The Sights, Sounds And Smells Of E3 2015 [Video]

The Electronic Entertainment Expo is a pretty crazy place. For three noisy, action-packed days, the entire video games industry converges on the Los Angeles Convention Center to show off its latest wares; from upcoming AAA games to new prototype hardware. Here's a guided tour set to obnoxious beats for your viewing pleasure.

The E3 showroom floor is a wondrous maze of lasers, robots, cosplayers and endless arcade cabinets all jostling for the audience's attention. This year saw more than 52,000 people pass through its doors, representing 109 countries. Here's a small taste of the things that we witnessed — and this is just the South Hall. (There's a neighbouring venue that's roughly the same size as this one. Like we said; crazy.)

Incidentally, if anyone thinks they can identify the remixed game tune on the soundtrack, have a crack in the comments. [Hint: It came out in the early '90s.]



    This video alone makes PAXAus and EB Expo look like crap in comparison.

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