The Worst Thing About The New Attack On Titan Movie Trailer 

The Worst Thing about the New Attack on Titan Movie Trailer

Today, the latest trailer for the live-action Attack on Titan movie premiered on Japanese TV. Sure, we get a peek at the Three Dimensional Manoeuvre Gear and Eren Yeager's Titan form. But then, things get bad, dumb, and out of character.

Here, watch the trailer for yourself.

At the beginning, Mikasa says, "The world is cruel." Then we get a smattering of scenes, with Eren screaming, "Mikasa." The trailer ends with Mikasa saying, "We were always together."

What's the problem? Well, the big complaint that fans are having is that the character Mikasa is shown kissing. So what, right? For one, Mikasa is a total fucking badass and not the smoochy smoochy type, even if she's highly protective of Eren. There's more tension and a sense of duty in their relationship. (Website Happy Katana has an excellent character analysis of Mikasa that is worth reading!)

The Worst Thing about the New Attack on Titan Movie Trailer
The Worst Thing about the New Attack on Titan Movie Trailer
The Worst Thing about the New Attack on Titan Movie Trailer

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Many fans are already seeing this scene as a betrayal to the original source material and aren't thrilled that whats looks like a run-of-the-mill love story is being shoehorned into the movie to allegedly give it a broader appeal.

On Twitter and 2ch, people said it was like the filmmakers were unfamiliar with the manga (or anime) and that this scene makes them want to see the movie less. Livedoor News collected many online comments, with folks saying things like, "This destroys the character" and "Is there kissing in the original? This is totally different."


    It's clear that Mikasa wasn't the one to start the kiss. It doesn't really ruin her character then, does it?

      It does, since manga Mikasa is in love with Eren and would probably initiate, while Eren doesn't feel about her that way (he thinks of her more like a sister).

    I don't think that's Eren who's kissing her.

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      I think you're right. It's a bit like you just took a bite of a pizza and thought you had a mouthful of anchovies, but it turned out to be a hunk of pineapple.

    I bet you all secretly wanted to see it happen at some point! nyeheheh. (opens the bag)
    Maybe Eren is just concerned she is choking on a potato and is trying remove it ;)

    This kind of over-analysis before the full film is out ruins things.

    Wait and see. Make up your minds after you've actually sampled the product.

    This is like watching someone make a pizza.

    "Oh no. They've added something I haven't tasted before. I don't want it now. They've ruined everything about this pizza for me. It's like they've never had a pizza before."

    But in reality? You just don't know until you taste the damn pizza! So stop obsessing and just wait for it to be done!

      Actually it would more be like watching someone make a pizza you've tasted before, and ordered again, and see them add something else to it.

      Yes, it could still be a good pizza, but it wasn't what you ordered...

        I politely disagree. This is a brand new pizza that you've never had before, made by a different cooking team.

        It's based on a previous pizza, but it's still new, it's different.

        You can pick it to pieces by their ingredient choice before you've tried it, or you can wait, trust in their expertise, and see what it's like when it's done.

        There would be nothing worse than to be a chef, but to always be constrained by what you cook because people hate change and just want the same thing all the time.

        disclaimer - movie might still be crap tho'. Just reiterating that I think picking it apart by trailers is an inherently negative waste of time that just spreads bad vibes, and that we should all wait for the finished product :)

          Oh don't get me wrong...I agree with your sentiment ^_^. I think it could still be a good movie. I want to see the movie fully before judging it. Personally I hated Attack on Titan anyways, so I don't mind it being different...

          but I'm saying I understand why anime fans, who usually don't want any form of change to the original story, is angry. That's why I said it could be a great movie, but since it has the Attack on Titan tag, it'll always be compared to the original story, and any difference is unwelcomed by the die-hards.

          and this is the internet, if tomorrow morning, the word K in kotaku was 2 pixels taller, someone would probably start petition...

    If the Rurouni Kenshin live-action movie is of any indication of the level of treatment given to manga-to-silver-screen adaptations, then only disappointment awaits.

    If I see someone defecate on a pizza, I'm probably not going to need to taste it to make my decision.

    No one who thinks this is a big deal is emotionally healthy. Media analysis of the main narrative within the context of a trailer is almost inherently impossible, you're all talking garbage.

    I think the kiss needs to be cut from the movie. I also had a problem with how Eren's titan form looked. Why does he look like a god damn zombie? Yet the other generic titans breaching the wall all look cosmetically normal? Eren looked like a unique version of the titans. He was never all zombiefied.

    THIS IS F.... BS. Do the filmmakers even read the manga??????

    It said that Eren and Mikasa are a couple in this continuity and in other words, they are apparently confirmed to be a couple in the movie. Also someone delete the information about Shikishima relationship with Mikasa because he isn't the one who kissed her. So does it mean that this info is true that Eren and Mikasa are a couple while Shikishima isn't the one who kissed Mikasa?

    Stupid. Its that stupid stuff that kissed her. The stupidly overly emotional MIkasa.

    You all just gotta deal with it...

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