The PlayStation Vita Is Forgotten, But Not Gone

The PlayStation Vita Is Forgotten, But Not Gone

The PlayStation Vita is a handheld video game device manufactured by Sony Corporation. It was first released in Japan in December 2011. In 2015, some new games will be released for it.

This may come as a surprise to anyone who doesn’t own a Vita, and who hasn’t heard the handheld’s name spoken aloud in years, but for owners of Sony’s poor little handheld that could, sustaining themselves on indie ports, PS Plus freebies and JRPGs, this E3 hasn’t been a total write-off.

There are new games coming! Not many, but they’re coming. Here they are.


  • Definitely not forgotten.

    I use mine for remote play all the time to my PS4 as well as gaming while travelling.

    • same here. I just wish the vita is bigger so I can grab it comfortably. I am actually thinking about getting a xperia z3 so I can do remote play with PS4 controller. Vita will only be for when I am out of the house then.

      • Yeah I ended up getting a Ryco grip to make it more comfortable as well as extending battery life which improved the usability.

        Still hurts my hands after a while but nothing like the cramping I got without it.

  • I use my Vita incessantly for Minecraft. Also I was a fairly late adopter to the platform and there are shedloads of games in the back catalog I haven’t got to yet.
    With the excellent indie support in addition to PS+ I’m nowhere near retiring it.

    • Yeah, they could stop making games for it tomorrow and it’ll still take me years to get through my backlog of PS+ stuff.

  • There’s a lot of games coming, if you care about the sort of games they are (JRPGs, primarily).

    Personally, several of the most anticipated releases this year for me are on Vita. Stuff like Corpse Party and Trails of Cold Steel.

    • +1. The Vita has a fantastic catalog, with new releases fairly constant and steady. It’s just most people assume it’s dead/dying because it’s not getting big ticket western release games. It’s niche/jrpg/indie catalog is brilliant, and the console itself is a joy to use.

      EDIT: It’s direction as a console is interestingly following it’s big brother. I don’t think that was the intention to begin with, but that’s where it’s ended up.

      • It also doesn’t help when journalists constantly make comments about it not having any games, is forgotten, and use pessimistic phrases. Really it all translates to “The Vita doesn’t have any games that I personally want to play so therefore it has no games.”

  • I use my vita ALL the time. It is actually my primary gaming machine as stopping anytime and resuming playing RPGsis god send.

  • People who own Vitas love them. There are some super incredible games on there too, and really handy interactions with the Playstation.

  • Apparently there have been more Vitas sold than Wii U’s – around ten million.

    In any case – it is a nice platform; its only real fault is the memory cards. You can also use your Vita to remote control (and remote play) your PS4 in much the same way that the Wii U’s tablet can be used to play Wii U games. (There’s something similar for PS3, but I’m not sure if the screen gets transferred across.)

    • PS3 remote play required the game to implement it whereas the PS4 supports it natively. Lazy developers didnt bother adding vita support

  • Love my Vita. Had it since day one release.

    Uncharted, Fifa, Gravity Rush, Metal Gear Solid, Persona 4 Golden, Assassins Creed, Lumines, Tearaway, Zero Escape: Virtues Last Reward, PS4 Remote Play, PSP and PS1 games. Something for everyone.

    Someone tell me of a better on the go game than Killzone Mercenary multiplayer or botzone? Superb…

  • Only got my Vita earlier this year, so I am a late comer, but I love the device.
    I see plenty of good games, including all the PS1 games, and some good HD bundles like the God of War and Ratchet and Clank bundles. Combine that with some excellent games I’ve scored on PS+, and Tearaway’s innovative use of the Vita’s systems, I really struggle to see how this device is dying.
    I think it’s just as others said above me; those who own Vita’s love them, but for everyone else they seem non-existent and thus people assume it’s dead.

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