The Witcher 3 On Xbox Has Issues Booting Up

The Witcher 3 On Xbox Has Issues Booting Up

If you bought The Witcher 3 digitally on Xbox One, there’s a chance you can’t play the game right now. There’s a licensing issue — error “0x87de2726” — that’s preventing the game from booting up, but Microsoft is aware of the problem and working on it.

The Witcher 3 On Xbox Has Issues Booting Up

It’s apparently a licensing issue. There’s no timetable for a fix, but hopefully it’s pretty soon.


  • Another issue with their abandoned drm enforcing for digital downloads. I thought they removed it since the issue last time where games were removed store and people can’t play their downloaded copy anymore

  • Lucky we’re not living in that Microsoft planned future where all our games were only available digital DRM protected and discs were a thing of the past…

    • The DRM they had planned was actually a good thing. But unfortunately a bunch of vocal, ill-informed gamers ruined it. Discs are a form of DRM too and, worse still, keeps places like EB games in business who in turn keep our game prices sky high and rort the 2nd hand market with no money flowing back to the developers. With online DRM we could have a more flexible system similar to Steam.
      But hey, who cares about logic; DRM is a naughty word, so let’s all flip out.

      • offline DRM (like on discs) I agree makes content extremely hard to copy and keeps pirates at bay, but Microsoft clearly uses a flawed online digital DRM model which requires (and failing at providing) a 24x7x365 authentication service so you can access content you legally ‘own’. Plus I don’t know why you’re singling EB games, piracy and the development costs is what makes prices high (and demand). If they choose to sell games and silly prices, that’s their own fault. The second hand game market just denies game publishers extra revenue. I paid 69 dollars for Witcher 3 for PS4, its listed digitally on MS and Playstation for 100. I see no problem with the market as it stands offering disc based games.

        • Eb games and other brick and mortars made the gov make a price parity law where digital storefronts can’t under sell brick and mortars with the rrp, even though when you buy digitally you get a lesser product (you can’t sell or trade). So there is that.

          Microsofts DRM system works fine as long as you have that xbox set to being your ‘home’ xbox. For instance, I have my gfs x1 set as being my home xbox, so she gets same time access to all my digital content and xbl privileges. While all that ddos crap was happening and no one could sign into live, I could play all the digital games on her x1 (my home x1) but not on my x1.

          To put that in context the drm 24x7x365 (really 24×365) stuff you posted about effected me negativley for 4 days out of the over a year and a half. Even then, I could still play my digital games on my home xbox offline (contrary to your statements about requiring a check-in).

          Can’t speak for @ruairi, but the reason I’d single out EB is that they are the main retailer that charges those inflated rrps (at release jb are consitsently cheaper than them, department stores cheaper still) making it *seem* like they are solely resposible for digital licenses being stupidly expensive.

  • What is it lately with the XB1 being the broken stepchild with game releases. It feels like every second game is broken on the XBOX at launch.

    • PS4 is the same – witness what is happening now with Ultra SF4 – a 3-4 year old port stuffed up on its PS4 release

      • I dunno, it seems to be AAA titles on the XB1, Project Cars, Witcher, Dark Souls, Borderlands Handsome collection… and Halo MCC still isn’t working properly. MP is *still* broken, that is insane.


        • PS4 – Ultra SF4, Ether One, Little Big Planet 3 were/are all craptacular too – Ether One spectacularly so

          Its affecting both sides

          Scrap this gen, start again!

        • Whats this about borderlands and dark souls? I dont own them yet but was thinking of picking them up

    • To be fair, witcher worked fine on x1 till yesterday and I was playing it last night digitally.

      But you are right about this gen (not just MS) releasing broken games.

  • I bought it digitally 2 days ago, played it last night and had no problems. I buy all my games digitally these days as it’s just easier to play them as change between my two xbox ones.

  • After it wouldn’t open for me yesterday, I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall it. Guess what: it won’t reinstall. I hope this gets fixed soon.

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