The World's Most Advanced Gaming Mouse (Trailer)

The World's Most Advanced Gaming Mouse (Trailer)

How epic can a trailer for a gaming mouse get? This epic.

During E3 last week, Razer introduced the latest version of its Mamba gaming mouse, an incredibly popular product in gaming circles as well as one of the few gaming mice you're likely to find at a Walmart — the truest test of niche hardware penetration.

Razer's calling this new, $US150 wireless version of the Mamba "the world's most advanced gaming mouse," which in this case seems accurate in a more options than I'd ever need sort of way. It's 16,000 DPI laser sensor can be adjusted in increments of 1 DPI — the industry standard is 50 DPI increments — meaning you can be incredible anal about the DPI if you're so inclined.

What's really cool about the new Mamba however, is this trailer.

What's really, really cool about the new Mamba is actually its "Adjustable Click Force" buttons, which allows users to control how much pressure it takes to click the right and left mouse buttons. Gone are the days of going through a dozen mice to find the one that clicks just right, which I don't believe ever happens but if it did it shouldn't anymore.

The World's Most Advanced Gaming Mouse (Trailer)

It also glows with 16.8 million colour options, which is a feature I am much more likely to use. I've been playing with the interactive demo over at Razer's website for 15 minutes now. So many colours.

For those of you who don't care about adjustable mice button pressure, Razer's got a wired Tournament Edition Mamba for $US90 that still changes colours, so that's cool. It just won't be assembled by robots, and you won't be able to call it the "world's most advanced gaming mouse." Well, you can, but you'd be lying.


    I still just use a cheap as chips 2 button plus wheel logitech mouse....

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      Most pro gamers use cheap-ass wired, 2 button wheel mice as well with midrange dpi. These ultra-high end mice are nice but in the end, a whole bunch of wankery.

        Gotta agree there. Havnt bought many a mouse like this only for it to die months later while the old wired mouse has lasted me years.

          I bought once, an uber high end Logitech mouse years back which cost me near 200, ultra high dps, laser, wireless, something like 20+ buttons (all them macros on the side blah blah), had the 4 way wheel on it etc). Soon after, I ended up giving it to the parents who needed a new mouse. It was HORRIBLE to game with. Soon after, the parents put it in the cupboard lol. Mum went and bought herself a simple wheelmouse to use. I ended up with an Inferno mouse, which has a few buttons but not too many, and is corded, which I prefer being on a desktop and only set me back 40 bucks.

            I have to disagree with you guys. For me the mouse has to be accurate as f**k. Atm using the Razer Ourobours... Not sure I could go back. In saying that, anyone who uses my mouse says it's stupidly sensitive. Guess I'm just a sensitive boy

              Are you pro-gaming or are you standard gaming?

              There, of course, is always the factor that teams will also use whatever their sponsor wants them to use.

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              I bought an Ourobours because I wanted the best while being wireless. But after a few months, I just couldn't stand the mouse going to sleep and then waking up without the speed and dpi setting being instantly ready to go, and the constant charging. And the limited buttons. When I was prepping for TESO last year, I decided I had to change and end up going with a Kat 9 MMO. Haven't looked back and the Ourobours is sitting on its stand in its showy, oversized display box. I've found that the Kat 9 is generally better for custom button layouts and is great for TESO.

      Same here, I have tried heaps if different types and my cheap logitec feels right. Some are too big, some are too small. Some are super heavy and weirdly enough the reaallllyyy light ones dont feel right. Anyone time I change mouse it takes me ages to get back into my groove because it feels so weird

    Shame they don't meet the middle of the road with a wired version plus all of the adjustability. Do pro gamers still prefer wired over wireless?

      Yes they do, wireless gives progamers the issue of lag or at least can potentially give the issue of lag with repeated quick movements.

    I use a wireless mouse that came in a wireless keyboard & mouse combo and my mousepad is a cover of a hardback book. I think I'm ready for pro-gaming

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    Too bad the Mamba has always been a piece of shit. I went through two of them. In less than 12 months the battery died in both of them, the scroll wheel ran out of grease making horrible noises and the glue on the rubber side pad for where your thumb rests started to break down resulting in the rubber shifting around and glue rubbing off onto your hand.

      DUDE that glue shit happened to my razer naga i was super unimpressed after 3 months of purchase and that shit happened

    Whilst ever Razer continue with their rubbish Synapse software all their products will be gimped.

    Don't buy this mouse, no matter how good it looks.

    I wonder if this also comes with a 10,000 dpi sensor like the Death Adder chroma. I don't know if i would be able to handle the thought of not having a high enough DPI to play on the local IMAX screen.

      That's the funny thing, isn't it? Pro gamers prefer low DPI, it just has to have high polling rates. But they keep throwing higher and higher DPI sensors into mice as though it's a functional upgrade when it's almost entirely meaningless.

      You broke me, dying of laughter over here at work. So true though.

    Is it an ambidextrous mouse? Ugh, no such thing as an ergonomic ambidextrous mouse.

      Thats because you dont have 2 thumbs on your one hand....

      I use Evoluent Verticalmouses for work, they come in both left and right hand types. Tried them for gaming but the physical shape makes them tend to dig in on the leading edge when you move them very rapidly. But for long work days (14 hours+) they are a godsend. Takes about three days to get used to the handshake-like grip.

