The Winners And Losers Of E3 2015

Video: Another year, another E3. Time to hand out some virtual awards. If you read Luke's excellent (and hilarious) posts from earlier this week, you already have an idea what we thought of this year's show. But our excellent production team has put together a slick summary of the E3 that was in video form. Enjoy!

See you next year, E3.


    where is just cause 3

    What, no mention of Yarnyman? Do you have no soul?

    I guess I have no heart, the muppets did absolutely zero for me and I found them anything but 'hilarious'... O_O

      None at all!

      I was watching the vid of it yesterday, and even though that opening to the Direct still had me as excited and hyped as the first time I saw it I couldn't help but think how much greater it would have been if we didn't know Star Fox was coming. Would have been incredible to have it announced that way.

      (though I was disappointed that the game itself didn't turn out to have an aesthetic in the vein of the recent wool/yarn/plasticine games, making it a Thunderbirds-like puppet show)

        When I saw the Starfox puppets, that was different, the Reggie one looked bizarre... the 3 Nintendo bosses just looked odd, especially Reggie. The jokes were on the nose, incredibly so. But when they changed to Starfox, that was different, I quite liked those. However the actual game, I hope it changes somewhat drastically before launch, I couldn't help but feel incredibly underwhelmed by what they showed unfortunately :( But I agree, if they made all the footage in Starfox with Henson muppets? Oh crap, I'd buy it just for that.

        Last edited 21/06/15 2:02 pm

      What's wrong with your heart? Why don't you like having your heart? Are you evil? Or worse, are you gamergate?

        *sigh* I had a heart once... now it's this cold lump of coal inside my chest...

    Shenmue is developed by YS-Net, YS-Net has chosen to source funding from other companies as well as from fans via Kickstarter. The game is not fully funded. Sony, like other investors is throwing in an undisclosed amount of money in (possibly to secure exclusivity on PS4). To be clear, it is not a fully budgeted game to the level that Yu Suzuki truly wants to make for the fans. Yu Suzuki mentioned that for the Kickstarter part of his funding campaign, he needs $10 million (from Kickstarter funding) to ensure he can make a totally open world game for Shenmue 3. It's super annoying that some media information has been twisted to assume some kind of conspiracy that Sony are just using Kickstarter as a pre-order. Also, annoying and false is the assumption that only $2 million is needed and that the remainder is funded exclusively by Sony. Everyone needs to get behind Kickstarter and contribute even as low as US$29 for a digital copy of either PS4 or PC when the game is released. If you've never played Shenmue (14 years is a long time since Shenmue 2) - don't be too worried - I have a good feeling that SEGA will release HD version of the last two games before Shenmue 3 releases. New to Shenmue..? There is a reason why it's going gangbusters just check out Gamerankings averages are 89.34% for Shenmue (48 critic reviews) and 89.63% for Shenmue 2 (19 critic reviews).

      Dude, you're copy and pasting this in multiple threads... not only that, I know I've seen a lot of this text elsewhere O_o

      Gotta agree with @weresmurf here. I'm a huge Shenmue fan myself, and its reveal was the highlight of E3 this by far for me. It's great that you want others to experience the series (and they really should), but posting this in every single Kotaku post that even slightly whiffs of E3 is getting really obnoxious.

    Only showing the FE x SMT footage at the end :'( That was the big winner for Nintendo this year; the game looked incredible during the Treehouse play through.

    I'm pretty sure that Uncharted is a winner. The graphics definitely seemed to be better than the previous gameplay footage. I was also really impressed with the dialogue exchanged when bumping into civilians, which makes me want to play The Last Story again.

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