The Rare Collection Is Now Official

The Rare Collection Is Now Official

As we told you this morning, Microsoft is releasing a compilation of Rare games for Xbox One. It's called Rare Replay.


    Ill get this just for Blast corps! the rest of the games are just a bonus

      I loved that game, almost don't want to replay it because the later levels were so frustrating haha.

        I've played through it multiple times, they aren't that bad!

        I Spent many an hr in my youth getting platinum medal on every level some of those space levels were very brutal.

      blast corps was genuinely good fun. was always hoping they would do a DS version of the 64 game.....clearly never would seen as all tied up by microsoft now but damn, would love to play it on that.

    Does this mean it will also be available for Windows 10? Conkers Bad Fur Day on my laptop, yes please!

      It's already available on anything you ever want to play it on...

    Banjo kazooie just doesn't feel right on an xbox

      You never played the HD versions on the XBOX 360? They were awesome. Way better than when I try to play them on the N64.

        Sounds like you didn't play it on the N64 if you think the overly censored 360 version was better..

          Banjo Kazooie on the N64 was one of the first games I ever absolutely destroyed. I think it had been out for two days before I had all the main collectables.
          The main reason I say the XBOX 360 versions are superior is that the N64 had no clue how to do camera control which is a vital part of a 3D platformer and without a good hardware mod the N64 output looks terrible. I don't recall any significant censorship, unless you count taking out Nintendo references which didn't have any impact on anything.

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            Sorry, I had Conker on the brain. My bad!

              Ah, that makes sense. I couldn't figure out if I'd been super oblivious to changes on the XBLA version or if you were just super hardcore about having N64 references in Banjo games. =P

      We're playing Tooie on the 360 and I beg to differ - it's an incredible port

    Are these straight up ports? New textures? New models? Any details at all?

    ...and now I have a legitimate reason to purchase an XB1.


    O wait I don't own an XB1 :(

    First time I'm actually considering buying one. Oh and didn't I read something about Silent Hills being released on XB1?

    Okay I must get one now.

    So... they do have Battletoads? I'm in!

    Worth it for Blast Corps, hoping Jet Force Gemini is in there too.

    Wasn't the XBox version of Conker's Bad Fur Day edited or censored somewhat compared to the original Gamecube edition?

      It was also a pile of rubbish compared to the first conkers on N64

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    I could only see battletoads, got too excited to see anything else lol

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