The Story Behind Uncharted 4's Press Conference Snafu

The Story Behind Uncharted 4's Press Conference Snafu

Sony decided to close out its E3 press conference this year with Uncharted 4: A Thief's End. After a brief cutscene played, Nathan Drake was supposed to start moving through a crowd... but he just stood still... for a long time. That's when co-director Bruce Straley started panicking.

If you read my E3 demo piece from last week, you know not all of these demos are played live on stage — some are just video. In this case, though, Naughty Dog really was trying to play its game in front of a real audience. It's a gamble, since an unfinished game could unexpectedly break.

In this case, Uncharted 4 didn't crash, but that didn't stop things from going awry.

Straley was the one holding the controller on stage and guiding Drake.

"I didn't do any the run-throughs or dress rehearsals," said Straley during one of Sony's live shows during E3 . "I start heading out onto the stage in complete black."

He walked out with a stagehand named Bill, who was holding the stool he'd eventually sit on. While that was being taken care of, Straley realised the PlayStation 4 controller was missing.

"Uh oh," he said.

As Straley looked for the controller, Bill was simply trying to do his job and get the stool set.

"I'm like 'uhh, ok, sorry.'" she said. "Let me get out of this guy's way."

The controller was eventually found, and Straley began double checking the situation at hand. Controller on? Check. Blue light on, signalling the controller's connected? Check. Straley was even able to start the demo with the controller, which gave him a chance to relax a tiny bit.

"I'm hitting the analogue stick and he's supposed to respond," he said. "This is gameplay, this is what happens when you're playing a game. [laughs] Nothing happened! Nothing happened."

Not only did Drake refuse to budge, but Straley's wasn't able to control the camera, either. At this point, hundreds of thousands of people watching live were waiting for the demo to start.

The Story Behind Uncharted 4's Press Conference Snafu

Straley's brain started shutting down, as he scrambled for an alternative. He found another controller, wondering if the wireless had simply gotten messed up.

"Nothing's happening whatsoever," he said.

It's at this point Uncharted 4's other director, Neil Druckmann, began losing it, too.

"I walked out to the front," said Druckmann, "and I'm looking at him going 'Walk! Bruce, why aren't you walking? Walk!' I started spinning. I don't know what to do. [laughs]"

Druckmann started shouting at anyone around him to switch over to the backup unit. There was another PS4 on stage with another copy of the demo, just in case something like this happened.

Straley gave up on the first PS4 and headed to the backup unit. There's no way for him to communicate with the people running the show without leaving the stage, so he has to hope everyone picks up on what he's doing. He transitioned to the other PS4; the demo loaded up a second time. After the same cutscene played a second time, Straley held his breath.

The Story Behind Uncharted 4's Press Conference Snafu

"Luckily, he moved," he said. "The crowd went wild. Nate's actually moving! It's the game. This is awesome. [laughs]"

From what I'm told, if the second PS4 didn't work, there was a video backup. This isn't shocking, as just about every game at a press conference has a video backup. In this case, they didn't have to resort to video, and Straley was able to play his game on stage for everyone.

Just writing this story stressed me out.


    I like these behind-the-scenes drama insights. Good article. Great demo. (Eventually.)

    “I’m like ‘uhh, ok, sorry.'” she said. “Let me get out of this guy’s way.”

    Who's the woman here?

      I scrolled back up looking for one as well. Obviously a typo, but completely changed the context!

    I didn't mind seeing that, actually - at least it meant you could be pretty sure what you were seeing was the actual game rather than some idealised video masquerading as the game.

      It's only a matter of time before devs start to add glitches to their pre-recorded gameplay videos for the same effect.

        The modern conspiracy theorists are way ahead of you. Did you ever see the 'in-engine' trailer for Battlefront 3 a couple months ago? People were insisting it was not in-engine as promised until some pointed out a rock at a certain point in the video that glitched out ever so slightly.

        Naturally the immediate response from our friendly theorists was that said rock was placed there and we had all been sucked in, just like the moon landing.

    I actually like when I see something go awry at live reveals, like what happened in this situation.
    Why? Well even though it can be embarrassing for the demonstrators, it does one great thing for the game; prove that it's an actual game.
    Trailers can get you excited. Seeing the release date gets you pumped for its arrival. But seeing the game be played on-stage will always get me most engrossed. Early builds will have hiccups, I get that, and seeing said hiccup tends to drive home that knowledge that what I'm seeing is tangible.

    I had assumed that they'd failed over to a video when the first go didn't work, didn't realize it was still being played live.

      Yeah I watched the replay of the whole conference and that bit threw me. Couldn't hear any audience reaction, Thought - maybe are we supposed to observe the crowd? Then it restarted. dramatic effect? Then everything started moving and exploding constantly and I lost my train of thought. Looks like a hell of a lot of fun. Interesting to hear the actual story behind it.

    That must be why the game is not in stores yet.

      If it was Assassin's Creed it would be and they'd be busy working on the patches :P

    Somehow this mess up seems to have helped them, which it should. Showing real gameplay took balls, and recovering in such grand fashion was perfect.

    And like anyone at home watching is really going to think: "Oh, there was a technical fault? Best not buy that game."

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