There's A Pretty Good Sale on The PlayStation Network

And the value of that sale is totally exacerbated if you happen to be a PlayStation Plus subscriber.

The sale is open to all PlayStation 4 owners, but if you're a PlayStation Plus subscriber, the games are discounted even further. The Last Of Us: Remastered for example: it's usually $62.95 and is discounted to $47.21. However, PlayStation Plus users can get the game for $31.47. Pretty cool.

A couple of recommendations? I'd suggest inFamous First Light — only $9.19 and pretty cool.

What else? Well, I'd definitely recommend The Last of Us, and I'm curious about White Night, which is $11.85. Surgeon Simulator is $6.59. Sure why not?

Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition might be a your best bet, particularly if you skipped the original. Very good game. $16.49.

Have at it.


    I always already bought the ones I'm interested in :-/

    If you have never played Farcry at all and you enjoy open world adventures then Farcry 4 is not to be missed. 70 hours of fun and mayhem right there. My best game of 2014. Although Tomb Raider is right up there.

    None of these are cheap and infamous first light was free recently

    Yeah, if you haven't played Tomb Raider just spend the damn $16.49 and get on it. I was never a fan of the series but the game is essentially the cool island parts of the TV show Arrow's first season. They seriously need to get the license for Green Arrow and make his version of Arkham Asylum with that engine.

    $79.97 for Mortal Kombat X! Somebody please, hold me back!

    *cough* steam keys on ozgameshop for $19 *cough*

      Awesome, so can you tell me where I enter a steam key on my ps4?

        Pretty sure it was in the $50 range on ozgameshop the other week, it's $64 there now.

          Yeah often the Playstation Store isn't very good value because it prices things locally. If you're going to compare it to ozgameshop, ozgameshop comes out ahead most times.

    Now that we know they're highly unlikely to remaster Mass Effect, just waiting on Sony to drop the Mass Effect Trilogy - you could've bought it in the US PS store for like $10 USD recently. Not paying $100 AUD.

    Why not use the USA PSN? Way more cheaper.

    While some of the sales offer good value, in comparison to Steam sales these are still laughable

      I wasn't aware 'The Last of Us' was available for purchase on PC...

        That's nitpicking at what was a general statement regarding the pricing of the PS Store

          You should have been more specific with your claims of pricing comparison and availability.

          Nitpicking or not, my comment still stands.

    White Night is worth playing. It's quite old school survival horror, and comes with a few annoyances, but it's very charming and quite freshing. Recommended.

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