-spidey) is here to stay and peter parker is permanently dead...

    then 30 issues later, the series ends and you begin the series again with amazing spider-man #1..

    so with these announcements.. i'm not too sure anymore.

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