The Truth About World Of Warcraft's End Game

The Truth About World of Warcraft's End Game

Disorganised raid groups, an empty PvP zone, and the ever-growing need for Apexis Crystals. Mooclucking's funny guide to fresh max level characters seems about right.

Patch 6.2 is out for a few days now so we'll see how things change. Fingers crossed for a fixed Ashran full of people doing PvP!


    The only thing missing was Heroic dungeons and that terrible challenge mode requiremnt

      You mean Proving Grounds? Challenge mode was time dungeon runs to a set item level.

      The silver proving ground requirement was, honestly, easy. The fact that you can now get epics before you do them, make it even easier. If anything, my complaint'd be on Heroic dungeons being outdated before you get to them.

        Yeah proving grounds. I keep getting the two mixed up.

          Why does the Proving Ground requirement bother you though? It's easier than the actual heroic content, if someone can't get silver there's a good chance they're not going to be pulling their weight.

            Tanking as a fresh 100 Pally & 100 Mage really did my head in.

            The affliction lock silver was a serious pain.

            But than again so is being an affliction lock.

    remove the mini games, remove the LFG queue up, reinvirgorate the social side of things. They're called MMORPG's for a reason, not Facebook games.

    I found the silver proving rounds stupidly hard as an ARC Mage, think I was 625, b4 I actually beat it, but my BM Hunter aced it @ 580, other toon's a little more difficult, but I did enjoy the challenge, the Legendary Cloak in MoP however was the most awesome challenge yet, and I loved that X-pac!

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