The Steam Sales That Are Gonna Send Me Broke

So as you (and your credit card) are probably already well aware, the Steam 'Summer' sales are well underway. I thought I'd select a couple of the games I think are worth checking out...

Papers, Please

70% off $2.99 Less of a game, more of a brutalising experience that makes you question things in general. I left this video game fairly sure that I was a terrible, terrible person. In a good way.

Left 4 Dead 2

80% off $3.99 Especially worth getting since we can play the proper game. Whoo!


80% off $1.99 Fez is the best. If you haven't played this, you owe it to yourself to get lost in one of the strangest video game universes I've ever had the pleasure of exploring.

Grand Theft Auto Everything

25%-75% Pretty much everything Grand Theft Auto is on sale right now. Go nuts.

Mirror's Edge

78% off $4.39 I suspect we're all about to get super hyped about Mirror's Edge again post E3, might as well get a head start.

Have you bought anything? Waiting for something to go onsale? Let us know below.


    Post E3? I'm hyped for Mirror's Edge RIGHT NOW


      Though I already own it on Xbox360, getting it again for PC sure is tempting when you consider mods.

    Already spent about 100 bucks today.

    *shakes fist at GabeN*

    I feel I need to point out that Rockstar have made it so that GTA V is only on sale when you purchase it in a bundle, and the standalone game isn't actually on sale.

    The 'Grand Theft Auto V & Great White Shark Cash Card', which is the only way to get the game without any other games, is basically just GTA V with the pre-order bonus...for the exact same price... (well, $1.50 cheaper)

    It's a bit of a dick and misleading move, if you ask me.

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      Agreed, full blown dick move. Not happy. :(

      Pretty dick move indeed.

      I picked up GTA V about a week ago (I know one really shouldn't buy games before the steam summer sale, but I had just landed a new job and was in a good mood), so when I hopped on today and saw it on sale I was expecting to be kicking myself.

      Then I saw that it was basically still full price and had a good laff.

      Its still miles cheaper to just not buy the steam version, 90 dollars is such a joke price for that game.

      I paid 38 Australian dollars on release day.

        I'd like it in my steam library rather than mucking around with R* social club. Although if you can indicate where I can also get it for $38, (please), I may be swayed.... :)

          It looks like they have stopped selling it the way we got it back when it released, previously you could buy it at Nuuvem using the hola plugin in chrome for 38 aud.

          You can currently get it for 45USD though which is much better than the 70+ USD steam price from Greenman Gaming using the 25% off voucher on their front page.

          Even if you get it through steam you still need to install and use rockstar social club to play it.

          Actually scratch that, I still had Hola open when I went to GMG the australian price is 75 dollars.

          With all of the price bollocks they want you to deal with I would have reached the point at which I just torrent it.

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      More needs to be said about this because it is down right bullshit!

      I've heard they bundle the in game cash with it which stops you from ever getting a refund?

    The ones I have my eye on today are Tales from the borderlands at 50% and maybe Styx at 60%

    EDIT: Although next round of flash sales are up and Surgeon Simulator at 80% off is tempting
    EDIT: EDIT: Sir, you are being hunted 90% off down to 2 bucks. Insta-buy

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    Ha! Jokes on you! I'm unemployed! I have no money!!!

      I hear you brother. The moths in my wallet are high fiving me as we speak!

    Nothing from today's sales caught my eye but a few things on my wishlist are already 60-85% off for the entire duration so I'll keep my eye out to see if they go even ludicrously lower and grab them on the last day if they don't.

    How is Bad Rats not on this list? It's only 19 cents! Now everyone can afford what is perhaps the finest achievement that gaming has to offer.

      Isn't Bad Rats a shit game? I've heard people gift it to each other as a joke...

        Or they troll people by saying it's a fine game and totally worth the 19 cents you pay when it's on sale. ^_-

          Some call him the Picasso of trolling. Some say he can piss you off while he's sleeping. We simply know of him as... Casual Prolix.

    I already spent my money on a PSN sale. Sorry Gabe.

    Still waiting on Warhammer 40k Armageddon. Still not on sale. :(

    Valkyria Chronicles and the Homeworld Collection are the 2 that caught my eye from day 1.

    Nearly bought both Metro games for $10US this morning. Decided to wait for something I'm more keen to play. I got some spare cash, but I still wanna be careful

    I post this gif every time. And it's super worth it, every time.

      I had not seen this before. Continue posting this gif annually for those who've not had the fortune of viewing it.

