Weird. The Wii Has The Most Edits Of Any Video Game Wikipedia Page.

Weird. The Wii Has The Most Edits Of Any Video Game Wikipedia Page.
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I stumbled across this graph during my morning trawl through the internet. It’s a list of the most edited pages in Wikipedia’s history and it makes for fascinating reading.

At the top are pages you might expect: ex-US presidents like George Bush and Barack Obama. Michael Jackson’s page is number five. Surprisingly a page listing the current WWE personnel is number two, which is probably testament to how often that changes.

Coming in at number 16, however, is The Wii. Yes, the Wikipedia page for the Wii has the most edits of any Wikipedia page about video games. It’s had 21,685 edits. That is fairly incredible. Second to the Wii is the PlayStation 3, which is 28th on the list with 19,916 edits.

It’s an interesting list — a mix of politics, entertainment, countries, people of note — and it’s got me wondering why a page would be updated so frequently. Why the Wii and not Mario, or a list of Pokemon for that matter? A list of Ben 10 Aliens is 22nd on the list for God’s sake!

I suspect it’s a combination of two things: popularity and a constantly shifting base of information. Possibly the Wii was updated so frequently because its install base was constantly growing, and people were interested in reading about sales of the Wii. Ditto for the PS3.

Hard to tell. But it’s a fun list. Worth checking out.


  • Pokemon doesn’t get much coverage in Wikipedia, I imagine because there’s at least a couple of wikis dedicated just to Pokemon.

  • I think you need to rework you grammar with; ex-US presidents like George Bush and Barack Obama.

    Bernie Sanders ain’t in office just yet!

  • Hold on, the wii is just ahead of both united kingdom and the undertaker, wow, just ahead of the country made of seperate countries & 1 of thee most infamous wrestlers of all time, just wow

    • Probably. I’d like to see how many are reverts too. I’m betting there’s a fair bit of vandalism involved, same with the PS3 article.

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