The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Is The Good Kind Of Crazy

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller Is The Good Kind Of Crazy

Much more than just a stereo headphone jack, Microsoft's newly-revealed Xbox Elite Wireless Controller is a modular, remap-able and tweak-able work of engineering art.

We knew there was a new Xbox One controller coming, but this is much more than wse expected. Bits come off and move around. Steering wheel controller-style paddles in the back can be tweaked and respositioned. The thumbsticks are new. The d-pad is barely a d-pad anymore. What the hell is going on?

It kinda reminds me of Mad Catz's modular controller from back in 2011, only taken to the next level. I shall need several of these once fall rolls around.


    That's going to be at LEAST $179.95AU. But I want it so bad.

      They already said it was going to replace the old controller that's on shelves and be $70 US. Last week. Unless this isn't the controller I'm thinking of.

      You may pay $179.95AU if you buy it from EB though.

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        yeah that was just the one that changes the mic input so you can use your own. this is diff.

      It's apparently US$150 so I'd put my money on AU$199.99 or thereabouts. It'd want to have an auto-win button for that price, although it is obviously targeted at pro-gamers.

    Uh oh scuf and and cinch

    Wtf is going on with the dpad? Did Microsoft overlook it again like the 360 controller?
    Edit: Swappable!

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    So Microsoft are over the whole even playing field thing... This may be a step towards M/KBD support.

    Yeah, this is cool and all but I can't help but feel that when you fire up a game of Halo, 1/2 the people will have these all maxed out and re-mapped to the best possible button combos, and unless you've relearned your buttons and bought one of these too, you wont stand a chance.

      Maybe to some extent, but I think in 99% of cases anyone nutty enough to map their own controller setup to the point that its better than the optimised one the developers put in place…. That person is a nutjob who was going to kill you anyway.

      I don’t think their extremely small advantage from a custom calibration is going to make as big a difference than a faster internet connection either. It’s not like you’ve given them a mouse and keyboard….

    At least it can be used with both Xbox One and Windows, think this controller might be worth it as long as we aren't paying $200 for it

      .... funny you say that....

    Hmmm overpriced... but will that stop me? haha i hope so :( lol

    It better be the best controller the world has ever seen for that amount of money.

    i don't get it?? where the fuck is the price?? whats the point of this article without a price?

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