    I use a Logitech G500s and that's plenty for me

    Man, i am over high end gaming mice... I bought a Saitek R.A.T 9 wireless mouse a while ago, it looks good, performs well and highly customisable the thing that shits me off is the battery life and no option to use other than their proprietary batteries that only last about 10 of gaming.

    They give you two batteries but you cannot buy more for some reason.

      Just switch to a wired mouse. I did wireless mice a long time ago and I hated switching batteries. Currently using a Roccat Kone XTD and it's been brilliant.

        A wired mouse is not an option for me, space for a dedicated computer desk is a no go in my house and i have to game from my bed, i have a wired keyboard going from a USB hub and a 10m USB cable but i can only plug a USB stick because anything more drains power and stops working.

        As i said, my mouse isn't bad but i wish for an option to put in standard AA rechargeable batteries instead of proprietary batteries.

          got the same mouse, and swap over the battery each day (forget to turn it off when not using it)

          would love to be able to have AA or AAA batteries instead of the propitiatory ones. I find it an excellent mouse though

            The problem with standard batteries is they're crazy expensive over time. When I had a wireless mouse, I felt like I was paying fuel costs for a car, it added up so quickly.

        Wired mouse all the way. I've also switched to the Roccatt line and haven't looked back.

        X2 for the Kone xtd. I have big hands and I tried every mouse in the store, the roccat fits in the palm nicely without having to hold my hand like a claw. Only negative is the cord has taken a set and is still kinked from being wrapped up in the pack.

        Bought a Roccat Kone XTD 12 months ago, just before they jacked the price. Best mouse i've owned.

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        My Logitech wireless just world as a wired when plugged in. Simples.

          Good if you need the best of both worlds, of course. I've had bad experiences with that style of mouse before where the internal battery dies super-fast if you leave it plugged in for a month or two, but I'm sure they've fixed those problems by now.

            Wouldn't surprise me, I pretty much just use it wireless anyway until it flashes at me it's about to die.

      Check the logitech MX Master, I'm getting about a week and a bit out of the batteries between charges. My only complaint about it is that the side thumb buttons are in a bad position and difficult to click, so it's effectively a 3 button mouse instead of a 5 button mouse for me (I know there are additional other buttons on it, but either they only handle certain functions or they are also difficult to quickly find and click).

      Had a RAT9 too - the battery and the spare both died after 18 months, having to recharge every day. Bought a Logitech G602 - it's been running off the same pair of cheap AAs for 18 months. Best wireless mouse I've ever owned.

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    What's the battery life like? I recently purchased a Mamba 4 (or whatever the "current" version is), which has a claimed battery life of 16 hours, but in practice lasted only 6 - 8 hours of idling and minor use while I was working on typing code and web browsing etc. When I actually used it for gaming (mostly WoW raids etc) it only ran for about 4 - 5 hours before needing a charge.

    It was nice and comfortable to use, but the battery life killed it =/

    I bought one when they first came out, had almost exactly the same issues. Squeeking when scrolling down, the rubber where your hand rests breaking down and getting sticky, and the button on the charging dock breaking off inside. Bought a second one later and it was fine, I think there was an issue with the first batches. Second one is still going strong many years later, glad I stuck with it, still the best mouse. (Can't comment on the battery, have always used mine wired)

    Personally, I had one of these (a present,) and it was really uncomfortable. My hand began to ache after playing for an hour or so. I decided to find a fully customizable mouse, and landed on the Zalman GM4. Lets you adjust the length and width to fit your hand, and has programmable buttons (about 6) to play around with. Not to mention the standard 'on the fly' sensitivity adjustment.

    Ultimately i feel like 'a whole bunch of wankery' sums it up. If these mice weren't bought for me, i sure as hell wouldnt have spent the money on them.

    I've used a Death Adder Black Edition for close to three years now and I love it.

    Razer though are known for hyperbole and over selling features noone needs. I personally have heard mostly negative things about the Mamba and wouldn't touch a wireless mouse by choice.

    As for the millions of colours - I chose the Black Edition for a reason.

    Quoted for truth. I use the same mouse and it is brilliant. Some extra buttons which are handy. Very good fit in the hands and outstanding battery life for standard AA batteries. I purchased mine about 18 months ago and only just changed the batteries.

    I've stuck with Logitech for years, their mid-range mice are fantastic. I have the G400s at the moment which replaces my MX510 I bought back in 2004ish I think. I've tried a couple of other mice in between, but nothing beats the basic for me. In saying that, I don't game on PC, just Photoshop and 3DS Max in the past. Weight is nice along with comfort and accuracy.

    I never had a high end gaming mouse till I've bought myself a Razer Naga several years ago. Have been gaming with it ever since and no problems at all, now I cant really game without one. Dont really see the big deal with Synapse although I admit it could have been better made.

    I have a Razer Mamba for my gaming pc - feels amazing and performs solidly in most respects apart from the wireless component. The battery will die after 2 hours, if you leave the PC on & walk away from it, there's no battery preservation mode either - you NEED to leave it on the cradle while you go make your dinner or else it will die during your next game of DOTA2 & you'll end up removing the cradle altogether & just use it as a wired mouse.

    Logitech mice have managed to get wireless battery life perfect, as far as I'm concerned & Razer needs to learn a lesson from them.

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