    Never really got into mirrors edge :S

    Each year Ive bought less and less from the steam sales, to the point I havent bought anything in the last few.
    GOG on the other hand... Been buying more and more from there

    Do not by GTAV it's vastly over priced. ($75USD=$96.94AUD) It's not on sale at all.

    Dungeon Crawl has it for $74.90AUD and they are currently offering %15 off PC games via the coupon code PCOFFER15 so it works out at $63.67AUD (which equals $49.35USD)

    A much better deal.

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    Do not, my friends, become addicted to Steam Sales. It will take hold of you, and you will resent its absence.

    When I logged in this morning I saw that Hotline Miami 2 was on sale. I suspect they goofed by letting us see it. It's a shame that there's no way to get it on Steam for us Australians.

    Oh well, I guess there's nothing we can do about it. Yep. Nothing at all.


    Quickly, before Valve read Kotaku Australia's comments!

    1) Log into Steam in browser. I use Firefox, but I can't imagine this not working for all browsers.
    2) Go to Hotline Miami's store page. Any game works but these seems the most appropriate, no?
    3) Save this store page to your desktop or whatever.
    4) Open this .html file in notepad, or notepad++. Any simple text editor should do, we only need to change a few characters.
    5) Do a search (ctrl+F) for this string of numbers: "17111". "17111" should come up three times unless you have a strange username. (Don't search for the quotation marks, lol)
    6) Now replace those three instances of 17111 with 37088.
    7) Ctrl+S to save the .html.
    8) Make sure you're still signed into Steam in your browser.
    9) Now open that .html from your desktop in your browser.
    10) Click add to cart, and instead of Hotline Miami being added to your cart, you should find Hotline Miami 2 is there instead!
    11) Do the usual payment and etc, and the game will be added to your library.
    You can't view the community or the store page still, but you will be able to play the game, which is pretty darn good.


    This one relies on you using the Inspect Element to change the HTML while you're looking at the page!
    1) Log into Steam in browser. Again, I've only done this with Firefox so I dunno how well other browsers work.
    2) Go to Hotline Miami's store page.
    3) Highlight the "add to cart" button. In attempting to do so, you'll probably end up highlighting the percent, the price, the add to cart button and the remaining time on the daily deal. This is fine.
    4) Right click and choose "Inspect Element". This'll open up a small section at the bottom of the screen that shows you the HTML! It'll open up to a specific point.
    5) Neat the top of this HTML box you'll see a bunch of things starting with "div.". Click on "div.game_area_purchase_game_wrapper". If you can't see this, mousewheel over the .divs until it scrolls into view. If you don't have a mousewheel, fuck man what are you doing?
    6) Having done this, one line of code will be highlighted. In the paragraph under this, you should be able to see two instances of 17111 appearing. Right click on the paragraph and click "Edit as HTML". Replace these instances with 37088.
    7) Back in the bar of .divs, you should be able to see "div.game_purchase_action" Click on this. (if you can't find it, close the Element Inspector and reopen it.)
    8) A few lines below the newly highlighted line, you should be able to find the third instance of 17111. Replace this with 37088.
    9) Having done this, click somewhere else on the code (this should save your changes.)
    10) Now click add to cart, and Hotline Miami 2 should be in your cart.


    Anything associated with a banned game is banned, even if the content itself is not logically illegal. Instead of replacing 17111 with 37088, use these numbers instead!

    50446 - Hotline Miami 2: Digital Special edition (comes with 6 remix tracks and some unlockable content for Payday 2)
    50447 - Hotline Miami 2: Soundtrack (it's fucking awesome)
    56930 - Hotline Miami 1+2 bundle (it's just the normal edition of 2)
    62816 - Hotline Miami 2: Digital Special edition upgrade (in case you want it)
    69703 - Hatred (if you've got money to burn, or just like owning things people tell you you can't have)

    A note on Payday 2 content: you can get it for free if you can prove you're Australian:
    "Q: I live in Australia and Hotline Miami 2 is banned here. How can I enjoy this content for PAYDAY 2?
    A: Those of you who are Australians are free to send an e-mail to [email protected] with the subject line “Australian Heister calling in”. In the e-mail, please attach a scanned copy of your passport or ID that identifies you as an Australian. You will then be sent a special code that unlocks the content to you for free."

    DISCLAIMER: I take no responsibility if Valve decides to take your game back and doesn't return your money - though I doubt they'll do it. I bought my HM2 through Steam and have no regrets.

    And if you're worried about that...

    ...the developers DID give you permission to pirate it...

    what do you mean by E3

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