The Secret History Of Bloodborne's Most Depressing Villain

Father Gascoigne is a tough fight in Bloodborne, but all the tougher when you consider his back-story. He's a husband, a father to a young girl and in his eventual madness he eventually makes an orphan of his child. Actually, technically, you the player make an orphan of Gascoigne's child. All in all it's a pretty grim tale.

And this grim tale is retold in all its glory, all its brutal detail by lore academic VaatiVidya. The man who continues to pretty much explain to me what the hell is going on in From Software games. As always he does a fantastic job of eking out meaning and narrative from lore descriptions and all the vague, obscure references that From Software tends to use in order to create its spellbinding universes. Many of you may have moved on from Bloodborne, but this is a great reminder of its fantastic world. Top notch video.


    It's an awesome interpretation, though it is just that - an interpretation. How much of it is actual fact is up for debate.
    Still, it's a great theory to emerge from the fragments of truth we do know. It's definitely the headcannon I'll be keeping. :)

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    "Moved on"? "Moved on"??

    What sort of animal do you take me for Mark

    I'm up to this guy. He's mean

      Trees: hide behind them.

      Or do what I did - charge attack with the Kirkhammer, he runs right into the sucker.

        I've only tried him twice, so I'll plug away at him and muddle through. What's the Kirkhammer like? I've seen it for sale, looks cool

          I liked it for the next area and cleanup of the current area. Deals enough damage to pancake most of the big guys in one or two hits. But then I found it too slow for the next bosses, and have now settled on the starter axe.

    Yay! Mark's back! Shouldn't you have moved into Witcher 3 by now?

      I got my copy of the game just before I left for Scotland. Have only put a couple of hours in :|

        Fair enough. Good to have you back :-)

    I tried to move on but I came crawling back for a second play through. A game has to be really good for me to want to play it through again right after completion. Never played the other souls games so Bloodborne feels incredibly fresh to me. One of my favourite games of all time. Surprising considering the first night I played it I felt like I made no progress and went to bed thinking fuck this game.

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    "Moved on." Pfft. Just finished NG+ after a 4 week holiday in Italy. Still got most of the Chalice Dungeons to do. Then there's NG++ for the Platinum.

    One does not simply "move on" from Bloodborne.

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